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Author's note: Ssublissive and I roleplayed this out last winter-spring, and after a long delay it's finally here for you to read along!

Ssubby is one of my best friends, and one of the most skilled writers I've ever had the pleasure of roleplaying with. We're both super proud of this, and we hope you enjoy it too - though it's undoubtedly a long one, there's plenty of vore along the way, and some of our best work at that!

Although this was once a roleplay log, it has been heavily edited to make it easier to read as a linear story. We'll be releasing chapters regularly, so keep coming back!

You can send us your feedback at Ssubby's post of the prologue and first chapter. Show her some love for taking a chance and posting some of her phenomenal writing for all to see!

Prologue NSFW

The stage is set, and the players are laid out. If nothing else, this promises to be quite the interesting semester...

Chapter 1: Searching for New Friends NSFW

As the Empty Bellies seek to become an official club, they must accumulate six members. There's a problem, though: There are only four of them. And who wants to join the much-mocked "Losers' Club"? But when things seem hopeless, demi-bear Vixie answers the call...

Chapter 2: Girls' Night Out NSFW

New member Mora joins the Empty Bellies club right inside... er... along with fellow recruit Nicole, raising the Empty Bellies' headcount to the point of being official! To celebrate, they go out to the mall together...