Reading 2022 #1: Skeleton Town by TaedisNSFW

Book #1 for 2022. Let's see if I can keep this up, shall we? This one's a size fetish book.

So, first book of the year is a kink story, huh? Okay, I can handle that.

For context, the way I'm choosing books is to randomly choose a page. If there's a book or series that draws my attention, great; otherwise, I'll randomly select a book from that page. Books need to impress me in 3 chapters or they get shut down.

This one is Skeleton Town, by Taedis. It was a very good time overall! A nice quick read - the perfect first book, something to let me immediately get something checked off.

The rest of this post will spoil the entire book, so if you're planning on reading it (and you should if you like sizey stuff), do that now.


The premise was that two superpowered humans (one with the power to change sizes, one with the power of super-resilience) set up a little roleplay in an abandoned town in Arizona. And by little I mean a desperate chase as the former grew super huge and threatened to grab the latter. I'm really a fan of in-character roleplay scenarios... there's something lovely about characters working together to tell a story the same way that the writer is. Consensual non-consensual acts, and all that stuff. They're not always good, but this one certainly was.

The lengthy setup scenario worked well for helping me get into "Simon"'s head and see the extent to which the world is being set up here, to appreciate it all the more when everything gets broken down later. I rather enjoyed the back and forth of "Simon says" and "Allison says" early on - and the banter was TOP notch. "I'd never call you a nice girl, Allison." Heyooooo! I like it when you fight back, it makes it more fun when I win knowing that you tried."

Admittedly, I didn't AT ALL know what to expect going in, but I got quite excited when growth started happening. Although I'm not much of a fan of sex in general, and het sex in specific, I enjoyed the sex scene - "I hadn't penetrated Allison, she had enveloped me" is such a raw line and I loved it a lot. So too with "Somewhere along the line I'd been demoted from lover to sex toy."

Engagement ring-as-choker(-as-tracking-device) was such a nice little sizeplay touch. I LOVE that stuff. The callback to "Allison says" made me grin, too. I didn't take as many notes about the chase because I was more engrossed in that, but it felt really wild and terrifying, and I LOVED all the little twists and turns "Simon" tried for. The chaos across the town felt so cool!

It was nice to get a bit of aftercare, of sorts, in that final section as they dropped their roleplay (and I finally understood why the title had Codename: Wonderland before it).

Anyway. Good book! I'm going to try to keep doing these little posts to encourage me to read more and share my results with others. Also encourages me to make notes about my experience and thus not completely lose it the second I put the book down.