Her Body is a WonderlandNSFW

As Nicole sleeps off a meal from a sorority party, her roommate Sophia admires her body.

Author's note: I decided to borrow Ssubby's character Nicole for a quick writing exercise to help cycle along some negative feelings. I'm really really really tired today, so we're not getting the pre-vore teasing, nor the vore itself, and not even the tummy time... just the ending. Also for some reason I'm really enjoying stories involving meta-kink stuff, where the story is about a character with the kink? Thus we have Vorny Sophia.

"Nicole, you up?" Sophia asks quietly as she enters the room, a shaft of light from the hallway haloing her in the pre-dawn darkness of the dorm room.

No response, just a sound of rhythmic breathing.

Sophia closes the door behind her, locking it and sealing the light out with a soft clack. "Good party, huh? Sorry I couldn't make it," Sophia whispers as she sets her backpack down. This is a normal occurrence for her, talking to a sleeping or headphone-wearing Nicole. The two have gotten much closer lately, and Nicole is her sounding board for just about everything - even when she's not around to hear it. "So I was at Mathilde's, and we got pretty high, we were in the middle of watching our third movie and next thing I know - ah, never mind. Long story short, the building fire alarm went off, and they weren't letting us back in for a while, so I decided to head out. You know?"

Nicole, of course, does not respond, just lets out a sigh in her sleep and resumes breathing. As Sophia's eyes adjust to the darkness inside, she gets a clearer image of Nicole. Her roommate's body feels a little different from usual, and she's sleeping awkwardly on her side, facing into the room, propped up on her arm. There's enough room for a swollen gut - but there isn't one now. Just a flabby paunch, the remains of a big meal if Sophia has ever seen them.

Sophia's heart flutters as she realizes what's happened. "You snagged another one, huh... She must not have lasted long if you're done with her already..."

On the one hand, she doesn't want to be a creep. On the other hand... Playing with Mathilde had left her a little hot and bothered, and getting evicted mid-date by the fire alarm has done nothing to tame that. And besides... She and Nicole are quite close. Nicole surely won't mind her just taking it all in... It's not like she's doing anything creepy with it...

She settles down on her own bed quietly, carefully, making sure not to set off the noisy creaky springs with her weight. She leans back, running her eyes down from the top of Nicole's bed to the bottom. Nicole's massive sleepshirt covers her body somewhat loosely under normal circumstances, but now it's strained by the size of her chest, riding up higher than it normally would and exposing more of Nicole's soft thighs. Sophia's hands curl beside her. Ah, if only she could just... reach over there and... squish her fingers into that soft flesh...

Sophia slowly slips off her shoes. Just until she's finished dressing for bed... That's it, just until she's finished dressing for bed, then she won't look any longer. Her heart thunders loudly in her chest.

Why doesn't Mathilde inspire this in her? Why is it that their relationship feels so empty compared to this? Is it Mathilde's scrawny body and lack of skill with predation? ... No. That's frankly ridiculous. Mathilde is gorgeous, and anyone would be lucky to have her. Who cares what she does or doesn't eat and how thin she is? No. Sophia is lucky to have her.

Lucky to have her.

As Sophia slides her top up over her head, her cheeks warm, thinking of Mathilde's scrawny legs thrashing around outside Nicole's mouth, just as she's seen plenty of others go. She reaches around behind herself to pop open her bra, imagining Nicole's juicy rump - and how much juicier it would get with Mathilde's help.

I was lucky to have her, her fantasy Nicole says. Thanks for the meal!

The real Nicole mumbles in her sleep and rolls over. With the shirt having ridden up so far, Nicole's succulent ass is on full display. Bigger and softer than ever. They've sat on each other's laps before - as a joke and once in a cramped car. What if they did that again, but with Nicole's beautiful butt like this? Sophia's heart catches in her throat. Like, this is creepy, right? It's creepy and it's cheating. It's not even like she has big feelings for Nicole.

But she definitely does have feelings about big Nicole.

She slips out of her skirt, trying to avoid staring directly at Nicole's sleeping body. But it calls to her. It calls to her...

"You're dangerously hot when you get like this," Sophia whispers, and even saying it out loud while Nicole sleeps feels like a trespass.

She pulls a nightgown over her head and crawls under the covers. Nicole is out of view now, and it's probably for the best - she's enjoying this a little bit too much as it is, and Nicole would probably be getting creeped out if she knew this was happening...

... She'd casually discarded her phone on the nightstand earlier. She plucks it up, finding Reya in her contacts list. Another of her close friends with a big appetite, a childhood friend who transferred to her school in their third year... Her thumb flies across the keyboard. What have you been up to lately? We should meet up again! I have to introduce you to my roommate!

She bites her lip, adding Found anything good to eat on campus here? Or... anyone? ;)

It's too much. She pauses a long while, then deletes the entire text, plugs her phone in, and puts it face down before laying on her pillow - also face down. No way. 5 AM horny texting is beneath her, and it's demeaning to her friends too.

Maybe she'll feel better about Mathilde and stop having these weird thoughts after next month's Twelfth Indulgence concert. Maybe...

Nicole's intestines let out a long, low groan, encouraging the further growth of the gorgeous body Sophia has been admiring and stripping away every last bit of nutrition from the young woman who had gone to her last sorority party tonight. The dorm bathroom is going to be occupied for a long while when Nicole wakes up in a few hours...