(Cutie) Pie-Eating ContestNSFW

Alena and Louann participate in an eating contest sponsored by Reform Co., and one of the competitors gets serious. ... She is one of the competitors, right?

Author's note: Rose made a joke (the one in the title, I claim no credit) about an image showing Saber with the caption "Winner Didn't Know It Was Pie Eating Contest". I was horribly tickled by it, especially because a story about a girl-eating contest was the context for the first time we interacted over on Tumblr. So here's something small and noncanon with it in her Reform Co. world...

Louann ducked reflexively, watching the bobbing heads of the competitors dash by. "This is really, really dumb, Alena..."

"I don't care." Alena squinted, watching for her chance. "I want those free reformations."

It was a day for gluttony - the Third Annual Station-Wide Eating Contest. The winners of the district contests had been given the chance to participate. The winner of this contest would go down to Earth, to compete with winners from other stations and Earthly countries. But every glutton who participated, win or lose, would go home with a single-capacity Personal Quick-Reformer station... where all of their catches during the contest would reform, regardless of the location they were digested, for a month after the contest.

Of course, you couldn't have an eating contest without something to eat. And so Reform Co. had sweetened the pot for the prey. Any player who joined as prey for the hunt and survived to the end of the contest uneaten would receive a lifetime supply of free reformations. And the consolation prize for those who didn't make it? Free reformations for a month. At the home of the player who digested them, of course. But... free.

"Are they really worth it?" Louann asked, stifling herself when she saw one of the hunters double back, looking around. "What's wrong with your reformer plan now?"

"Uh, it could run out? You see how that's a problem, maybe?" Alena crouched lower, then sprinted forward, across the tiny bridge that had been built across one of the park's archways. "Okay, go!"

Louann dashed out, following Alena's lead. "Yesss... Or you could end up being digested over and over again by the same girl for a month..."

"We have bigger problems than that." Alena held up a hand for Louann to stop. "You and some other girl get digested at the same time, one of you is going to have to reform first. Those pods are one-at-a-time. Better hope it's you, before your signal gets too weak and you can't be brought back."

"Are you kidding me?!" Louann squeaked. She clapped a hand over her mouth, certain she'd drawn attention. "Are you kidding me?" she said again, more quietly this time. "Why did you sign us up for this?!"

Alena scanned the area below. "Don't focus on what happens if we lose. We're not going to lose. This strategy is flawless."

A rush of tinies scattered down beneath them as an oversized Liger Girl snatched at them. She was the favorite for the contest, having gotten a ton of publicity for her cross-breed nature and her apparently bottomless stomach.

"Where's Amber?" Louann asked, keeping her voice quiet to avoid the Liger Girl's sensitive ears. Though it was doubtful she'd be heard over the cluster of screaming tinies being dumped down the Liger Girl's gullet, she didn't want to take chances.

The Liger Girl moved away, seeming not to have noticed them. Alena took the opportunity to answer Louann. "She's on 'contest monitoring duty'. I think her boss ate her. She's probably cat fat right now."

Louann shrieked as a Seagull Harpy landed on the arch and began advancing on the two of them.

"I know a trick for dealing with Seagulls," Alena said, her voice shaking.



The two tiny mousegirls ran through the tiny pathways until they were out of breath. The Seagull Harpy gave enthusiastic chase, at first, but eventually grew annoyed with the twisting little passages of the tiny networks above the park and gave up, leaving them some time to lean against the railings and gasp for breath.

While they caught their breath, they overheard talk from below. A tiny, pleading voice. "What the hell, Rache?! I joined this thing because you said you'd keep me safe until the end!"

A gulp. "And I will! Nobody but me will get you! Every point counts, you don't really think I'd miss out, do you?"

Alena shot Louann a look. "Bet I know what you would be doing if you were still big..."

"Mean," Louann said between pants. "You don't know that... I'm a good friend..."

"Uh huh. Those are the words I was thinking of to describe you." Alena peered over the edge. "Who's that?"

Louann leaned over, too. There was a two-headed Lamia slithering casually down the path below, scooping up very well hidden tinies with her four arms. Her two heads worked in concert, each scanning one side of the path and taking turns snatching at the tiniest movements. She was impressively coordinated, her tail's movements not even hesitating as she swooped for another snack. "Uh... I don't know. She wasn't in any of the other contests, or in any of the promotions... I think I would have remembered a girl with two heads. Or four arms. Or both."

Alena froze. "Oh no."

"W... What?" Louann's body instantly filled with dread. Given everything Alena took in stride, anything that scared the mouse girl whose body Louann's was now a copy of was worth being terrified of.

"I don't think she's supposed to be here," Alena hissed. "The park was supposed to be closed, I don't think the contest designers planned for this... Every one of us who gets eaten during the contest is supposed to automatically become reformer-locked to the personal station for the girl who ate us, but... What happens if we get digested by someone who doesn't have a personal station?"

Louann put on a hopeful smile. "We don't get bound to anyone?"

"No, you idiot! We'd have nowhere to reform! Which means we'd be Lamia chub for good!"

"It's probably not good that she noticed us, then," Louann said, pointing down.

"You know what? I bet that seagull is still around here. Maybe we should just give her two points," Alena said nervously. "Off we go then!"

Their two-headed pursuer followed them with an unnerving double determination. Her heads traded off looking at the fleeing mousegirls and casually spotting and scooping up tinies on the ground hidden in easier-to-reach spots. As she got closer, they could hear her talking to herself.

"I want the one in front."

"You always get the smart ones. I want to taste a smart one, sister..."

"Hey! I'm the smart one!" Louann called to her pursuer.

Alena shook her head. "Not taunting her like that you're not!"

The taunt certainly didn't make things any better. Two hands rose up on either side of the bridge as the lamia caught up to them. One snatched Alena, and the other Louann.

Simultaneously, they were thrown into two different mouths, tumbled down two different throats... and landed together in one cavernous stomach, on top of an unnervingly large, writhing pile of tinies. Shortly afterward, a chubby mole girl landed on them hard, knocking them both aside.

"H... How many of us are in here?" Alena whispered as she got to her feet, looking around.

"Fewer than there were before?" one of the tinies atop the pile said. "We keep sinking..."

Louann had a pretty good idea of why. She grabbed on to Alena, whimpering.

"Get off me," Alena hissed. "You want me to figure us a way out of here, I need space to think!"

Outside, the two-headed lamia sisters kept wandering the park, grabbing the tiny cuties and stuffing them in their mouths. It was so rare to see this park so full of meat, but they wasn't going to complain! It seemed like some other girls were taking advantage of this lovely tiny day with just as much enthusiasm as they were, too!

Amber was not aware of what was going on, but she could feel the urgency in her boss's stride - mostly in the form of increased pressure, squashing her down into her boss's insole with every miserable step. And she got no reprieve when her boss was standing still, as her toes kept squeezing down on Amber's head and then releasing her, something Amber had learned meant she needed stress relief. Words occasionally filtered down to her - "over half the registered prey", "something wrong with the reformers"... "obvious winner". There was a loud laughter after that last one.

Someone called for PR.


"Did you see this news story?" Celia asked, tapping the newspaper she was reading. "Surprise Winner Breaks Into Eating Contest, Gulps Her Way To Landslide Victory. And look at that! I didn't even know we had a two-headed lamia on this station!"

Amber had not. She looked over from her cozy spot on Celia's chest. The winner (winners?) stood looking very confused with medals around each of their necks.

She checked her phone. Alena and Louann hadn't called back after the contest... it was looking a lot like their entry was permanent after all.

Well, she warned them not to bother with these "special events"...