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Introducing Rhela and Izhu

Newest Warrior of Light and companion Rhela (Mk. III) and Izhu (Mk. III) are faced with the Ifrit scene.

Pink Light District: Reina NSFW

Reina heads for an endo club for a cozy stomach visit.

Pink Light District NSFW

A rolling table to see what happens to you when you visit the vore district of your local city. Don't let your guard down, now!

Reya's Family Tree NSFW

The Calligaris and Lowe families, Reya C.'s extended family. An entirely self-indulgent project.

Sneaking Around NSFW

Rin stealthily investigates Reya's discarded shoes - and gets caught at it. Vore ensues.

Adventure's Eve NSFW

The members of Mamoriae - Aivivih, Araignaise, Annabelle, and Srelle - meet, then try to get some sleep the night before their first big adventure together... try being the operative word.

To Never Be Apart NSFW

Valerie and Alia celebrate the end of the summer, where they'll each go off to their own colleges, their relationship over. At least, that's Valerie's plan. Alia's plan is different.

Fresh Mint NSFW

A bratty young trainer meets her match in the form of her rival's mom.

Slushy texture, tart and sour NSFW

A vorish joke story about comparing prey to smoothies. Ft. Nicole and Sophia.

Lessons to Learn

Mother Joasia takes care of Sister Adelita's wounds after she gets a little bit too bold on the battlefield. She also teaches her more (ugh) Latin.

Too Close to the Sun NSFW

After failing her trial for becoming sun goddess Azima's champion, would-be heroine Celia digests away under the skilled hands of priestess Gwyneth.

Thawing Warmth

(Endwalker spoilers, Lv.83-06) Jahy and Jihli are reunited after some separated tribulations.


Minds as Cold as Ice

(Endwalker spoilers, Lv.83-03) Jihli and Jahy console each other as they await their fates.


Chilling Out

(Endwalker spoilers, Lv.82-05) Jahy and Jihli huddle together for warmth after a difficult battle.


A Moment's Respite

(Endwalker spoilers, Lv.80-21) In between hurrying and scurrying, Jahy and Jihli and the twins take a breather in Jahy and Jihli's room.


Welcome Home, Jihli

(Endwalker spoilers, Lv.80-S4) Being home is fraught with mixed feelings for Jihli Mihgo. Her friend Jahy Relanah is just excited to be here.


Her Body is a Wonderland NSFW

As Nicole sleeps off a meal from a sorority party, her roommate Sophia admires her body.

Vore Roleplay Tensioner NSFW

Do your roleplays feel like they lack that special spice? Feels a little empty without the thrill of maybe being digested or having your prey get away? Never fear!

The Art of Temptation NSFW

A succubus who's new to the life starts learning about some of the weirder fetishes courtesy of her latest victim. It goes badly... or does it?

Protection, Part 6 NSFW

It's time for Karya to visit home. When an unexpected request arrives, Maritza has a difficult choice ahead.

The Extreme

The battle at the end of the Eden raids' Savage tier, from someone who has not even watched a video about it. As well as the aftermath of the battle.

If You Digest In The Game... NSFW

The VR girl you found yourself eaten by may not be able to digest your body, but she sure has full access to your brain.

Unraveling Mind

Tala and her other self wage mortal combat. Well, Tala's other self wages mortal combat. Tala mostly just bleeds. Dark journal writing.

Touring the Ship

Nica gives new crewmates Ash and Lylah the tour of the ship.

Gifted NSFW

Amelia learns that the gifts she inherited from her mother can be used for good instead of evil.

Colossus NSFW

Tala, Senah, Miah, Aisha, Lani, Malacoda, Reina, Katrja, and Sirara try to stop the Garlean Empire from bringing their massive colossus to wipe out the Eorzean Alliance.

Carried to Bed NSFW

Shrunken Senah has a cozy time being held by Lani after being retrieved from a bottle.

Brace Yourself NSFW

Aisha and Senah work on a new project.

Unnecessary risk

Glimmer tries to flee when it comes out that she's the daughter of a supervillain - as she's caught on camera kissing the daughter of a superheroine.

Let me soothe my wounds

TW: suicide, abuse, stalking mentions
It's time to take a break.

Stuck in this nightmare with you NSFW

Lixia and Katrja try to get along until Tala arrives. How much longer until Tala arrives??

Painfully bright

Some angst near the beginning of Shadowbringers with Tala and Lixia.

Holding out just a little longer NSFW

Miah and Tala struggle with the Empire's Crown Princess, Zenae, and whoever it is that keeps calling them. Leave a message already!

Cerberess breaks her chains! NSFW

Tala, Reina, Miah, and Katrja take on a gigantic hellhound demi. It goes really well! ... for the hellhound.

To be loved, to be loved

What more could you ask for? (I still love About a Girl by The Academy Is...)

Beach bum NSFW

Katrja is eaten by a sand elemental.

Rebellious spirit NSFW

Yotsuyu bullies Yugiri. Neither is enjoying it, but also, they're both kind of enjoying it...

Shaved ice kisses NSFW

Izi and Amah's game of Truth or Dare during the Moonfire Faire turns into smooching.

Apartment hunting NSFW

Tala moves out of Reina's home, and Miah, Katrja, and Tala go looking for apartments.

Blessed childhood NSFW

Anyi Brukir's backstory.

No free lunched NSFW

Reflections on submission(/dominance) and its relationship with codependency.

Complete Repayment NSFW

Reina gets payback for a kind thing she did for Tala. ... Wait, is "getting payback" supposed to be what happens when you do something nice for somebody?

Tricky prey NSFW

Reko and Alah have a run-in with Miah. It ends well... for Miah.

Decryption NSFW

Minka struggles with the news that she wasn't able to get a license.



Adela tends to Sophia after she overdoes it to protect Ren.

Code Mar-malade NSFW

Mari and Rose's plan to shrink their target for eating goes wrong in Rose's favor.

Like cat and dog NSFW

Dog girl Sophie and cat girl Aurora, of the feuding Nasato and Moreno families, share a tender moment after Aurora botched an assassination attempt.

Starlit stomach NSFW

The reader receives tummy-based healing from Tala.

Unfamiliar Place Again NSFW

Tala and Lixia discuss feelings of adventures.

Nameday hangover NSFW

Tala and Reina must investigate the mystery of what happened on Reina's nameday. Spoilers, though, it's definitely vore.

Succubus Nameday NSFW

Tala tries to cheer up Lixia by throwing her a nameday celebration.

Part-Tummers: Crushed NSFW

Ailyn and Ms. Taylor discuss Ailyn's recent disappointment wiith a crush and Ms. Taylor's dating woes.


Learning to share NSFW

Tala summons her girlfriend Helixia into her body.

Practicing NSFW

Viola and Ivory practice. Ivory practices magic. Viola practices swallowing Ivory.


Thoughts about focusing on tasks, and escaping the magnetic pull of distraction by keeping track of the thoughts that would otherwise be left behind.

A Big Deal NSFW

CW: sister/sister incest. Lydia and Morena share a moment after a meeting between their respective companies.

Daily HelloTalk Blog Day 3

My third regular Japanese blog on HelloTalk. Talking about contests on Leetcode and similar things.

Daily HelloTalk Blog Day 2

My second regular Japanese blog on HelloTalk. Talking about how to learn Japanese and what to do about Flashcards.


Tinsel comforts Viola after a difficult moment.

Daily HelloTalk Blog Day 1

My first regular Japanese blog on HelloTalk. Talking about interviewing and resume stuff.

New Best Friend

Meiyin contemplates what her life will look like now, with the help of Viola.

A Von Karma is Perfect

Phoenix and Edgeworth discuss Edgeworth's coming out to his adoptive father.

Opposites attract

Tahlia and Bree are in love despite having very different lives.

On my father

A summary of my relationship with my father, to give background to those who haven't been part of this nightmarish scenario all along. CW: emotional abuse, narcissism.

Pirate cake NSFW

During cake time, O'Cras has some memories about, eh... her own cake time.

Reflections on family

The letter to my family, which is as much a letter to myself to understand what I'm doing and why I'm doing it as it is one to my family to inform them of what's going on and to state my boundaries.

Advanced jobs

On empowering the Parts of Me, and in so doing, letting them merge into one, unified, True Me.

Good night

Fia gets a good-night tucking-in from Eliza.


Morie gets too deep into an illusion and has to be pulled out.


Saraba's mind relives her outcasting at the hands of her Sisters over her willingness to treat yokai as fellow people.

Maidabases NSFW

A summary of the problem I faced with Anki, in vore-and-maids format.

Flashes of love NSFW

Moments and memories from Chika and Iriko's childhood-sweethearts romance.

Bad Brain Time Survival Guide

How my brain glitches in bad situations, and how I'm working around it.

On choosing the form of one's dopamine lever

Let's get personal. And let's make it weird.
Talking about considering SRS, and feelings on different kinds of genitals, among other things.

A Name That's True

Feelings on identity explored through a paper thin metaphor of magic.

Jealous dragon

Shioyo is not happy to find that Mjara has been spending lots of time in the company of someone other than her.

Co-op partners

Complaining about being single... player mode.


The UruNaka heroes' families spend a series of quiet moments with each other.

Warm home NSFW

Okano finds a new life as a pet fox named Momo.

Reflections on self-disgust

(cw: discussion of self-directed transphobia)
A follow-up to the Affection post from earlier this year. It's long!!

Yokai Research Club: Heating Up

The Yokai Research Club is forced to come to terms with something terrible.

Summer vacation is coming... and Ms. Okano is going to be out of their reach for forty days and forty nights.

How will they stop her?

Android Girl Adventures: Overly Urp-timized NSFW

How a funky JVM optimization resulted in our Android girl belching a bunch instead of telling us what was going on, and failing her self-test accordingly.

Escape Tummy NSFW

Remedy and Reya start an escape room business with a twist. Hime decides to give it a shot, for the sake of her friends.

Unpardoned NSFW

Kaho falls to the Pardoner Fennel. Vorish consequences ensue.

(Cutie) Pie-Eating Contest NSFW

Alena and Louann participate in an eating contest sponsored by Reform Co., and one of the competitors gets serious. ... She is one of the competitors, right?

The Littlest Lady NSFW

As punishment for her misdeeds of the night before, Mimi arranges a "special" Little Ladies' Day treat for Sami. But it ends up getting more than a little out of hand...

Friends in Low Places NSFW

Mimi calls on Celie for backup with an exorcism. Celie seems to be a little bit more familiar with the target than Mimi was expecting.

Splashing Around

Mimi and her sisters and Sami splash around while their families are busy.

The Wedding Dress

Lell comes home early and discovers Serynth's secret.

Welcome to Twinflower NSFW

Welcome to the Twinflower Resort! Where your personal assistant will see to it that all your needs are met... personally. This document will outline the amenities available during your stay.

Tiny Wishes NSFW

Mimi learns about the tradition of making a wish on a tiny with Celica, Celie, Reina, and Sami's help. Celica's help is... a little less voluntary.

Movie Night NSFW

Louann, Alena, and Cassie settle in to watch the newest monster movie in the comfort of Cassie's home. An argument breaks out. Sometimes popcorn just isn't enough, you know?

Taking Cover

Celie is in trouble, and her friends are a ways away. Will they be able to get to her in time?

Grumpy Amber NSFW

Amber is in a mood, and her roommate and her friends try to cheer her up. Just kidding, they're going to make her life even worse.

Abandoned Soft Story Draft NSFW

A draft of a soft story from 2019, which has since been abandoned.

The Last Straw NSFW

Reya busts into the steel foundry to retrieve a metal straw and restore hope to a people battered by the gooey menace.

Worship Me NSFW

After many reincarnations, Emi finds that all the extra soul energy from her various reformations has apparently formed up to become some kind of divinity. But an incomplete one. One who wants to be whole. And it turns out that the original is just what she needs!

Caught NSFW

Inka wakes up in the Re-New Revivification Station and tries to figure out how she died.


Exploring my relationship to affection and love.

Thoughts on Reyas

Thinking about how my moods tend to cycle, and why.

Protection, Part 5 NSFW

With Maritza trapped in a belly, and Lethe still out of it, the only one who can save the trio is Karya, the cowardly mage... But maybe there are some things worth facing your fears for.

As the three recover, Maritza's internal drama - and hunger - comes to a head.

Protection, Part 4 NSFW

Maritza's hunger is getting out of control. It's a really bad time, too - with Lethe still drugged on lamia venom, and Karya having possibly led their enemies straight to her lair, now would be an excellent time to have her head on straight.

But maybe things will work out in their favor. Maybe nobody noticed their teleport. Maybe Lethe's going to be okay. Maritza isn't optimistic...

Protection, Part 3 NSFW

Temptation is in the air. Karya's curiosity has gone where Maritza has long tried to keep her own away from: Just how good does she taste, really? And it's getting way too hard to avoid giving in. The way Maritza's been fantasizing... the better question might be, how long will it be before Maritza loses control and eats her?

And then there's Lethe. It's bad enough that Maritza had to give up a tasty meal, now she's hanging around and making herself generally useful while being no less tasty. But then she leads the trio into the den of a very hungry lamia who's been trying to catch her for a while...

Protection - Main Cast Bios NSFW

Short descriptions of Karya, Maritza, and Lethe to aid the reader and provide some backstory for the curious.

Protection, Part 2 NSFW

Karya's not afraid of the dragonlings' ability to eat people, even when her bodyguard, Maritza, demonstrates it right before her eyes. In fact, she's quite curious about it.

She might get too close of a look at it, though. When Vera, another dragonling, rips open their tent with the intent of leaving with Karya in her belly, Maritza struggles to keep her charge out of the maw of malice.

But it's looking like Karya's fate is to melt away while Maritza watches helplessly...

Protection, Part 1 NSFW

Maritza takes down an assassin who's come after Karya, and then gulps her down... the assassin, that is, not Karya. Though Karya seems interested in joining her...

Protection NSFW

The story of an eccentric sorceress and her dragonling bodyguard, and all the things they're eaten by.