Abandoned Soft Story DraftNSFW

A draft of a soft story from 2019, which has since been abandoned.

Even though she'd been there a hundred times before, Inka paused on Lissie's doorstep to stare.

Lissie came from money. A... lot of money. Inka counted herself lucky that Lissie had somehow become so invested in her, because there was no way she could afford clones at the rate she went through them otherwise.

Inka's hand was raised to knock, but before her knuckles could make contact with the door, Lissie threw the door open and dragged her into a bone-crushing hug. For such a soft girl, Lissie sure could squeeze...

"There you are! I thought for sure you'd forgotten about me!"

Lissie's intoxicating citrus perfume gave Inka a shiver. And underneath it all, the comfortingly familiar scent of Lissie herself. Lissie's thoughts wafted into Inka's mind as Lissie's scent wafted into Inka's nose. She's here!

Inka hated spying on her girlfriend's thoughts, but she couldn't turn it off, and... Well, it was nice to hear, anyway.

Inka threw her arms around Lissie in return, letting the tension drain out of her. Inka was at ease as long as that scent was in her nose. "Mm. When would I ever forget about you?"

Lissie took Inka by the wrist and dragged her into the living room, throwing herself on the couch and stretching her arms out for Inka to join her. Her pale blonde hair spread out into a messy halo under her head. "I don't know. Last week! You said you would come by and tell me all about it after you got back."

"I, um, I did just get back," Inka said. She hesitated to join Lissie, staying on her feet and grabbing her arm awkwardly. "I didn't make it out of there, Lissie. And something happened... The signal didn't go off, and I didn't wake up for a week..."

Lissie's round face squeezed into a pout. She curled her fingers to beckon Inka in closer. "Aw..." She whispered under her breath. "Come lay with me, it will make you feel better."

"You mean it will make you feel better," Inka said. But she flopped down onto Lissie all the same. "Just like all those times you digested me against my will. Taking advantage of me..."

"Never once," Lissie said forcefully. She paused, a sly smile forming in her voice. "Well..."

"Well what?!" Inka rolled herself over to face Lissie.

Mixed in to the scent of Lissie's freshly minty breath was the memory on Lissie's mind. At least... Inka thought it was a memory. It could be a fantasy, too. I feel... soft... I feel... Lissie... I... don't want to go...

The thought, whatever it was, was too hazy for Inka to make out underneath all the mint. Maybe that was her own voice on Lissie's mind.

"Well, what you don't remember won't hurt you," Lissie said, grinning. Her playful snort of breath carried another thought, this time of Lissie's own voice. Don't go, then. Just let me have you for the night.

Inka's mouth opened, then closed again. Lissie's thinking was distracting her. "I... So did you or didn't you?"

Lissie was clearly a little distracted by her own thoughts. "Hm? Are you being serious? Of course I wouldn't do anything you didn't want me to."

"Like I would want to be digested," Inka grumbled.

Lissie brought her face in close to Inka's, until their noses touched. This time Inka's voice was clearer in Lissie's scent. I... should go... Let me stay... Another few minutes, then let me go...

"Why don't we find out?" Lissie whispered, unaware of the way her thoughts blurred with Inka's as she spoke. "You can have another temporary stay. Unless, of course, you want it to be permanent..."

Inka pulled her head back, twisting around and facing away to catch a breath of fresh air - air that didn't smell like Lissie, air that wasn't going to fill her head with images of being inside Lissie. "I d... don't... Is that a good idea? After what I just went through?"

"You don't even remember what happened to you... and I'm kind of jealous of whoever got to have you, anyway," Lissie whispered teasingly at her ear. "Oooor... we can just accept that you can't stay in my tummy without wanting to spend the night."

Lissie's breath on her ear sent chills cascading down Inka's spine. "Lissie, you're incorrigible."

"I'm only stating facts. Those are our options," Lissie murmured. "So... what's it going to be, Inka?"

The stress of listening to her previous nightmarish experience made the idea of a comfortable and friendly stomach all the more tempting. But... waking up alone at the Re-New center again, without remembering tonight...

"I'll come pick you up and tell you all about how tonight went," Lissie purred. And here Inka thought she was the one who couldn't stop reading minds. "For you it's only been a few hours, but I haven't had you for a week, you know... And you can always get out if you just ask me to let you go. I told you, I won't do anything you don't want me to."

"Which I will be doing, very shortly," Inka snapped. But all the same, she rolled back over, bringing herself nose to nose with Lissie.

"Mmm. Whatever you say," Lissie said, coming in closer. Ah... I missed you.

"... I missed you too."

Lissie's scent carried images of Inka's eyes as Lissie nudged in closer, until the tip of her nose poked Inka's cheek. Lissie's soft lips just barely made contact with Inka's, enough for Inka to feel the sticky-smooth gloss on them.

Anticipation swelled in Inka's chest.

"Well, then..." Every word was a cool, minty wave over Inka's face, a teasing brush with those pillowy lips... "If that's really how you feel..."

"If what's really how I feel?" Inka's anticipation was starting to harden into impatience. Lissie's cozy scent betrayed no hint to her plans, only delight.

"If you don't want me to eat you... Then... I guess... I'll just have to find something else to do with you..."

"L... Like what?"

"Like a movie, maybe... or maybe I'll just lay here with you all night... Just staring into each other's eyes..." Lissie's lips had curved up into a smile, Inka could feel it. I wonder how long she'll last like this.

"That would be... fine..."

"Oh...? It would only be... fine...? You wound me, Inka... Maybe I should... just go to bed early tonight..." Lissie started to lift her head.

Inka reached up, dragging Lissie back down. "Stop... Stop teasing me. Just kiss me already."

The rush of breath that accompanied Lissie's upraised eyebrows carried a thought. Finally. I can't wait to see your cute face go stupid... You are such an adorable mess.

This contained the following note: <!-- Rewrite this part to have Lissie initiate the kiss instead, and fluster Inka. -->

Inka's cheeks reddened. Not many of the people she'd kissed had affectionate feelings about her habit of spacing out when kissing. It was still a new feeling, hearing Lissie think that way about her. "Just do it, okay? You won't be allowed to eat me unless I have a taste, too."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Lissie's lips quirked into a smile, then she leaned in closer and fit them to Inka's.

That cherry lip gloss formed a falsely-sweet barrier for just a few moments. Then a steady flow of thoughts and memories spilled into Inka's mind. The first worries when Inka first told her what she was planning. Lissie's fear when she hadn't heard back for a few days. Rising anxiety when calling Inka's phones, checking in with the Re-New people. The relief that she felt to be kissing Inka now.

Inka fought to hold the flood back. Focused on... The smooth texture of Lissie's lips. The taste of artificial cherry. But then Lissie's tongue gently nudged into Inka's mouth, and the flow grew into a torrent. Inka couldn't concentrate anymore - she just struggled to stay afloat in the overwhelming rush of sensations and borrowed memories.

There she goes again, came Lissie's thoughts in her mind. They were mixed in with memories of previous kisses that blurred into the kiss Lissie was giving her now and made it all even more confusing. A hundred pairs of lips, some of them her own, some of them Lissie's, a hundred faint scents, a hundred different flavors...

And older memories, too. Scattered ones, from before they met. Lissie's flavor carried memories of swishing in her prom dress, of introducing herself to the class at her new school, of getting her first puppy. All demanding Inka's attention.

It was all far too much to handle. Inka could barely even remember to breathe. Her eyes were open, but unseeing. She was dimly aware that her lips were slack against Lissie's.

When Lissie pulled back, it was like being thrown into a dark room after staring at the sun. The torrent was just as overwhelming by its sudden absence as it was by its presence, and it took Inka a minute to gather herself and open her eyes again.

Lissie's teasing grin was waiting for her when she did. "And just think, you get like that just from having my mouth on yours. Now... what about the rest of you, hmmm? Don't you want to... get the full-body experience?" She giggled at her own joke.

Inka wasn't laughing. It was too tempting. Inka shouldn't want to go in there. She knew how dangerous it was. And yet, Lissie made it sound so appealing... And she was so curious...

"Five minutes," Inka mumbled. "You can have me for five minutes, and then you should let me out and we should watch a movie together."

Lissie ran her hand down Inka's back, making Inka twitch as her fingers traveled over a ticklish spot. "Okay. Five minutes. If you'll be okay with staying for only five minutes. We do offer... long term rooms..."

Inka's hand unconsciously wandered to Lissie's soft stomach. Pudge, plush and warm, Inka had no memory of ever escaping it. So often Lissie came to pick her up from Re-New, and yet... Inka didn't ever remember being eaten by her. Even though she couldn't imagine why she would want to stay all the way to the point of digestion. So there must be some reason she couldn't leave. There was always the possibility that Lissie was taking advantage of her vulnerability for an easy meal.

But Lissie didn't smell like malice. And Inka had never smelled the merest hint of a memory or even a fantasy of Lissie forcing Inka to stay.

Maybe Lissie had never eaten her. Maybe it was always someone else, and Lissie was just protecting this other person. But that didn't seem like something Lissie would do, either. And surely Inka would have smelled that on her... Was Lissie really that comfortable that Inka never wanted to leave?

"Oooh, she's thinking about it," Lissie teased.

She would go in determined this time. Probably before she didn't think to be so careful. Whatever was so tempting about Lissie's stomach... She needed to know.

"Just five minutes." Inka met Lissie's eyes timidly. "... Please."

"Good choice," Lissie murmured. Maybe it really will only be five minutes this time. Her fingertips gently brushed Inka's middle as she curled her fingers around the hem of Inka's shirt. "Let's get these clothes off you, then..."

Inka lifted her body off the couch and her arms over her head, and let Lissie pull the T-shirt off her. "Don't forget to bring me clothes and stuff, okay?"

"Of course. I'll wash them for you," Lissie said.

No, don't... Inka thought, but she

The draft was abandoned here...