Transgender Voice Training DemonsNSFW

Our trans protagonist gets her voice trained by demons.

Inspired by this exchange (thanks Kait):

Kait shares an image of a Youtube video with the title cut off to "Transgender Voice Training Demons..."

From the moment a hand clawed its way out of the summoning circle, Emmelie knew she'd screwed up.

The demoness hoisted herself out of the hole Emmelie had opened in the hardwood floor of her bedroom. "So... my name has not been forgotten, has it... Isirieth, at your service..." She got to her feet, towering over the kneeling Emmelie and bowing. "And who is the lovely lady I have the pleasure of serving tonight?"

Emmelie felt her heart drop into the pit of her stomach. If she opened her mouth, Isirieth would know. Isirieth thought she was a girl right now. She wanted to cling to that for as long as she could, and opening her mouth would shatter the pleasant illusion...

Isirieth folded her arms. "Stunned into silence by my beauty, are we?" She leaned forward, bringing her face nose to nose with Emmelie's. Even from this close, Emmelie could see the smirk twisting one corner of her lips. The playful spark in her crimson eyes. Isirieth ran her tongue across her lips slowly, the very tip of it brushing across Emmelie's lips. "Don't worry, I have ways of dragging that cute voice out of you."

Cute voice... Emmelie's heart ached. Would that it were true. This was so close to being a dream, and yet somehow it was turning into a nightmare. She'd just wanted to do this ritual as a joke, to say to her friends on the internet that she'd tried summoning a girlfriend and even that didn't work, and now there was a succubus in her face calling her a cute girl and wanting to hear her voice and it was all so close to crashing down in a mix of dysphoria and despair...

"I know you're not mute, or you wouldn't have been able to speak the words of power," Isirieth teased, pushing Emmelie down to the floor and straddling her. "How long can you resist speaking, I wonder?"

"Please stop," Emmelie finally said, her gravelly voice grating against her own ears painfully, dashing the pleasant fantasy to the ground. "I'm not... I don't... have a cute voice. Most people don't even think I'm a lady, let alone lovely. I don't know why you think that, but... I don't want you to have the wrong idea about me."

To Emmelie's simultaneous disappointment and relief, Isirieth dropped the seductive persona. "Wrong idea?" She sat back, looking over Emmelie. "You are a lady, aren't you?"

"I- I want to think so," Emmelie mumbled.

"I've known humans of all kinds of genders, and I'm quite sure you're a lady," Isirieth insisted. "I can feel it on you. Am I mistaken?"

"No, but-"

"Then you are a lady, yes? No qualifiers needed."

Emmelie blushed. "... Thanks."

"And what's that about not having a cute voice?" Isirieth's voice took on that sly seductive tone it had had before. "I hear a yearning in there. I might be willing to make a trade."

Emmelie backed away from Isirieth. "What kind of trade?"

"I teach you to make your voice the way you want it... You keep summoning me back here." Isirieth inched forward, closing the distance with Emmelie. "Just a little bit of blood, every week, and you get a new lesson and I get to stretch my legs. And anything else I happen to do before the summoning spell ends is on the house," she teased, running a finger down Emmelie's front lightly. "You don't even have to give me your soul! Unless, of course, you want to..."

"You're... you're trying to sell me voice lessons?" Emmelie couldn't help but laugh incredulously. "Okay, I definitely passed out."

Isirieth didn't seem bothered by the laughter, and grinned along. "What? I'm supposed to give you what your heart desires, aren't I? So... how about a makeover? Fix your voice, clean up your hair, pick you some new clothes..."

"What's in it for you, though?"

Isirieth's smile didn't falter. "I miss it here on Earth. Hell is... nice, I suppose, but it doesn't compare to the beauty of this place. I just want to spend some time here. And sex isn't really my thing... so I don't get a lot of summons. So... what do you say?"

"Um, yeah, absolutely," Emmelie mumbled, flustered. "I can't believe I'm actually making a pact with a demon..."

Isirieth clasped her hand in both of her own. "I won't do anything terrible to you, promise. Unless you want me to, of course~!"

"Uh, you don't have to pretend to like sex around me," Emmelie admitted. "I'm, uh... Honestly, I'm really happy just to have you around to spend time with. Long as no one else sees us... People will get mad at me if they even catch me in this dress..."

Isirieth put a finger to her lips. "I'll keep us secret and safe, don't you worry. Now, let's start working on that voice of yours..."