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True IntimacyNSFW

Kazuko, seeing an opportunity, squeezes himself in between his sister Mieko and her on-again-off-again gay crush, Sara. Unfortunately, Sara's monstrous youkai side has other uses for him.


    Bratty hammer-wielding frontliner Momori decides to harass the whip-using healer Huz, and though the latter isn't interested in Momori's weird fetishes, she still has a job to do as the party healer.

      Touch of the VoidNSFW

      Izhu is pursued by all kinds of predatory influences due to a curse stretching back generations. She believes her friend Moxie is safe, but is he?

        The Bobbing BellyNSFW

        I have some powerful cravings for small prey and tall pred. And lately I've been craving seeing my current XIV main, Izhu, in those situations. Let's give her a little adventure down a gullet, shall we?

          Vitamin CitrinneNSFW

          Citrinne decides to help the Divine Dragon out with a plan to boost Lapis's confidence. This is guaranteed to be a good idea and she definitely understood what they were talking about.

            A Special Place in HeavenNSFW

            After much internal and external conflict, Lah finally decides to stand resolute in her resistance to Anyi's plan to help with the monster girls' revolution. Anyi accepts her decision. Wait... no, Anyi accepts her into her mouth and then digests her to get her out of the way. To break someone's trust would be really satisfying...

              Eternal LoyaltyNSFW

              (Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to the end of Chapter 17.) Seeing how mentally and physically exhausted Alear is after a grueling battle, Framme comes up with the perfect solution for everyone involved. Well, except that she won't be around to see how it turns out...

                Changing Her StripesNSFW

                Demi-tiger Mila and her demi-bunny girlfriend Coco have an intimate night together. Coco doesn't find out until too late that Mila plans for it to be their last.

                  Pink Light District: ReinaNSFW

                  Reina heads for an endo club for a cozy stomach visit.

                    Sneaking AroundNSFW

                    Rin stealthily investigates Reya's discarded shoes - and gets caught at it. Vore ensues.

                      To Never Be ApartNSFW

                      Valerie and Alia celebrate the end of the summer, where they'll each go off to their own colleges, their relationship over. At least, that's Valerie's plan. Alia's plan is different.

                        Fresh MintNSFW

                        A bratty young trainer meets her match in the form of her rival's mom.

                          The Art of TemptationNSFW

                          A succubus who's new to the life starts learning about some of the weirder fetishes courtesy of her latest victim. It goes badly... or does it?

                            The Extreme

                            The battle at the end of the Eden raids' Savage tier, from someone who has not even watched a video about it. As well as the aftermath of the battle.

                              If You Digest In The Game...NSFW

                              The VR girl you found yourself eaten by may not be able to digest your body, but she sure has full access to your brain.


                                Tala, Senah, Miah, Aisha, Lani, Malacoda, Reina, Katrja, and Sirara try to stop the Garlean Empire from bringing their massive colossus to wipe out the Eorzean Alliance.

                                  Cerberess breaks her chains!NSFW

                                  Tala, Reina, Miah, and Katrja take on a gigantic hellhound demi. It goes really well! ... for the hellhound.


                                    Adela tends to Sophia after she overdoes it to protect Ren.

                                      Code Mar-maladeNSFW

                                      Mari and Rose's plan to shrink their target for eating goes wrong in Rose's favor.

                                        Rebellious spiritNSFW

                                        Yotsuyu bullies Yugiri. Neither is enjoying it, but also, they're both kind of enjoying it...

                                          Blessed childhoodNSFW

                                          Anyi Brukir's backstory.


                                            Minka struggles with the news that she wasn't able to get a license.

                                            Nameday hangoverNSFW

                                            Tala and Reina must investigate the mystery of what happened on Reina's nameday. Spoilers, though, it's definitely vore.

                                              The Littlest LadyNSFW

                                              As punishment for her misdeeds of the night before, Mimi arranges a "special" Little Ladies' Day treat for Sami. But it ends up getting more than a little out of hand...

                                                Worship MeNSFW

                                                After many reincarnations, Emi finds that all the extra soul energy from her various reformations has apparently formed up to become some kind of divinity. But an incomplete one. One who wants to be whole. And it turns out that the original is just what she needs!