Recap 03i: Octavia Appears NSFW

Minka meets and asks out Octavia, the ship/mech engineer who is helping the group with their mission.

OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 3.5 - a side session between me and Rose.


So, I don't want to take up too much space in here with boring personal stuff, but... I just. Asked a girl out? I think?

Octavia Her name is Octavia and she's the apprentice engineer who came to work on our ship. It turns out that I guess her teacher is a traveling engineer named Lydia who came to Alpine to capitalize on all the maniacs going on suicide missions for glory. Like us!

Jade-class ship Anyway, she's super fascinating. She knows a lot about ships. She said she and her teacher get around in a Jade-class. It's small and old, though, so she didn't like it. She was impressed with the Wayfarer and the printer Rosa installed and stuff.

Ummmm, she was interested in my cybernetic hand. I guess the pirates must have used a nonstandard model. I did kinda scare her off by telling her where I got it, though. Doc was right about me dumping trauma on people, heh...

But! She came with lunch still in her stomach! And that lunch was a girl! A girl who was still moving when I found her, because she bumped into me and I felt it!

And she started teasing me about it!

And somehow, she still accepted my invitation. To. Help me eat girls sometime, because she thinks I need more practice.

I don't know if I'll have room in my stomach with all the butterflies in there...

--- END ENTRY: 03i-octavia-appears ---