(Never-finished story) Nicole's trip to the gym ends up having the opposite effect on her hips from what she intended.

Author's note: From a then-recent Down the Hatch episode...
"Yeah, you're not safe even when at the gym! Remember to not drop your guard! I've uh...eaten a few ladies who were easy prey since they were too exhausted from their workout to put up a decent struggle in my belly. Get your own personal equipment or research easy exercises you can do in your own home."

This combined with a sudden rush of desire for weight gain gave me a mighty need.

It wasn't enough to get me to finish the story, though, so this is all that I wrote.

It's not that Nicole isn't enjoying her trip to the gym. To the contrary; this has been the highlight of her week so far. It's just that, well, if Tess thought bringing Nicole here was enough to get her to work out, she has another think coming.

No, the gym is home to gorgeous and fit women of all shapes and sizes. And Nicole is here to look, not touch (a dumbbell). She's got her cardio routine down and that's more than enough for her - she's not really interested in Tess's enthusiastic selling of strength training.

"Nicole, you paying attention?" Tess asks, grunting as she finishes another set and sits up. "Phew... Whether you are or not, I think that's where our demonstration is going to have to end. This has been a hell of a session, thanks for being here."

"Um, all I did was watch," Nicole says, giggling from behind her hand. "You sure it makes any difference?"

Tess nods, wiping down her face and neck with the towel she has by her side. "All we want is to get you in the gym. You'll join in soon enough."

Nicole isn't so sure, but she smiles and nods, letting herself be distracted by a tall, curvy woman walking by with a similar towel draped around her neck. "Sure."

"Ahhh... fuck, I always get really into it when there's newbies around," Tess says happily, laying back on the bench of the machine. "Gonna need a few minutes before I can get moving again. But it feels so goooood!"

A few minutes, huh? Nicole thinks. Seems risky. A few minutes is all it takes...

... Her train of thought abruptly switches tracks. ... for someone like me to...