Pet Play PartyNSFW

Anju takes her beloved pet Nicole to a party of demi-dragon owners of human and demi-human pets. When Anju gets wrapped up in networking with a fellow demi-dragon, Nicole runs into trouble...

Author's note: My possessive demi-dragon character Anju takes her pet - Ssubby's character Nicole - to a pet-play party for other demi-dragons in order to network. Of course, Nicole is one of the finer treats at the party, and not all of the demi-dragons are able to keep their hands off the merchandise...

This is set in a potential future; in current NCC canon, Nicole is nowhere near agreeing to put on the collar Anju wants to put on her, but neither is there anything that would stop her from doing so yet. Though Anju is certainly already obsessed with her...

Content warning: This story contains choking, keeping humans and demi-humans collared as pets, and implied and overt threats of vore, as well as implied sexual contact between partners. At your option, it can also contain the following:

With sexual content enabled, this story also contains implied threats of forced sexual contact, as well as consensual facesitting and oral sex performed on a woman with a vulva.

"Goodness! Look at you!" Tzeitel cooed, crouching slightly to meet Nicole's eye level and running her fingers along the human girl's jawline. "Aren't you a pretty one! And quite the appetite on you, too, I gather. What a wonder you are. What's her name?"

Anju stood by from a few feet away, a possessive but proud smirk on her face. "Nicole. She's my pride and joy."

Nicole's heart wavered weakly in her chest. Anju looked at her with desire, yes, but always tempered with love, with a quiet kindness, with a faint protectiveness. Anju was more than capable of overpowering her, but chose not to. Tzeitel looked at her like she was a prize-winning animal at a show, her gaze clinical and detached and yet with an intent lust unaffected by care for its subject. A lust that verged on sheer hunger. She would have no qualms about using Nicole for her own purposes and then devouring her. Nicole swallowed hard, feeling the tight choker around her neck all too well. "She, u-uh, treats me very well."

"So I can see," Tzeitel murmured, her eyes searching Nicole's. A small smirk curved her lips - she could see Nicole's fear and she liked it. "I wonder... is it affection, or is she just fattening you up for later?"

Anju's hand found Nicole's back, resting reassuringly against the bare skin there. "I was hoping we could talk about your mother's work. I think we can work out a distribution deal that will make both our mothers happy."

"As much as I'd love to keep admiring this lovely little specimen, I'd be happy to hear you out," Tzeitel said, straightening and tipping Nicole's chin up for one last tease. "You're a credit to your mistress. I hope she keeps you around longer than I would." With that, she turned her attention to Anju. "All right, then, what is it you want to talk about?"

Nicole edged away, tapping Anju's arm lightly. "I'm... going to go get a, um, a drink."

Anju nodded discreetly, continuing her conversation with Tzeitel.

Relief filled Nicole's body as she slipped away from the hungry demi-dragon women, practically sprinting to the drink table where several human and demi-human pets and a few demi-dragon men were mingling, clearly avoiding the same sort of situation she was. She scanned the drinks, not recognizing most of them. Leave it to a party of demi-dragons to pick the fanciest, least practical set of drink options possible...

She ultimately decided on a cup of water, the only thing whose name she recognized. She certainly didn't want to accidentally get super drunk in a place like this... who knew if she'd be coming home then. Even Anju's protection only extended so far, and she had other things to be doing while she was here...

"Oh, good, the drinks table has food, too," a demi-dragon woman said, sweeping her way through. Nicole turned to look - and found that her protective crowd had dispersed upon seeing this newcomer, leaving her the only person still at the table. "And such pretty food, at that... juicy little thing." She noted the choker, one eyebrow raised. "I see you're owned, but I don't see your owner. I suppose they don't really care what happens to you, hmmm?"

Nicole's mouth was suddenly dry despite the water she was sipping. "She's, umm, she's right over..." She looked over at where Anju and Tzeitel had been a moment ago.... but she couldn't find them. Ice colder than the cubes in the pitcher of water she'd poured from froze her veins.

The demi-dragon woman followed Nicole's gaze, then turned back and chuckled in a low, seductive voice, seizing Nicole's wrist and pulling her away from the drinks table. "Come on, then. There's a room right over here. We can have some fun, and then I can have my dinner and get out of here..."

Nicole thought about calling for Anju, but there was no way her voice could carry over the general din of the party. And she risked pissing off this new predator and cutting her remaining time short. Meekly, she followed behind, hoping Anju would notice her absence...

Inside the room, the demi-dragon woman closed the door and turned the lock, then pressed Nicole up against the wall, their faces uncomfortably close together despite the height difference.

"Mmff... There we go. What's your name, girl? I love knowing that my prey have names and lives and families... makes me feel like a real dragon."

Nicole summoned up the courage to speak. "It's... It's Nicole... Um, my mistress...!"

The demi-dragon woman reached up, her hand gripping Nicole's neck with the same controlling tightness she'd used on Nicole's wrist. Only this time, it was cutting off her breathing. As her body struggled to draw in a breath... each strangled gluck made panic flood her head with more and more noise...

"Let's get one thing straight, Nicole. My name is Ariadne." Ariadne leaned in close, licking her lips slowly. Her thumb didn't move from pinning Nicole's windpipe down. "From now until the end of your pathetic little life... you are mine. Your mistress gave up her claim to you when she let me take you away." A twisted grin took her features. Nicole's feet kicked weakly as she felt herself lifted off the ground. Her head was spinning... "And now that you're mine? I'm going to use you like the little toy you are, and then eat you alive and kicking for a little post-dinner snack. Are we clear on that?"

A subtle nod was all Nicole could manage. She hoped it was enough.

There was a long moment where Nicole was sure she was going to black out before Ariadne let her go. And then she dropped to the ground, drawing in a gasping breath for dear life.

As she greedily gulped up air, she felt Ariadne's nose traveling along her neck, taking in her scent and making her shiver. She somewhat regretted her choice of scent, now.

Anju had given her a custom-prepared perfume - a scent dominated by the light and fruity scent of fresh-brewed coffee mixed with sweet and creamy milk chocolate - and asked her to wear it to this party. It was certainly an appealing scent, but too appealing, Nicole thought. She wondered despairingly why Anju had gone to such lengths to prepare her like this... The perfume must have been quite expensive - and it was clear others saw the appeal in it, too.

Indeed, Ariadne was obviously enjoying her scent quite a bit, little moans of delight bubbling up her throat as she reveled in Nicole's delicious aroma. Being threatened by this pure indulgence was a new and frightening experience - most NCC students didn't bother with such luxuries as enjoying the meal before the swallow...

"Mmm... such a mouthwatering scent. Little prey thing... looking to be eaten, are we? Mm, and so familiar, too..." Ariadne murmured, breathing in slowly and meeting Nicole's eyes again. The gears in her head seemed to be turning, trying to identify the scent. "I'm going to enjoy usingseeing that pretty face as..."

She trailed off, freezing in her motions. "... You're hers."

Nicole squeaked. "H-hers?"

"Get out of here," Ariadne snarled, unlocking the door and shoving Nicole through it. "Damn it! We never met. I'll deny ever seeing you if you try."

"It's a little late for that," Anju growled, standing on the other side of the door - along with what seemed like every member of the party, having all put down their conversations to see the drama unfold. She grabbed onto Nicole's wrist just as the interloper had, but with a softer, more protective grip - more keeping anyone else from taking Nicole away than keeping Nicole from getting away. "What do you think you're doing, Ariadne?"

"I didn't know," Ariadne protested, hands raised. "I didn't do anything to her. Honest! N-Nicole, tell her!"

Nicole nodded, relief making her feel like she was going to collapse right on the spot. "She... took me in that room and... she choked me... but she let me go when she sniffed me..."

Anju narrowed her eyes at Ariadne... but with a glance back at Nicole's nervous face, she let Ariadne pass. Tending Nicole was more important than punishing Ariadne right now. "Don't let me find you doing this again, then," she purred, a low and dangerous threat in her voice. "This is your last mistake, Ariadne. You remember Valentina, don't you? I certainly do." She licked her lips, a very clear threat.

"I swear, I wouldn't have if I knew!" Ariadne cried, squeezing past Anju and hurriedly disappearing into the gathered crowd.

After watching her go, Anju gently tugged Nicole into the room Ariadne had just vacated. "Let's sit for a little while."

The bed in the room was pillowy soft and comfortable. It probably had some incomprehensible name like the drinks at the table, but this was something her body understood, at least. After closing and locking the door, Anju offered her lap to Nicole, stroking her hair. "Are you all right?"

"Mmhmm." Nicole let the adrenaline drain out of her body as she sat, breathing slow steady lungfuls of Anju's comforting scent. She was wearing a familiar rosemary perfume - a soothing mirror of the rosemary bush Nicole's mother had back home, making Anju her home away from home. "Does that... happen a lot?"

"To others' pets," Anju said smugly. "Not to mine. ... You wore the scents I gave you today, I notice."

Nicole nodded. "Oh! Well... You asked me to."

"It's for your own protection," Anju said, running her fingers through Nicole's hair while digging in her purse for something with her other hand. "Think of it like a collar tag that says you belong to me."

The thought warmed Nicole's cheeks. "So that's why she ran off... Um, thanks for coming so fast, by the way..."

Anju smiled, retrieving a gummy from her purse. "You are my precious treasure. I never took my eyes off you." She offered the gummy to Nicole, hand-feeding her. "Here. Your reward for being such a good girl earlier."

Nicole happily accepted the treat, idly sliding it around her mouth with her tongue before letting her teeth sink into it.

"And an apology treat for letting that woman get her hands on you," Anju added, offering another treat. "Honestly... She thinks every pet in this room belongs to her. She should know better than to gamble with her meals like that."

"Mmm," Nicole said, barely paying attention to Anju's complaints. She was indulging in the mingling flavors of two of her favorite treat.

After a long silence, Anju finally spoke up. "Well... we're alone in a locked room. They say exercise helps relax you after you've been in a stressful situation..."

Nicole stopped chewing, glancing up at Anju. The demi-dragon was looking down at her with that dangerously playful grin, like a tiger who'd just spotted a favorite toy. "Oh..."

"Yeah~" Anju slipped out from under Nicole, pulling her onto her back on the bed before straddling her. "There's another treat in it for you if you can make me cum before we have to go back out there~""Let's have some fun, Nicole~"

Nicole barely had time to voice her readiness for this challenge before she felt Anju's prey-softened ass descend over her face, blacking out the room around her. As the darkness sharpened her nose, her beloved's rosemary-scented perfume and the tangy scent of her eager, slick sex filled her senses.

Anju's voice could still reach her ears, though. "See, I don't want you thinking I'd let some grandstanding dragon bitch take you away from me, Nicole... You belong to me, and you always will. And I'm not letting anyone have you but me~"

"I'm all yours," Nicole whimpered, her tongue already slipping out of her mouth to indulge in the sweet nectar above. Tantalizing flavors waiting just above her head... "You can do whatever you want with me..."

"There's a good girl," Anju purred, tipping herself forward to begin grinding her hips against Nicole's face. "Ooooh! You're such a well trained pet... there's a reason everyone's jealous of me, you know~ And you're it~"

Nicole could only moan in response, her tongue working eagerly at her partner's body. It was a bit of emotional whiplash to be in heaven so soon after being pulled out of hell, but that didn't make it any less of a paradise...