Recap 04: Landing on ValiNSFW

The FreeLancers pierce through the storm wall, crash-land on Vali, and fight with some Jaggies.

OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 4.


I'm typing this from some freaking cave in the middle of Desert Lizard Hell. The electrical storm is still going outside.

Ah, right. Let me back up.

Um, we got into Vali's orbit. There were a ton of other ships there - a bunch of them were really badly busted and on their way back. Feel bad for them - there's no blink gate, so it takes a week by FTL drive. It's gonna be a long and embarrassing ride, huh?

The storm wall nearly made me have a panic attack. Seriously, you read about these things and see videos of them, but to actually look at them? I'm probably going to have nightmares about that.

Especially since once we got into the transport ship and Ayaka started steering us into the storm, they freaked and dumped us into the storm and we crashlanded in the sand. I guess it's too much to ask of a transport ship to be able to handle a fucking massive storm like that, but damn. While we were checking out the damage, some Jaggies came up on us. One of them broke the wings off the Bumble...

I'm pissed.

I think the impact rattled Evi's brain, because she was out and hasn't come around yet. I hope she's okay.

Anyway, one of them was this... weird half-human, half-jaggy thing. I think Talya should be getting close to done with her investigation by now. I don't trust that doctor as far as I can throw her...

Oh, right, I keep jumping around. Anyway, after we knocked out the hybrid, we fixed up the transport and fled an electrical storm that was coming up on us. It's turning the sand into glass outside.

At least it gave us a chance to fix up our mechs. Talya way overdid it. Gonna have to give that girl a talking-to about not stressing your reactor like that if you don't want to be the star of a big fireworks show.

Fortunately, the transport's got some spare parts in it. And since we're definitely not keeping it after, we don't have to be nice, right?

... By spare parts I mean. Parts that can be safely removed without making the ship unable to fly.

Don't tell anyone. Especially Talya.

Anyway, ship is fixed, Talya's mech is fixed, I even got the Bumble's wings back up and running. So once this freaking storm ends, we can go. I hope Evi is okay...

--- END ENTRY: 04-landing-on-vali ---