Complete RepaymentNSFW

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Reina gets payback for a kind thing she did for Tala. ... Wait, is "getting payback" supposed to be what happens when you do something nice for somebody?

Hime asked me to repay her for a gift in game with burps in bold and italics. It's only fair that I put them in a structured story, is it not?

"Menphi, Reirei, you've gotten so much heavieeOOOUUURrrp," Tala said, tottering down the street. "Like I know you're not supposed to comment on a lady's weight, haha, but damn... urp... I'm so... whoo! I might be a lil drunk, too..."

Reina did not respond at first, apparently schooling her expression. "I thought you said tonight you were going to do something nice for me to thank me for helping you gather those materials."

Tala hiccuped. "Hell yeah I did! Took you out for dinner, let you have everything cause you've been working so hard with all your training, and paid for drinks, and now I'm taking you home!"

"Yes. Drinks that you drank," Reina said, trying to keep the edge out of her voice. "Drinks which likely have something to do with you deciding that putting me in here was a good way to take me home, if I were to guess."

"Nah, but - gouuurp - they're probably to do with my hiccups." Tala paused to lean against a bench. "Woooooo! What the hell did they put in that?"

"The bartender told you, in fact, and I told you that it sounded like a lot of alcohol for you," Reina said. Her patience was starting to wear thin. "Ugh, it smells like alcohol in here, too..."

"Oh yeah, lemme get some fresh air in there for you." Tala started swallowing air.

"I appreciate it. ... Wai-"

Reina had all of half a second to realize her error before the deafening belch rattled her from tip to toe.

gguuu... hOOooooOUUUuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuurrrrrrrrp!

Reina could not tell which way was up. Her head was spinning. She scrabbled at the walls, but they were no more yielding than they had been before.

Tala sounded excessively proud of herself. "Phew! That was a big one! You still in there? I didn't launch ya into next week, did I? Heh heh."

"I regret having said anything," Reina whimpered, struggling to right herself. "That didn't even help, the alcohol fumes are coming from inside your stomach, you know... Listen. You have done quite enough acting as a carriage. Why don't you try teleporting us back to the house?"

"Oh, yeah, good idea."

Tala clapped her hands together and focused - drunk as she was, that was certainly the more difficult part - and aether started swirling through her as she channeled it.

The scent of alcohol in her stomach was pleasantly suppressed, and there was more room.

Reina could relax a little bit. Not as much as her old body allowed her to, at least, but now she wasn't trapped in a tight ball...

Wait. There was room. If there was room, that meant there was air. The aether was making air! Maybe it was some subconscious wish of Tala's, maybe it was just what normally happened when she cast while someone was in her stomach. But the pressure... she could feel it against her skin... And if Tala's concentration was broken while she was teleporting...

"Stop, Tala, stop teleporting!" Reina called, but it was too late.

"Shirogane!" Tala said, lifting her head and looking ahead.

The light enveloped them both, and both disappeared.


And when it faded, Reina was...

Well, she was still in Tala's stomach. But she was whole. In one piece. And she hadn't felt another burp.

She sighed in relief. "That... could have gone so much worse. I honestly thought y-"

GAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaorp? yuUUUUUUUrrrp.

Tala laughed, bouncing her belly. "Sorry, for some reason I really had to burp when we got here."

"I noticed," Reina said, dazed. "Why don't... Why don't I get out here and walk the rest of the way..."

"It's just our house," Tala said, stumbling forward and shaking Reina's prison. "And besides, I owe you."

"I would really consider our debt square at this point!" Reina said nervously. All this shaking would surely--!

Tala firmly grasped her stomach. "Yeeeeeeaaayyyuuurp! I'm so glad to hear that. You've helped me so much, you know, I'm so gratefu-uurrp."

"You did that first one on purpose! You pushed it out! I felt it!"

"Yeah, hehe," Tala said, grinning. Sober Tala would not torture poor Reina like this, but drunk Tala kind of enjoyed it. "But the second one was an accident!"

"Okay, fine, if it will satisfy you, to our house. But no more belching! And! You have to let me out when we get there!"

"Okay, okay, geez." Tala started walking. "You're getting pretty cozy in there, aren't you?"

"I absolutely am not," Reina said, her face flushing at the implication. "What would even give you that idea?!"

"Well, just, y'know. You can feel when I'm gonna burp and stuff."

"That isn't that hard. It's rather obvious when you're in here."

"Well, I thought it was obvious that I was going to carry you home this way, what were you thinking?"

"That- I don't know! That you were going to pull a carriage yourself!"

The pressure was starting to build again. Reina braced herself.

"Oh. Nah, that's what Carabina's for. urp."

Reina breathed out a sigh of relief. Just a small one this time, no need to wor-

The whole stomach shook and clenched inward, simultaneously hugging Reina tightly and tossing her about, or at least so it felt.

"Phew! That little one wasn't the whole thing, I figured," Tala said, grinning.

Reina whimpered. "How much longer to the house?"

"Oh, um, not far. Just down the road."

"Road? What road. You teleported to our personal aetheryte, didn't you?"

"Yes? And then I figured..." Tala's voice got sheepish. "If I only have you until I get inside, then I'll grab a drink at the market board real quick..."

Reina panicked, squirming around inside Tala's tight, sweltering stomach. "No! I forbid it! One errand is going to become three, and next thing you know I'm inside you until tomor-" Cold liquid splashed on her, soaking into her skin. It cut the heat, at least, but it matted her hair to her head and drenched her clothes. "Wh-What the hell is this?!"

"Sorry, I wanted to get a soda water, 'cause I'm gonna have a hangover if I don't drink some water," Tala said. "Don't worry, I'm going straight home from here, I'm done."

More water splashed down, soaking Reina thoroughly. "TALA STOP IT! Go home!"

The flow of water stopped. Tala walked in silence for a little while. "Hey Reina?"


"Um... you're gonna be mad."

"No, Tala, you can tell me whatever you have to."