Hurricane Watch: NicoleNSFW

Sophia dreams of a giant Nicole tearing through Nexus City.

Author's note: As you might guess, this is based on the (as of time of writing) Tropical Storm Nicole, which is expected to strengthen into a hurricane and ruin my flight home.

We've been giggling about this connection to Ssubby's character for a while, but on seeing a tweet from a newscaster eagerly announcing that their station is ready to track Nicole, I couldn't resist using some of the spare time the likely flight delays may end up giving me...

Rose and Kait appear as themselves (or at least their NCC doppelgangers). Nicole is Ssubby's. Zoya is hershey's.

The thunderous rumble shook the windows and the earth, feeling almost quake-like in its intensity. Outside, the sounds of many people running and yelling combined into a white noise not unlike blowing wind or heavy rain.

Sophia didn't need to run. She merely stared out the window, entranced with awe. The quad was broken up by massive sneaker prints, crushed benches and bent metal twisted between the treads of those massive shoes.

Nicole's former dorm had been torn open like a clumsily opened chip bag. Though it was sitting on the ground now, the fact that its entire foundation had been pulled out of the ground and the building was tipped sideways suggested the horrible truth: the former occupants of the top floor had been devoured alive, poured into Nicole's ravenous maw.

And there she was... Sophia's gay heart tingled in her chest. There was her former roommate, peeling open the top of a class building. A shrill squeal was all Sophia's ears could make out as the faculty and students inside tumbled down into Nicole's gullet, never to be seen again. Sophia vaguely wondered how many careers, how many promising learners, how many loved ones' lives had been cut short by this brief hunger.

Far above, maybe fifty feet overhead, Nicole's ass loomed over the campus, casting a shadow of death over it. It had always been deliciously juicy, but this... Sophia wanted to bury her whole self into it...

On TV, the newscasters were narrating her actions with trepidation. "We've received confirmation that a bus full of students headed cross-state has disappeared from the Nexus City College campus. This is strongly believed to be Nicole's doing. All citizens, please remain indoors and away from windows. Be prepared to shelter in a basement or other windowless area if needed."

Windows... Sophia was leaning against the window. But why should she stay away from-

Nicole turned around, her eyes landing directly on Sophia. "Like what you see?" her voice boomed. She lowered herself down, propping her face up on her elbows and giving Sophia a long look down her cleavage.

Sophia's heart trembled weakly, and she took a few unstead steps back. "Uh- I wasn't-"

"I know exactly what you were doing," the enormous sophomore responded. She tapped on the glass of Sophia's window - and the whole wall gave way, crumbling before Nicole's might. "And since you've been enjoying this, I'll have some fun too!"

The scent of outdoors flooded in... a buttery scent... Nicole's, maybe...

"Wait, no! N-Nicole, don't eat me! We can do something about this!" Sophia squealed as she was hoisted up into the air, up, up, up...

"Sorry, but I have to do this~" Nicole's smirk split open, and her grip on Sophia's shirt released, and Sophia fell down, down, down-

"Nicole, no!" Sophia shouted as she jerked awake in an unfamiliar bean bag chair.

On the TV, a newscaster calmly described the path of Hurricane Nicole. "It's unlikely Nicole will do any significant damage to Nexus City, but citizens in affected areas are recommended to perform necessary preparations and remain indoors. Stay tuned for more updates on this storm as it develops."

The thunder and rain poured outside while Rose and Kait munched on freshly microwaved popcorn.

Nearby, Nicole, Rose, Reya, and Kait had paused the game they were playing and were amicably chatting - at least, they had been until Sophia had shouted, but now they were all looking at her.

Zoya thankfully broke the tension by returning through the door with digestive aids in hand and a swollen gut in front of her. "I found them! I knew someone would have some."

"You don't really need them, right?" Mora whimpered from inside Zoya.

"I don't, but it'll make the rest of this a lot easier!" Zoya cheerfully replied.

As Mora moaned her displeasure with this outcome, Zoya noticed the dead atmosphere in the room. "Sheesh. What happened in here while I was gone?"

"Bad dream, Sophia?" Reya asked, ignoring Zoya's question for the moment.

Sophia sheepishly rubbed her neck. "Uh- it's... yeah."

Nicole regarded her with some curiosity. "Was I in it?"

Sophia blushed immensely. "You could say that, yeah. I-I don't really remember it, so..."

The others shrugged. Zoya sat back down at the game board, and the game resumed. Sophia covered her crimson face. If only she really didn't remember... Now looking Nicole in the eye was going to be harder than ever... This hurricane sleepover was going to be a very long one indeed...