Kitten TreatsNSFW

Nicole gets led around on a leash by Anju. Literally. And also figuratively.

Author's note: It's been too long that my page has been barren of pet play. Let's play with a pet! Oh look, here's Ssublissive's Nicole now!

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With light disposal enabled, this story also contains references to disposal.

With full disposal enabled, this story also contains references to disposal and an abridged bathroom scene, including scat.

Anju points down at the chair beside her. "Sit, kitten."

Nicole's face feels hot, and she squirms in place. She's way too aware of the weight of the silver necklace that serves in place of her collar when she's out and about. The other women Anju is meeting with are listening, and she wants to make a good impression. She got dressed up so beautifully, but Anju's still treating Nicole like her pet in front of everyone... Anju smiles and repeats the command, adding "You seem anxious."

Is she? Her heart is racing. Anju is treating this so casually... But if her business partners notice, they don't mention it. She remains standing. She's already taller than Nicole, but with Nicole sitting and Anju and the others standing, Nicole feels small and noticeable.

Anju's fingernails absentmindedly explore Nicole's hair, stroking her head in a manner unmistakeably reminiscent of the way she pets Nicole at home. The power of conditioning wins Nicole over, and her body obediently begins to calm down - especially as Anju's fingertips dribble their way down Nicole's back, sending shivers up her spine. You've been a good girl, the conditioning whispers to her the way Anju would at home. Just relax. Is this why she had Nicole sit - so she could pet her? The only thing more embarrassing than that realization is the realization that it's working. That she is calming down in this scary situation because of it. Anju gives her a knowing grin.

At last, the last member of the party arrives, a woman in a dazzling sapphire blue dress that matches Anju's scales too well to be coincidence and some gaudy golden jewelry. Nicole can sense her mistress's displeasure at the color choice and the lateness. The rest of the group settles in, the small talk moving into business talk.

Nicole feels as out of place as a real cat at the negotiation table, but Anju keeps peppering in little signs of affection and possessiveness and keeping her from feeling too lost. Caressing her thigh, murmuring her name, sliding an arm around her. She mentioned that she wanted to show Nicole off to her business partners. Is this what she meant?

The negotiations get tense. The woman in the sapphire blue dress is opposing every proposal that is raised without so much as an attempt at compromise. Mistress's displeasure radiates off her, but the woman in the blue dress seems unbothered by it. If anything, she seems to revel in her power over the situation.

The waiter actively seems to be avoiding the table now. Anju coyly promises Nicole a better meal when they get home if the deal doesn't work out, but the threat goes over the sapphire woman's head.

At the end of the night, the sapphire woman leaves before the check arrives, smugly announcing that nothing Anju can say can convince her this agreement is worth taking on. It's the last straw. Anju pays the bill and is distracted on her phone for a few moments, then takes Nicole's arm, leading her out.

Nicole feels a twinge of disappointment. She didn't get dessert...

But dessert is soon to come. As Nicole and Anju enter the limousine, Nicole can't help but notice the woman in the blue dress stretched across the opposite seat. Bound and gagged, making wordless grunts for help. This isn't the first time Anju has had her mother's goons bring someone to the car, and Nicole's mouth instantly starts watering, eager to taste her. "Patience, kitten," Anju teases. Now that they're in privacy again, with the limo's tinted windows protecting them and only meat watching, Anju removes the leather collar from its pouch and returns it to Nicole's neck with careful, loving motions. Her fingertips brush across Nicole's skin as she finishes, and then the leash is delicately wrapped around her hand. Nicole is a good girl, she won't leave, so the leash isn't really necessary, but it is an effective symbolic gesture.

The woman on the seat pleads desperately through her gag, but none of it is understandable as words. Nicole's stomach growls impatiently...

The ride is an exercise in temptation. At one point, Nicole even gives in and moves forward to try to lick her prey-to-be's cheek, get at least an idea of what she's going to get to indulge in later, but Anju stops her with a tug of the leash. "No, Nicole," she admonishes her pet. "Sit. I will feed you when the time comes."

Still, she needs to know what that appetizing scent is. Like raspberries and cream, sweet and soft and a little tart. Nicole is about to lick the helpless prey when Anju's hand grips her chin and turns her face up towards her mistress. "You were so good tonight," Anju purrs. "Just a little longer, my kitten. But if you truly can't wait, I will have to punish you..."

Memories of past punishments, of being bent over her mistress's lap and spanked so hard she was sure the neighbors could hear, flood into Nicole's mind. She squirms, unable to look Anju in the eye, but Anju's grip on her chin is strong.

She finally lets Nicole go. Her body is hot with shame and excitement. It wants to tempt fate, to go and taste the meal to be, but she has to be strong. After all, she might even get a better reward that way...

Getting out of the car and into the house and watching Anju torment Nicole's soon to be prey by tearing off her clothes takes an exceptionally long time. Nicole isn't sure how much longer she can be good. But just when her willpower is at its limit, she feels her meal's toes squirming against her lips.

That meal is in a panic now, fully aware of what Anju plans to do with her. Anju coos to Nicole, "Go ahead, kitten. Indulge. You've been so good tonight..."

Emboldened, Nicole begins swallowing. Sure enough, her creamy lotion provides a sweet and subtle backdrop to the spicy-tart flavor of her skin and body wash. She makes short work of the meal's legs, indulges herself at her thighs, gobbles up her butt and belly, nibbles across her chest, and swallows up her arms.

Nicole is very good at what she does.

"Very good," Anju affirms, cooing at her pet as she strokes Nicole's hair. "Now, come, let's relax together..."

Anju's bed is spacious, and there's plenty of room for the two of them to stretch out and enjoy Nicole's pleasantly full belly while Anju's hands work their magic on it.

Around this time is when the weak cloth gag falls apart in Nicole's stomach acid.

"ptuh, h-hey, hey! You're not really going to let her tell you what to do with me, are you?" the woman pleads. "I can- I can reward you far better than she can. I'm important! People will notice when I'm gone!"

Nicole ignores her, totally blissed out by the sensation of her mistress's patient hands kneading her stomach against its occupant.

Said occupant swiftly moves to begging. "No, no, this can't be happening... Please! I'm a human, just like you! Please, let me go! Nicole!"

And Nicole is human, but still she feels the urge to purr at the treatment she's getting. Anju's hands work her flesh with gentle, loving energy. Nicole's eyes drift out of focus. It's heavenly...

A massive belch issues from Nicole's lips and drives home just what she's about to do to this woman. She blushes when Anju laughs softly. "That's my girl... My kitten..."

"N... No... I can't... I can't die here... I'm more important than this... I can't just be some submissive pet human's meal like this... At least eat me yourself! Or do you not have the guts?"

Nicole's meal is angry. Anju completely ignores her, only focused entirely on her pet. Who is just lost in the sensory experience, letting it all wash over her. Her eyes flutter, and she starts to drift into sleep as she hears her meal begging weakly, one last time, for her life.

Her stomach is merciless. That girl won't be there when Nicole awakens, she knows. Just some sludge that used to be a young executive who threatened her mistress's dominance.

As she churns her prey away into nothingness, her mind wanders in pleasant dream. The stomach rub eventually ends, but she doesn't mind - she's plenty comfortable as it is.


Nicole awakens with a rumbling in her lower belly and her head tucked against her mistress's middle. So this is the source of the gurgling sounds that filled her dreams...

"Mm, ready to take out the trash?" Anju murmurs sleepily. She takes Nicole to one of the manor's bathrooms, where the cozy predator dumps out what's left of the woman. The jewelry embedded in the fetid logs that comes out along with her is probably worth a lot, but the woman who once wore it is useless, worthless waste now.

Nicole emerges from the bedroom the following morningbathroom to find her mistress and her mistress's mother discussing the night's negotiations.

"I'm afraid the conversation broke down," Anju says, nodding to Nicole's paunch. "But I understand that they're willing to sell after all."

"Perfect," Anju's mother says. She smiles at Nicole. "She's so cute. You brought home a good one."

Anju caresses her pet's hair. "I did. She did so good last night..."

That's me, Nicole thinks. I'm the good one... I did good...

She and Anju return to Anju's bed for a comfortable late morning nap... The memory of the would-be baroness of industry already fading from both their minds...