A wish your heart makesNSFW

And the way to your heart is through your stomach... so, really, if your stomach makes a wish, doesn't that bring you even closer to your heart? Think about it. Not too hard, though.

Author's note: Ssublissive was talking about wanting to lay on the couch and rub her huge tummy and then quietly noted that she was wishing her vore fantasy was real. And Rin suggested it would be fun to play out... after which Ssubby said "Time to eat all three of you!" (including one more person I don't know very well who I have replaced with Rose because I do know Rose).

I'm not a genie, but I do like wishes that have to do with vore. The setting here is an alternate NCC without the presence of vore, but with the presence of voraphilia (like our world!). In this world, our five protagonists enjoy the concept of vore and are bonded by it but obviously can't do it.


The clock chimes 9 PM.

It's December 31st, and Nicole and Rin are sitting on the couch in Reya's living room, half-watching Rose and Reya punch their way through River City Girls after finishing a huge pizza dinner. Chloe sits nearby, still chewing on some of Reya's abandoned crusts. The fivesome are alone in the house, with Reya and Nicole's parents having gone for a weekend spa trip. The atmosphere is quiet and friendly as a result, only game music and sound effects and a little crunching and chewing coming through it.

Nicole groans, laying her head back. "Ugggghhhh... I want to lay on the couch and pat my enormous sloshy gut and burp super loud so badly..."

"You didn't eat that much pizza," Rin notes, lifting the lid of one of the boxes. "Look, there's two cheese slices left. You're so close to living your dream!"

"No, not... I, um, I meant..." Nicole mumbles, blushing and glancing over at Chloe. "You know what I meant."

"You don't have to tiptoe around me," Chloe pipes up. "I used Reya's computer when I was in 8th grade and found her vore stash. I like it too! It's actually a really funny story."

Reya covers her face. "Not this story, please..."

"This story, please," Rose counters. She's heard it before, but she still wants to hear it again.

Turning to Reya, Rin doesn't let her straight face waver. "Vore stash? Wow. What a pervert. You wouldn't catch me having one of those."

"You definitely have one, though," Nicole protests with a sharp elbow to her tall, rabbit-eared friend.

"Yeah, but you wouldn't catch me."

Chloe leans forward, excited. "So Reya was on the couch and told me to use her computer to order food, and I started typing a search for delivery. And her computer was like, 'do you mean Special Delivery?' And I was like, 'yeah, probably I do!' But it turned out it was an image of a girl getting eaten by another girl. And I was really interested, 'cuz I always wanted to eat someone. I saw it was bookmarked, and I found a whole folder of bookmarks of other stuff like that, and I was opening tabs left and right. So asked what the delivery app was to stall her, but then Reya made me move over so she could do it. And I guess she saw that I opened the tabs?"

Reya rolls her eyes, pausing the game and turning toward her sister. "You weren't subtle. You know I could see the screen, right? That's why I said I'd help you, so you'd stop looking at my porn."

"Anyway, after that I kept making jokes about it so maybe she'd tell me about it," Chloe continues. "You know, like 'Oh man, that girl's gonna eat you alive' and 'I'm so hungry I could eat an entire person.'"

Reya turns to her friends. "Weirdest few weeks of my life. Like I know she saw it, so what the hell is she doing? Again: not subtle."

"I just wanted you to be a good sister and teach me!" Chloe chirps with a smile that stretches from ear to ear. "I didn't know it had a name. Eventually she told me just to shut me up, and we've kept each other's secrets ever since."

This earns a shrug from her older sister. "Yep. Anyway, I guess we're all perverts in this family."

"Not Mom," Chloe assures her. "I checked."

"You told her you liked vore?" Reya's eyes go to the size of saucers. "Damn, you're brave."

"No, I told her you did."

Reya drags her hands down her face, groaning. "Auuuuuuuuugh. You goddamn brat. I thought you just said you kept my secret!"

"Good to know," Nicole says, hiding a giggle behind her hand. "I'm, um, I like that stuff too. And I kinda..." She fidgets with her fingers, pressing the tips together. "... wished it was real for a second."

"That would be pretty fun," Rin admits. She crosses one leg over the other, considering. "We could do, like... just kissing up someone's body to simulate eating them..."

"Homp." Rose makes an exaggerated sound effect with her mouth as she brings it down on Reya's arm.

She giggles and jerks her arm away. "That tickles, you jerk!"

"Haha, lonely nerds," Chloe teases, wiping pizza crumbs off her lap. "You can count me out, thanks."

"Wait. Before we try this, I need to be drunker," Rin insists. "Let's pop the champagne a little early! Not like we were going to watch the ball drop anyway... I... huh." She reaches out, glancing at the label. "This a homebrew or something? I don't know this label, and I know wine. Reya, where'd you get this?"

Reya looks mystified. "I thought you brought it."

"Don't look at me," Rose says, raising her hands. She wraps them around Reya, her fox ears twitching as she buries her face in her girlfriend's neck. "I don't know anything about wine."

"I'm not old enough to buy alcohol yet," Chloe adds.

"Nicole?" Rin prompts.

Nicole shakes her head sharply. "No, it wasn't me... So, uh..."

Reya shrugs it off, taking up the bottle herself and examining it closely before handing it back to Rin. "I guess my mom left this here for us. Or maybe Karen? Whatever, it looks like wine, right?"

Rin passes it to Nicole. "Yeah, sure. Here, you do it. You're gonna get old enough to drink this year."

"So are you," Nicole says, squinting back at her.

"Yeah, but I have a fake ID. Plus no one cards me most places."

Chloe appears at Rin's side as if by magic. "Oooh, can you hook me up?"

Rin ignores her, focused on Nicole. She reaches over, carefully placing Nicole's hands on the body of the bottle and on its top. "Like this. Just pop the cork out and make a wish for the new year."

"Isn't it going to, uh... explode everywhere?" Nicole asks, examining the bottle skeptically.

"Only if you shake it." Rin nods encouragingly. "Go on. Wish!"

Wishes... I dunno. I guess... I wish vore was real, Nicole thinks, and she pops the top of the mystery champagne.

"Happy three hours before the New Year, everyone!" Rin cheers, holding out one of the glasses from Reya's mother's minibar. "Nicole, top me up."

Nicole pours the wine into the glasses, passing them around. Nothing seems different. Wishes don't really work, anyway... No harm in a silly horny wish, then.

"Toast! To good friends and good meals and a good new year," Rin says.

The glasses clink together, and everyone drinks.

"I'm going to bed after this, then," Chloe announces, sipping at her wine. "I'm still really tired 'cuz I partied with my friends a few days ago, before they went out of the country for the New Year. So jealous."

"Good, then you're not gonna be a weirdo when we're eating each other." Reya makes a face, but finishes her glass anyway. "Blech! Tastes so weird..."

"Right, because I'd be the weirdo in that situation." Chloe smirks, finally setting her glass down. "Have fun, losers..."

"Oh, we will!"

"Mind if I smoke?" Rin asks, pulling on her coat and drawing a cigarette and lighter from her coat's inner pocket. "One more before bed, helps me relax."

Reya looks up from stroking the sleeping Rose's ears and shakes her head. "No, it's fine. Here, I'll go outside with you. The front door alarm arms automatically when it's opened after midnight and you need to put in the code really fast to turn it off. I don't want to fall asleep and have my mother get an alert at 2 AM and panic while you're out there. Gimme a minute to throw my coat on and I'll come along." She hurries out of the room to grab her coat, leaving Rin to wait in the living room with Nicole and Rose.

After a long, tempting moment of staring over at Rose's feet where they rest on the arm of the sofa, Rin shakes her head to clear it, turning toward Nicole. "I'd say you had a little bit too much fun kissing up my stomach, Nikki," Rin teases with an elbow to her friend's ribs. "Your new year's resolution should be not to eat your friends."

"Oh! No- No promises." Nicole is thoroughly flustered by getting caught indulging in time with her crush by her crush, but does her best to recover and even tease back. "You tasted good, bunny~"

"Now I'm gonna have to eat you while you're sleeping," Rin says, sticking her hands in her pockets with an air of resignation. "It was nice knowing you, but it'll be even nicer eating you."

"Not if I... eat you first." Nicole points a pair of finger guns at Rin, unsure what to do with her hands.

"Yeah, we'll see about that." Rin fires back with an even more bombastic pair of finger guns - then looks up as Reya reenters the room. "Ready to go?"

"Mmhmm. C'mon." Reya beckons. The front door creaks open, then clunks shut.

Finger guns? Really? She probably thinks I'm such a weirdo, Nicole thinks despairingly. Her cheeks are hot from Rin's return volley. She replays the interaction in her mind over and over again. Eating people while they're sleeping...

She glances over at Rose, who's stretched out across the couch on her belly, feet on the arm of the couch and face buried in one of the cushions.

The fox girl had smelled and tasted of creamy milk and sweet honey when Nicole had been fake eating her. Milk and honey flavor sounds like a nice way to close out the night...

Nicole is not a pervert. ... Well, she is, but not in the way that she would creep on a sleeping girl. Not usually. But something feels...

... different. She just has this intense need to taste Rose again...

She scoots over to the end of the couch, to Rose's bare feet. After a long moment of steeling herself against the embarrassment... she takes a lick.

That tastes so good, Nicole thinks. A gnawing hunger is building in her middle... a big one. Rose is a pervert too, she would probably like it if I just... Nicole grabs Rose's ankles and opens her mouth as wide as she can manage.

Her lips close around Rose's ankles... with both feet completely inside her mouth.

She's in complete shock. It... worked? She can eat people? She swallows hard, dragging Rose's feet down into her throat. Rose is bigger than anything she's put in her mouth before, but it seems to be working...

"Reya, knock it off, I'm trying to sleep," Rose mumbles. She doesn't seem to actually be awake, just reacting by reflex. She tips her head to the side and rests it on one of her arms, sighing. "Mm... do that later..."

I'm getting away with it?! Nicole barely breathes for fear of breaking this perfect silence. Another gulp. She's up to the hem of Rose's pajama shorts, which means she's gonna have to start tasting cloth. It's so dry... It takes a few seconds for Nicole to work up enough saliva to continue Rose's journey down. She runs into a minor snag, however, as Rose's generous backside is notably larger than her thighs, and Nicole's teeth end up squeezing against it.

This, finally, is enough to rouse Rose from her sleep. She turns her head towards the other end of the couch, a bleary expression of annoyance on her face. "Reya, I said knock it off, I'm-"

She freezes. "Holy... shit."

Nicole doesn't give her long to contemplate what's happening to her, pulling her shirt up over her head to blind her, trap her arms, and remove some of the dry, tasteless cloth. As a result, her bare belly feels a lot better on Nicole's tongue. Smooth, tender, warm flesh... It's so good...

"What the fuck? What the fuck??" Rose struggles with the shirt, still heavily out of it from being recently wakened from sleep. She can barely believe her eyes. It's dark, but there's enough flickering light from the muted TV that she can see Nicole's stretched face grinning up at her. "Hey! Get... off! What kind of nightmare is this?"

The others might hear, and Nicole knows a cigarette break isn't going to be particularly long anyway. She grabs hold of Rose's head and shoves, her lips engulfing Rose's bare chest and drawing a gasp of shock from her prey at the sudden rush of stimulation.

She's barely gotten Rose's head down her throat when the door opens and Reya enters the alarm code. She hurriedly tucks herself beside the door, unmuting the TV to cover the protests of her violently struggling prey.

"Be right in, I gotta pee," Rin says, jerking her finger toward the bathroom.

Reya nods, heading for the living room. "Okay, I seriously gotta warm up. I didn't realize it was that cold."

I can help with that... Nicole thinks, excitement flooding her as she watches Reya strip out of her coat, leaving her in just her nightgown.

"Nicole? Rose? You two wander off somewhere?" Reya asks, reaching down to pick up the remote and turn off the TV. "Left the TV on..."

It's as good a chance as any. Nicole lunges forward, grabbing Reya by the hips and pulling back toward her open mouth. The cat gives a single yelp of shock before she's bent in half, ass crammed down the sophomore's throat. "Wha-?!"

Nicole doesn't make the same mistakes as before this time. She swallows fast and hard, pulling her meal in. To her surprise, she seems to have some help. Reya keeps inching down even between swallows...

"Glad I could reunite you two lovuUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRPs," Nicole comments, lightly rubbing her belly. This fullness... It's unlike anything she's ever felt before... Her dreams never could have captured this sensation. Of her gut being swollen to the point of barely being able to walk...

"Where's Rose? What's happening?" Reya asks, completely confused. She's never felt this before, and the only guess she has is impossible... right?

"Right here," Rose says. She seems to have recovered nicely from her shock, and rubs her gut. "Thanks for the last meal, Nikki~"

"What! You didn't even let me play with your feet first!" Reya protests playfully. "Rose, you promised."

"Yeah, well. I didn't exactly have a lot of room to let you land in here with me and then eat you."

"... How did you two do this? Is this some kind of prank?" Reya asks after a moment of confusion. "Did Rin go to get a smoke to lure me outside so you two could set this up?"

"Nope," Rose says. "Kinda wish it was, since I'm going to get digested either way. But at least I'll get to digest you first~"

The toilet flushes in the distance, and the sound of the running sink replaces it soon after. Nicole hurriedly collapses onto the couch, stretching out on it and grabbing a throw blanket to toss over her gut. "Shush, you two. Rin's gonna come back soon."

"I don't have to be quiet! Mmphmmmnnmmm-"

"Quiet, Reya," Rose mutters. "If I have to be in here, that hare's not getting out of it."

Sure enough, a second later Rin arrives, smelling very faintly of tobacco and very strongly of citrus hand soap and baking soda. "Huh, is that two slices of pizza? It doesn't look like two slices of pizza to me."

"I broke my resolution already," Nicole innocently admits. "At least my wish came true!"

"Yeah, I can see that," Rin agrees, sighing dramatically to play along. "This was your wish too, huh?" She rubs her hands over the blanket-covered "stomach"... it makes a realistic squish sound. Probably Reya doing it with her mouth. "So it's my turn next, right?"

"Sure, it's your turn," Nicole says, eyes gleaming. "I'm still... pretty hungry."

"That's not what I meant." Rin jokingly moves to make a run for it - and slips on the empty champagne bottle for real. One last wish granted. She yelps, her arms windmilling in the air as she tries to get her balance back. "Ah, shit!"

Nicole grabs her crush by the back of the shirt as she falls, capturing her and hauling her in closer. Looking up at Nicole's maw yawning wide before her prey, Rin's eyes go wide - this is not just a fun little roleplay, is it?

And with a soft glk, Rin's vision is swallowed up in darkness.

Chloe yawns and stretches, rolling over and grabbing her phone. She opens the group chat for the New Year's get-together, not sure if anyone else is awake and it's worth getting out of bed. It's 6 AM... Reya and most of her friends are late risers, so they probably won't be up.

Chloe: woof, I slept like a log last night
Chloe: good thing too
Chloe: I woke up at one point and heard what you were watching
Chloe: it sounded pretty porny ;3
Chloe: can't believe you all did dirty things with me so close

A long, low burp comes from the other room, followed by a moan.

Chloe: actually it kinda sounds like you're still watching it?
Chloe: pervs :P
Chloe: or did you just fall asleep playing Reya's porn on shuffle? lol

She flicks over to her other texts. A bunch of Happy New Year messages... some thirsty guys... huh. Her mother texted in the middle of the night, around 3 AM.

Felicity: Happy New Year!
Felicity: Are you there?
Felicity: Chloe please tell me you and Reya are okay
Felicity: I don't know how much longer I have so I'll tell you now
Felicity: Nicole's mother ate your father whole and alive. Like in that strange stuff your sister likes. I can hear him in there.
Felicity: I worry that her daughter might have the same strange power.
Felicity: Be careful with Nicole

... huh. Huh. She replies "am fine, idk about Reya" and screenshots the conversation to send it to the group chat.

Chloe: guess mom is a perv too now??????
Chloe: anyway, one of you wake Reya up and tell her to text mom, she's freaking out
Nicole: She's awake
Chloe: oh. I thought Reya said you were a late sleeper
Nicole: I haven't gone to sleep yet
Chloe: turn off the porn then weirdo :P
Nicole: The TV is off
Chloe: what?
Chloe: anyway Reya if you're awake text mom before she has a mental breakdown

Everyone's acting weird this year. Time to check on the girls in the tropics.

Chloe: ladieeessss
Chloe: how's paradise? :3
Nina: Oh my god Chloe
Nina: Chloe someone ATE Priscilla!
Nina: She just came over while we were at the beach and grabbed Priscilla from behind and started eating her!
Marnie: We're hiding in our hotel room
Marnie: The room next to ours got a knock from room service, and they opened the door and then we heard them getting swallowed
Marnie: And then the same girl knocked on our door and said "Room service" again
Nina: It's so scary!!
Nina: I hope things are okay there!
Chloe: mmhmm. happy new years, you three :P

Okay. This joke is getting less and less funny with every new person who tries it. Did she miss an email?

She goes through her texts, wishing Happy New Years all around. There are a few more photoshopped looking pictures from her other friends - probably something Reya put them up to, now that she thinks about it. One is from a number she doesn't recognize, though.

???: I'm sorry to say that I may have eaten and digested both of your parents...
???: Your mother thought you should hear it from me. I can't say I minded an opportunity to share.

Ah! That's Karen Andersson! Nicole's mother! Though she kinda looks like she has a beach ball under her shirt.

Karen: I hope you and Nicole had a lot of fun tonight.
Karen: Happy New Year!
Chloe: happy new year!

She shrugs. Weirdos everywhere. The moms must have gotten really drunk to think this was a good idea. She heads into the living room to go bother her sister into answering their mother.

... and stops short. Nicole sits sprawled on the couch, groaning, with a belly that stretches all the way across it. Her arms are tucked underneath it.

"Hey Chlo-hhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOrrrrrch" Nicole cuts herself off with a burp. "I, uh, ate a lot after you went to bed."

"I'm... guessing that's my sister," Chloe says, not quite sure how to handle this situation.

Nicole moans with satisfaction. "And her girlfriend... and Rin..."

"Wow. You're one hell of a glutton."

Nicole nods blissfully, in a trance. She doesn't even feel the exhaustion - all she can feel is her beautifully stretched stomach.

"Can I feel?" As she approaches the stuffed Andersson, careful to stay out of grabbing range, Chloe wonders idly if she could do this, too. Maybe once Nicole has slept off the other three...