A Model Relationship NSFW

Sheena finds her heart - and stomach - doing flips when junior art student Larisa draws closeups of her body part by part.

"You want to draw what?" Sheena asks flatly. Nothing about this job is going to be anything less than bizarre and humiliating, is it? At least having been hired for sex would have been flattering. Hell, at least having been hired to have her body drawn would have been flattering.

Larisa pushes her glasses up her nose. "Your feet. I know it sounds weird."

"You got that right," Sheena mutters.

"But it's important that I get a lot of practice with every part of the body," Larisa continues, eyes shining with earnest intent. "And you... you have a beautiful body. A perfect one. There's so many parts of you I want to focus on."

... Well, that's not so bad. Sheena glances at the sketchbook Larisa holds, pursing her lips. "And you're starting with my feet."

"I want to work my way up you." Larisa's hand trails up Sheena's body evocatively. "Drawing different angles of each part of you, starting on your feet... going up along your legs, your thighs, your hips, your b... your belly, your chest, your arms... Finishing on your face."

"Heh." That finally provokes a smile from Sheena - the first since she came here. "Funny."

"Er... That is... I didn't mean-"

Sheena decides that her first assessment was correct - this junior is indeed easy prey. Some horny nerd probably just trying to get a good ogle at her - who will easily be talked into being lunch once Sheena's gotten prom dress money from her. "Don't take that lovely little moment from me, Larisa. Alright, fine. As long as I'm getting paid."

"Yeah, of course," Larisa says. "You're doing me a huge favor by giving me such a gorgeous model to work from for my full body study."

Keep praising me, you'll live longer that way, Sheena thinks. Aloud, she says, "Sure, yeah. What do you need me to do?"

"Take off those sneakers," Larisa says, suddenly all business. She prepares a stool and a chair, placing a soft cushion atop the stool and positioning the chair facing it. "Sit here. Put your feet here."

Sheena sits in the chair, putting her socked feet up on the cushion. The faint scent of her coconut lotion mixed with her warm sweat floats up into the room. Hearing Larisa's quiet gasp of reverence makes her quirk an eyebrow. "So, is this a kink thing for you?"

There's no response but the scratching of Larisa's pencil for a few minutes. She flips a page in her sketchbook. "Hm. Take off your socks?"

"I asked you a question, art girl," Sheena says, but she complies. "You have a feet kink or something?"

"No," Larisa mumbles distractedly, sketching out a barefoot version of the previous picture with incredible speed. She crouches, getting up close. Breathing in the scent. Feeling the warmth. "Tilt them forward. A little further. There, hold that. But it's important to me to grow as an artist."

"Sure seems like it, with how you're treating them," Sheena grumbles. Where's the easily teased nerd? This girl is all kinds of domineering suddenly. "Sure you're not just lying to yourself - and me?"

"Yes. A little to the side - here." Larisa tucks her pencil in her mouth, gently adjusting Sheena's position with her hands. She takes her pencil up again. "If there is a Creator, the female form is the most beautiful work of art he or she has ever graced us with. Every part of it, from every hair on your head to each of your toes. And you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met. Very pretty feet as well."

Between the gentle touch of her warm, soft hands and the praise, Sheena finds her heart beating a peculiar rhythm. Maybe this nerd can live. Being a popular cheerleader, Sheena's has never been one to be ordered around, much less by a junior. But Larisa is never impatient, never harsh, never loud. Firm, direct, short, yes... but always reverent, always respectful, always in service of her artistic vision.

It's kind of... nice. To be commanded like this. To have parts of her she'd never think about as sexy appreciated like this. She'd never thought about having pretty feet, of all things. She kind of likes it.

Sheena is used to people obsessing over the fine details of her form. But always to nitpick. Constantly struggling to maintain her form to everyone's standards. A little too much fat on your thighs today, Sheena, do a couple extra jumps. You look like a scarecrow that hasn't eaten in a week. Hm, I think you can skip the dressing today, tubby. What, you not been eating since the last time we slept together? But Larisa's artistic vision finds her purely attractive - the essence of attractiveness, of beauty.

"This some kind of homework for you?" Sheena asks, the typical harsh edge disappearing from her voice.

"Put on these thigh high socks," Larisa says. She offers them to Sheena as if a gift, a sacrifice. "No. I'm in the fine arts program, yes. But I want to be a lot better with the female form - a lot better - and that's just for me. Nothing to do with my grades, even if they could use some improvement."

This is a surprise to Sheena, who had thought Larisa was at the top of her class from the sketches. She pulls the thigh highs on in silence.

"Good. Now a little lower," Larisa instructs. "Let them bunch up a bit lower. Here." She reaches out, brushing Sheena's thighs with her warm, delicate fingers. "Perfect. Yes. Hold still."

Sheena's heart trembles. Those fingers on her bare thighs... The murmured praise... Why didn't this junior invite me here for sex?

"You're really dedicated, aren't you?" Sheena asks, feeling heat building somewhere in her chest. "To this... art thing."

"It's my passion," Larisa says. She puts the pencil eraser to her mouth and flips another page in her sketchbook. "Hm. Pull them taut again, but lower them down. Bunch it lower, around your knee. Ah, that depression in your thighs where the sock presses into them... that's something I want to capture. Stay like that."

Normally, Sheena would dislike this waffling. But right now she just wants Larisa's gentle voice to keep ordering her around. "Sure."

Passion... Sheena hasn't felt this passionately about anything. People, hobbies, grades. Even her cheerleading, the foundation of her identity, is just something she does because she has the body for it. Because she's been doing it since high school. Larisa's intent passion - directed at her, even temporarily - feels... enticing. Arousing, even. And a little... Appetizing.

Sheena doesn't say a word as Larisa captures her hips. Just silently adopting the poses Larisa requests without comment.

Larisa flips another page over. "Your... er, stomach is next."

As if hearing its name called, Sheena's stomach growls softly, hungrily.

The pencil hovers over the paper, Larisa's motions frozen by the sound. "It's noisy, isn't it? It's a little distracting."

Larisa is closer to Sheena than she's ever been now. Her face practically right up against Sheena's belly as she draws. Getting every contour, every subtle change in shading, the precise shape of her navel, with a love and care that exceeds even her earlier work.

"Is it distracting, knowing I'm starting to crave you?" Sheena breathes. Seeing Larisa flinch like this is somehow so satisfying. "I don't even know how I want you. In bed, in my arms... in my belly. You're quite the enigma. I've never felt so conflicted about anyone."

Larisa swallows hard, continuing her sketch. But her cheeks are pink now. "Stretch your arms up. Hold."

"No answer?" Sheena continues, her sultry voice humming in her belly as it's held taut. "I don't know what to say either, you know. I've never just wanted someone to hold them before. Let alone wanting them to eat and fuck at the same time. It's so new to me."

There's a soft snap as Larisa's pencil tip breaks. "I'll- I'll get another one. I'll sharpen this later," Larisa mutters. "Relax your arms for now."

Sheena grins, letting her fingertips drum on her belly. Maybe modeling for Larisa isn't so bad. She's definitely going to want more of this junior's delicious faces...