If You Digest In The Game...NSFW

The VR girl you found yourself eaten by may not be able to digest your body, but she sure has full access to your brain.

Author's note: I wrote this a while ago and just rediscovered it.

At first, nothing happens to you. Not really. As far as you're concerned, all you're experiencing is a simulation of the inside of her stomach - thanks to the programmers' hard work and the power of VR, a very realistic one. You can feel your muscles straining against the pressure on your limbs, keeping you curled into a tight ball. You can feel the intense warmth of her body heat. You can feel her stomach fluids dripping down your skin. You can see the way your clothes melt away in contact with the acid. You can hear the thrumming of her excited heart, the rushing of her shallow, manic breaths, the squishing, sloshing sounds of your confines.

Behind the scenes, though, something has changed. You aren't considered an independent object by the VR system, not anymore. She has used her control of the system to make you an inner object - considered by the system to give her full access to every bit of you.

When she starts to use her newly-gained control, it's sloppy at first. But then, her goal isn't to make you comfortable, is it? She's here to take what she wants - to make you part of her. Permanently. And that starts with... what? You're trying to remember the names of the other heroines. But the memories bring you a flash of pain for a moment, a headache, and then... nothing. You can't remember them at all.

She gives a low chuckle. "Ohhh, you had such perverted thoughts about the other girls! But they're not here anymore, so you won't mind me getting rid of those."

You have a brief flash of memory, the recollection of your imagination drooling over... someone's hips. But as quickly as it came, the vision is gone, and then you can't bring it back. You can't even remember what it was of.

The stomach acid splashes and sizzles. You try to remember the manual for the game you were playing. There was an emergency override, wasn't there? An escape hatch? ... What was the name of the game? You looked at it every day when you booted it up. It was on the title screen. This can't...

You try think of your home. And all you can think of is right here. Inside her.

Fear floods your body. "Please, this isn't right, I..." You try to hold on to your important memories. The faces of your friends. Your name. Your name? What is your name?

What is your name...?

"Shhh," she coos. "You're not going to do any good getting upset, you know? Just relax. It'll be easier that way."

One by one, your memories are seized by her process, filled with garbage data, and deleted. Piece by piece, you are disappearing. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.

It's not just your memories, either. You feel a burst of sensation from your fingertips, like when you fall asleep on your arm, and then... nothing. You might as well not have fingertips. You can see them, they're still attached to you, but... they're gone. That tingling, numbing sensation is working its way up from your toes, too.

Working towards your heart.

What will happen when she reaches it...?

Your other senses start to fade, too. You can no longer taste the fear in your mouth. You can no longer smell the perfume she uses. Your vision disappears in a burst of static.

System after system in your brain is forcibly annexed, filled with nonsense, and made silent.

You aren't going to last much longer now. You can feel parts of your head filling up with foreign memories.

A small part of you feels simultaneously aghast and amused at her audacity. She's recording this - this memory of your digestion - into the empty space in your own head. Why shouldn't she? It's hers now. It's bizarre, being able to "remember" the time "you" digested yourself.

But you won't be able to see it through to the end.

Your mind is sluggish and thick with noise. You don't know where you are, what your name is, what you used to look like... you just know you're deeply, intimately connected to her.

And... you can still hear. You can still hear her breathing, her heart beating, the sloshing of what used to be you inside her stomach.

Not for long, though.

She gives a small sigh - or you do? - and thZ║σ>ÅkßÉ"½HπGé;ΩELar▼÷A╝µ■├P♀ò'