Triple Goddess Tarot - Major Arcana, intuitively

My first impression of the Major Arcana of the Triple Goddess Tarot.

So I got a pair of Tarot decks from Namaste Bookshop. My last visit before I leave New York, almost certainly so...

Trying to get a feeling for the Triple Goddess Tarot intuitively, and today I went through the major arcana without looking through the booklet. Recording my findings here.

0 - The Fool #

Joyful energy, with a touch of blissful ignorance. Companionship with loved ones. Magical feelings in the air. Innocence. Playfulness.

I - The Magician #

Control. Knowledge. Patience. Order. Drawing together the different parts of one's life.

II - The High Priestess #

Patience. Prayer. Acceptance. Attunement to nature - the nature of things, of oneself, of the world. Purity.

III - The Empress #

Lightness. Birth of new things. Motherhood. Being looked up to. Leadership.

IV - The Emperor #

Thick armor. Beastly nature. Commanding. Controlling. Oncoming storm. Anger.

V - The Hierophant #

Harmony. Kindness. Warmth. Mysticality. Heights.

VI - The Lovers #

Love. Affection. Devotion. Beauty. Warmth. Connection. Security. Restraint.

VII - The Chariot #

Adventure. Fantasy. Hurry. Heroism. Rescue. Companionship. Time limits.

VIII - Strength #

Care. Warmth. Tending to the wounded. Hurt beast. Rejuvenation. Natural power.

IX - The Hermit #

A light in the dark. Loneliness. Traveling on one's own. Facing into the unknown. Uncertainty.

X - Wheel of Fortune #

Building up the useful from its components. Patience. Work. Magical assistance. Luck. Serenity in creation.

XI - Justice #

Balance. Equality. Fighting for what's right. Looking away from distractions. Standing in a sturdy place.

XII - Hanged Man #

Ensnared. Stuck on something. Life turned upside-down. Struggle to enjoy serenity. Nonresistance. At rest. Acceptance.

XIII - Death #

Memory of the past. Loss. Change. Sorrow. Harvest. Honoring what has come before. Hiding one's face.

XIV - Temperance #

Self-control. Looking at the little things. Taking small steps into the water. Moonlight in the night. Willingness to upset the status quo, even just a little.

XV - The Devil #

Turning away from the light and the life, into the dark and the dying. Leaving behind things that have weighed one down. Setting out into the unknown despite the comfort of the known.

XVI - The Tower #

Holding on. Difficult situations. Rainy days. Grabbing whatever's to hand. Climbing upward.

XVII - The Star #

Lucky chance. Beauty. Serenity. Awe. Playfulness at rest.

XVIII - The Moon #

Reflection. Contemplation. Touching one's inner self. Preparation. Unease.

XIX - The Sun #

Joy. Light. Warmth. Growth. Life. Dancing. Bright colors.

XX - Judgement #

Being consumed by something powerful. Heavenly energy. Ascending. Overwhelming brilliance. Moving on to the next thing.

XXI - The World #

Connecting the seen and the unseen. Allowing oneself to be lost in the vastness of everything around. Heavenly energy.