Starlit stomachNSFW

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The reader receives tummy-based healing from Tala.

You arrive at Tala's room in the middle of the night. Two light knocks on the door are enough to summon her; you can hear her getting up and moving toward the door. You ask if you woke her, but she insists that she foresaw your coming and was merely taking a brief nap to rest her eyes until you arrived.

The astrometer spins silently over her outstretched hand as she asks you to tell her where it aches. She makes an offhanded joke about how the stars didn't tell her this level of detail. You explain what's going on, and she seems genuinely concerned. Her first efforts leave a chilly trail down your skin, numbing a little bit of the pain, but it's too much for her star power to overcome. As she circles around you, examining you, you hear her tummy growl near your ear. She admits that she skipped dinner tonight.

She tells you she can take the pain from you, but it will take all night, so you'll have to stay over. All you have to do is close your eyes, lean back on the spare bed, and relax. She warns you not to open your eyes or tense up no matter what happens.

She hums a soft tune as you oblige, and then you feel something different, warmer, slide over you. Is she using channeled sunlight this time, perhaps? Hence the insistence that you close your eyes and relax, so that you don't end up inadvertently burning yourself or your retinas.

It's not until her lips are past your hips that you realize what's really going on. You struggle, but it's far too late; before you know it, your feet have vanished down her throat and you're tucked into a ball inside her.

She tells you not to worry, that you'll be safe there. You feel that same cool starlight energy keeping her promise, though the stomach makes it much, much warmer. She tells you to relax, and in here, you find you actually can. The soft sounds of her stomach's motions are louder from so close, but not offensively so, and combined with the relative silence of the outside world thanks to the muffling of her stomach lining, you're in your own private world.

Her hands are not idle, stroking and massaging over your body. The acid tingles, but combined with the starlight producing a dim red radiance in her stomach, it is a soothing tingle, one that - true to her word - does indeed take the ache out.

Your eyelids keep growing heavier. You feel vaguely alarmed as her stomach's glorp and grooooul get louder, but there's not much you can do, especially as your body slips gradually toward unconsciousness.

You try to tell her what's happening to you, but she soothes and shushes you - right before a hoooooOURP carries your bra up her throat and onto the floor in front of her. She admits that you're going to melt inside her, and she'll Raise you in the morning, into a new body without the aches you were feeling. But, she eagerly asks you, you feel comfortable now, don't you?

... You have to admit that you do, displeased though you are with the sneaky method of healing. It's small and cozy, warm and quiet, save for the sloshing of your chamber's fluids, which form a steady rhythm along with her breath and heartbeat.

Tala's purring envelops your body, the pleasant vibrations easing your fears even further. You can't remember any reason to be upset. And you'll be fine in the morning, one way or another, so...

You find yourself drifting off to sleep...