Kaho falls to the Pardoner Fennel. Vorish consequences ensue.

Author's note: This is the story that I liked to imagine to soften the blow of me losing to Pardoner Fennel in Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight over and over and over and over and over again. (Or, maybe not so much losing to her as taking a hit against her and immediately quitting to title, rolling into her room and skipping her cutscene...)

Kaho is a silent protagonist, which means I can give her any personality I want and not be wrong. I chose "raging lesbian".

Kaho's shrill scream echoed through the monastery above the crackle of electricity as she fell to her hands and knees at Pardoner Fennel's feet. Her hand went to her heaving chest, as if she could stop the twitching, calm her racing heart, and bring back her strength with a touch.

"The Queen should have sent us better," Fennel spat, pointing the tip of her sword at Kaho.

"P... Please... I'm not y... your enemy..." Kaho could barely bring herself to speak. She started to lift her head, her vision swimming from the pain. Even that exertion made her limbs turn to jelly - what strange curse had the gorgeous but deadly Pardoner put on her? - and she collapsed. "I mean... you no... h... har..."

Fennel lowered her sword, nudging Kaho's head with one foot. "Your lies mean nothing to me, maiden in white." She crouched down, lifting Kaho's limp body up by the collar, until Kaho's face was beside hers. "The only reason an outsider would come to this forbidden place is to infiltrate it on the Queen's command."

Even like this, Kaho couldn't help staring. The holy woman was beautiful. And under different circumstances, Kaho would have been blissfully happy to be face to face with her, this close.

"Nothing to say?" Fennel's gaze was intense. Maybe it was just the aftershocks of whatever lightning Fennel had brought to bear against her, but Kaho found herself shivering to be beneath it.

She awkwardly chewed her lip, looking for the words that would make Fennel live up to her title and show Kaho the mercy that might yet exist somewhere in this earthly angel's heart. "Let me-... hh... Please, let me go, I... the curse... My village... I have to stop it..."

"Oh, now you're concerned about the curse, hm?" Fennel's tongue ran across her lips slowly. "I told you before... it's my duty to purge this evil. Though in this case... it will also be my pleasure."

"A... Ah?" A thrill ran through Kaho. It was too much to hope that there would be... pleasure involved in whatever purging of her evil Fennel had in mind, right?

"Clear your perverted mind." Fennel's expression twisted. Kaho's face must have shown a little too much of the glimmer of hope. "I wouldn't lie with one of the Queen's lapdogs, even if she is a cute little thing. The only use I have for you is as an evening meal."

Kaho's heart wrenched. Hearing Fennel describe her as cute in the same breath she claimed they'd never lie together, that Fennel had no use for her but as food... The Pardoner's stomach growled menacingly, beckoning Kaho to her fate.

With the fight gone from her and the curse still infusing her jelly-like, twitching limbs, Kaho was too weak to do anything but watch helplessly as Fennel's mouth gaped open wide before her.

Had it been so wrong, fantasizing about this woman ever-so-briefly as she first caught sight of her? Did she have to be punished by having her wishes granted in the worst possible way?

To have that sweet mouth's full attention, to have that sharp tongue slip into her mouth curiously... but not in the heat of passion. No, it only sought to sample her, to savor more of her taste...

To have those plump, warm, pampered pink lips pressed against her neck... but not with even a hint of tenderness. No, squeezing it, crushing her windpipe, tightening her breath, holding her still while Fennel's sword shredded Kaho's clothes...

To be fully exposed before her, naked and vulnerable and seen in her entirety, unable to hide anything... but not as a lover is seen and enjoyed as an equal by her lover. No, the way a piece of meat is seen and enjoyed by the humiliating, dehumanizing gaze of the woman who would soon be tasting it...

To be held close to her, body against body, squeezed to the holy woman's ample chest until it seemed like their bodies would become one... but not in a show of desperate affection. No, only to shove Kaho further into the Pardoner's hungry maw, forcing her face down into a throat that squished and squeezed her face like a possessed thing, impatient to deliver Kaho to her final destination...

To have those delicate fingertips softly teasing over her chest, running down her sides, curling around her hips, squeezing her sensitive rear... but not to heighten either girl's arousal. No, only to satisfy some morbid curiosity before jamming Kaho even further into Fennel's uncaring digestive tract, only to carelessly, accidentally tease a Kaho who had desperately wanted for another woman's tender touch since coming to this dismal place. Fennel let out a cold burst of surprised laughter as she detected the rising, shameful arousal betrayed by Kaho's stiffening nipples. It only drove further nails into Kaho's heart.

Kaho did not want to be eaten alive. But somehow, she had gotten everything else she wanted...

Her arms and legs could move now, a little, but Fennel was strong... far too strong. Her last plan was that her sacred leaf, tucked into her hair as it was, would somehow serve her inside Fennel... but it didn't seem like much of a plan at all. She could hope, she could plead in her mind that Fennel might change her mind, show her some tenderness and compassion. That Fennel would feel Kaho's sadness through the pathetic whimpers that bubbled up her throat now, and at least take pity on her.

It wasn't to be. Fennel's teeth dug into her rear and nibbled, making her whimper and squirm inside the cramped chamber she was now emerging into. If this was Fennel's way of showing Kaho her compassion and tenderness, it was a strange one.

Kaho pushed against the bottom of the stomach, her head growing increasingly woozy as she was held upside-down. Fennel was holding her legs up. Teasing her - knowingly or unknowingly? - with the devoted attention her tongue paid to Kaho's inner thighs. Her face burning, Kaho squeezed her legs together, desperate to keep what little dignity she had left and deny Fennel the pleasure of getting under her skin.

It only sped her journey, though. Bored of this game now that Kaho was making it difficult, Fennel gulped her thighs down with casual ease, sending her further and further in. Only now, there was no further in to go - making her new chambers very cramped indeed.

Fennel's caress along her soles could have been confused for tenderness... but even Kaho, desperate as she was, was not so foolish as to believe that. No, Fennel was only pushing her feet inside... Kaho's toes curling against Fennel's lips a moment before the last of the monastery's cold, musty air was replaced with the humid, sticky saliva inside of Fennel.

The last gulp was accompanied by a horrendous tearing sound, and a clicking of Fennel's tongue. "Ah... Even my dress robes could not hold you... I will have to get one of my sisters to repair that."

Kaho was disoriented and distressed. Her instincts were screaming that it was not okay to be inside another creature, much less in such a tight space, such a hot space. And the thundering heartbeat, slowing down now that Fennel was relaxing, provided a drumbeat that demanded attention and gave Kaho no time to recover her bearings.

Fennel sighed in contentment, a soft sound that resonated through the stomach that now held the curled-up, naked Kaho as if it were a concert hall. "Well, meat? It's your lucky day. You'll lie with me after all. Tonight, and every night hence."

This wasn't exactly the kind of cuddling Kaho had in mind... It was slimy and dark inside the Pardoner, and so tight that her body ached to move again, even as weak as it was. She strained her limbs now, trying her best to reorient herself upright, to dispel the worsening dizziness. Was it just the blood rushing to her head, or was it the thick, stale air inside Fennel?

"My dinner still thinks of itself as a maiden. How precious." Fennel rested her hand on her writhing Kaho-filled gut. Soupy liquids now splashed over her, leaving tingling trails wherever they spilled. The cocktail of stomach acid, the puddle in which she now sat, burbled quietly beneath her as the pressure grew to unbearable levels, culminating in a sound Kaho never would have expected from the prim-looking woman in the lovely dress. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooaaaarp. ... My... but you tasted good, didn't you? Oh, and what's this? How did this get in here?"

Fear coursed through Kaho as she reached into the damp hair now matted to her head by acids. Her leaf. Her leaf was gone. In her panic she'd forgotten about it, and now she'd lost it. Her last escape chance, gone.

"Hmhm... This was that toy you waved at me, wasn't it?" The stomach shook and sloshed as Fennel got to her feet after picking up the leaf. "I'll have this heretical thing burned."

A muffled voice called from somewhere outside. One of the nuns! The ones Kaho had met outside, the one who had seemed to encourage her! "Pardoner! Someone came! An outsider, who sought redemption! She donated munny to our cause..." The excited voice trailed off, now suddenly apprehensive. "P... Pardoner... Is she...?"

"One of the Queen's," Fennel said coldly. "It was a trick, I'm sure. Worry not, though. She's merely my evening meal, now." She jabbed a finger into her stomach. "Isn't that right, dinner?"

Kaho elected not to respond to this, both for the sake of her dignity and to conserve her remaining energy. Fennel's sticky insides made her limbs ache even worse than the lightning had, and the ache was spreading to her chest, to her head, everywhere.

"I... I see... I'm sorry, Pardoner, we would have stopped her, but..."

Fennel's gentle laugh, her soft voice was everything Kaho had dreamed it would be. She only wished it was directed at her. "It is all right, sister. Best that you not have endangered yourselves. But as you can see, she's left her mark on my robes..."

"Let me help you, Pardoner," the nun said softly. "With her, and with your robes..."

Four hands pressed against Kaho through the stomach walls, mashing her between them vigorously. The churning motion of the walls had been bad enough, but Kaho didn't think she could weather this much longer... The groans and glorps of the stomach were getting louder, too, drowning out Fennel's calm heartbeat and breath...

Kaho wanted to cry out, to give one last word of defiance.

But she was too weak to do even that. Drawing breath was hard. Her body felt like putty, being molded by the touch of the two holy women.

"We thank you for your contribution," Fennel said coldly. It was all Kaho could make sense of amid the chaos assaulting her senses. "You will make a fine addition to my hips... and fine fuel for the purging of your precious Queen."

I only wanted to stop the Queen to begin with, Kaho thought helplessly, and finally lost the battle against the encroaching dark.

"She's stopped moving," the nun said, bending over Fennel's stomach. "She's gone, I think..."

"She is," Fennel said, one hand still half-consciously moving over the now-shapeless orb of flesh at her middle. She let her hand drop to her side, then turned to return to her chambers. She paused, though, looking over her shoulder. "If you are interested, sister... you can get to know her better tomorrow. After you've made the appropriate adjustments to the bust area of my robes to fit her."

The woman blushed brightly at the implication. "A-Ah... It would be an honor...!"