Recap 03b: Station Recovery BriefingNSFW

The FreeLancers receive a briefing from Rosa regarding their upcoming mission on Vali.

OOC note: This recap describes the events of the story Decryption as well as the content of Lancer Session 3, Briefing.


Sorry I haven't written in a while. In my defense, nothing exciting was happening. At least nothing exciting that was any good.

Um, the mission went off pretty easy, actually. No real problems. Which meant that it was just boring construction work, not anything fun. I think the other girls were bored too, 'cause then Rosa told everyone they were getting licenses.

Shift And I almost didn't get one, but I was messing around with part design and I accidentally stole a HORUS design! The HORUS girl who hacked my cybernetics and appeared as a hologram in my room didn't seem mad, though, just curious. Apparently the girl that was supposed to be for might be looking for me now, though. Gulp!

I meant that in the sense of me swallowing nervously, not her swallowing me. Don't get any ideas.

The HORUS inner circle seems like a wonderful place with cool people. That hacker who broke into a big news site and posted her own nudes up on it, Belle? She's part of it, too. And yes, Belle posted her own nudes!! I wonder if I'll be able to get in?

I decided to write because we have a new job coming up. We're gonna be trying to recover some data or something. Some station crashed on a planet called Vali with hella storms. Everyone thought it was busted but I guess it did actually survive.

Anyway, we're going to arrive at the staging station, Alpine, in the Tyr system soon. I gotta figure out some way to help. We're racing to the data, and we have to survive the race along the way! Ayaka says she was the best pilot in the Union Navy, but I'm a little worried...

The prize is pretty big, though. The medical company, Horizon, is paying enough money to buy whoever gets it a new station! So we can't lose!

--- END ENTRY: 03b-station-recovery-briefing ---