Recap 02: Combat TrainingNSFW

The FreeLancers do some combat training in virtual reality to prepare for a mission that could go dangerous.

OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 2.


I have never been so tired in my whole life.

Holy shit. (Doc, I'm trying not to swear as much but this situation deserves it!) I guess my brain's been working overtime cause of the VR.

We did a whole bunch of virtual training exercises and it was really exhausting. Even virtual bodies get tired, I guess. And then after all that, we got put in our mechs to do a fake training mission. We had to escort some payload to the destination and stuff.

There were a bunch of girls fighting us. The simulated Juliet Squad. We wiped the floor with them, though, haha. Bitches. Virtual bitches. Evi ate one of them, which was... um...

A-Anyway, they all (those of them who were still around, anyway) kinda fled after that. Not before breaking my damn honey chamber, though. I gotta redesign that, I think it's a weak point.

It was fun seeing the other girls in combat. Talya seemed to be having a hard time with her sniper rifle, eheh. But Evi went right for the enemy. She seems really dangerous up close, and her mech looks like it's really tough to beat. I hope I never have to be on the wrong side of her...

--- END ENTRY: 02-combat-training ---