Chapter 1: Searching for New FriendsNSFW

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As the Empty Bellies seek to become an official club, they must accumulate six members. There's a problem, though: There are only four of them. And who wants to join the much-mocked "Losers' Club"? But when things seem hopeless, demi-bear Vixie answers the call...

Author's note: Chapter 1's cast:

Ssublissive as Phoebe (Lamia), Wendy (Human), Melissa (Human)
Reya as Reya (Demi-cat), Britney (Demi-cat), Vixie (Demi-bear)

Content warning: This story contains fatal, unwilling F/F vore, as well as mild weight gain. It can additionally, at your option, contain the following:

Disposal content level:

With light disposal enabled, this story also contains an abridged bathroom scene.

With full disposal enabled, this story also contains a full bathroom scene, including bones and scat.

"Thank you so much! Looks like we finished just on time!" Phoebe chirps, noting that it's almost time for her club meeting. She collects all of her math homework into a neat stack and tucks it away into her bag.

Her friend and math tutor nervously laughs. "Oh, well that is convenient! Hehe... could you please uncoil me now?"

Phoebe gasps. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I didn't even realize I was doing that!" she squeaks, her voice raising a bit louder than what's usually appropriate in the library. The long, striped maroon scaled tail that makes up the bottom portion of Phoebe's body slowly uncurls from Wendy, its movements largely hidden beneath the table. "It just seems to have a mind of its own, I swear." The lamia avoids everyone's gaze as she slithers away. "My deepest apologies!"

Slipping away, Phoebe has time to push that little slip out of her mind. She does recall Wendy looking... more appetizing than usual. Had she gained weight since the last time they met? This is the third close call this week!

Entering the cafeteria, Phoebe approaches the table that the Empty Bellies club usually meets at. She can see Reya and Britney at the table, the two demi-cats of the club. Looks like she's the third to arrive so far. Phoebe gives a small wave as she smoothly tucks her tail into one of the seats. "Hello, you two. Hopefully, your day has been going well."

"Yeah, things are going.... aaahhhh... fine," Reya says, a big yawn interrupting her mid-sentence. She's wearing a very thick hoodie with a fluffy faux-fur lining today. "I've been up since 7 helping Soph with a big capstone project, so I'm probably going to take an amazing nap after our meeting today. It was a small price to pay for her help on our beautiful flyers." She gestures at the bulletin board behind her.

Britney has a half-eaten snack of apple and nuts in front of her, and is poking at it with a dismayed face. "Same, things are fine... I had Bio II today, which is like, my least favorite class. Worst professor, and like, the most basic shit you can imaaaagine. I took this stuff in high school. It's not my fault you didn't accept my high school transcript, don't punish me. I have to do all this extra work to learn nothing." She looks up at Phoebe with a weary smile, resting her head on her hand. "Hey, how about you? The cold treating you okay? I know it's tough in the winter."

"It is." Phoebe nods, all too familiar with how lamias suffer in the winter. "That's what the sweater is for." She indicates her purple wool sweater. Under that, she has multiple layers on. "As long as I don't stay outside for too long I'll be fine."

"You and me both," Reya whines as Phoebe notes her plan to stay indoors, looking outside at the gray skies and shuddering. "I hate the cold. I wish it was summer forever."

"No you don't," Britney says, picking up a piece of her apple and nibbling on it. She has a small pile of nuts in a little folded cardboard tray, too, which she's been idly pushing around their tray. "You'd never get to cuddle with anyone if it was summer forever. Always so hot and sticky..."

"Yeah, you're right." Reya leans back, fishing her phone out of her pocket to text Melissa. "Have any of you heard from Melissa today? I didn't see her in the group chat, and she left our multivariable class early... It's not like her to leave class early, you know? Let alone show up late!"



Hey, Melissa, you okay? We're looking for you at the table.

It does seem odd to Phoebe that Melissa is late. Everyone who knows her is aware that her schedule is usually very rigid and tight...

Once Reya puts her phone away and returns to the conversation, Phoebe continues. "My day has been fairly nice, aside from the cold. The results for the casting call came in today and it looks like I've got the role of Lissa. It's been a while since I wasn't typecast as the big scary lamia character. Lissa is a human in the original script, but her role in the story is pretty flexible."

At this news, Britney's entire mood instantly brightens. "What, no way!" She leans forward to high five Phoebe over the table, her chest inadvertently knocking over her cardboard tray of nuts as she does so.

Phoebe quickly reacts to catch some of the nuts in her lap without leaving Britney's high-five hanging. She gathers up as many as she can and returns them to Britney. "Thanks, it is very exciting."

"Ah, shoot, sorry..." Britney laughs, gratefully accepting the fallen nuts and pouring them back into their cardboard tray. "That's such good news, congratulations, Phoebe!! You're no big scary lamia. You're like... the cutest, friendliest lamia I've ever met."

"Lissa is... well, are you familiar with Head in The Clouds? It's a musical comedy. Lissa is a sidekick, detective-type character, and also the love interest of the main character. She has a lot of funny lines," she giggles. "Oh, but there is one scene where I get... um, 'eaten' which I'm not exactly looking forward to." Her shoulders slump a little. Devouring other actors on stage is usually her job. Now, it seems, the roles have been reversed. All thanks to her little incident during the last performance, no doubt. "But don't worry, it's perfectly safe. I'll keep some extra antacids on my person just in case."

"Wow, the sidekick and the love interest of the main character?" Britney's jaw drops. "I've never heard of that musical, but... Phoebe, that's so good! You're, like, the second most important person on stage!"

Distracted by worry, Reya reaches into her pocket to fish her phone back out so she won't miss the text from Melissa. "That's awesome! I knew I was right to believe in you. Now we just have to make sure you don't eat anyone important who's involved with the production..." She gives Phoebe a teasing grin as she starts typing her passcode. "By the way, I love that musical! That's what drama club's putting on this semester? I'm so going to see that." She's still glancing at her phone when it vibrates with a new message.

A reply is waiting there, from not long after her message was sent:



I'm sorry for being late. I have been having a bad day. I am on my way right now.

"Oh, shoot, Melissa's having a bad day, that's why she's late." Reya shows her phone to the other two briefly before taking it back to respond.

Britney frowns, pursing her lips for a moment, then turns her attention back to Phoebe. "I'm surprised they have you getting eaten, though... I mean, you're kind of a little big to eat. Who do they have playing your rival during that scene? Gabriela?" She snort-laughs, popping a few nuts into her mouth.

"Britney, you're overthinking it. Everyone loves a good tasty noodle, and our Phoebe is the sweetest one there is. I'm sure whoever they have can manage," Reya says cheerily once she's done typing out her reply.



It's okay, we don't mind. We're just worried about you. Don't rush, OK? See you soon.

Britney shrugs, giving a sheepish smile. "Well... I hope the antacids help, anyway. And that they can get you out. By the way, Phoebe, did I tell you that one of my friends from surfing practice is going to visit on Friday? I almost told her not to come - there's no way she's getting off this campus undigested, and odds are good it'll be me that does it. I'm gonna need all your support this week..." She giggles at her own expense.

"My support? My support in what? Going to the gym to burn those extra calories?" Phoebe jokes. "But sure. If you need help resisting your... cravings, I can be there to support you. Just remember to not skip breakfast and um, think pure, non-hungry thoughts!"

"You know I could use a gym buddy," Britney says, laughing. She takes out her phone, showing off a photo of a short rabbit demi flashing a toothy smile while standing beside Britney, both drenched and holding surfboards in one arm with their opposite arm on each other's shoulders. "This is her. I'm like, most worried that she has a crush on me, because like, you know I can't resist playing with someone like that."

"I totally know what you mean." Reya grins widely, always delighted to hear tell of Britney's predatory disasters. "But tell it anyway, because you have such a way with it."

Britney flutters her eyelashes, leaning in to the table and making her voice as sultry as she can. "Like, those moments where we're sharing a room in the dark, and she gets all flustered when I whisper her name, and next thing I know I'm asking her if she trusts me, and then asking her if she wants to see how deep in me she's willing to go, and then..."

Mid-story, Melissa shows up with a tray of food in her hands. She is wearing an unzipped winter jacket and jeans that are a little loose on her figure. She scooches in next to Phoebe without so much as saying hello. The steam from the potatoes on her tray fog up her glasses a bit.

Britney waves vaguely and sits up, trailing off and leaving her story unfinished as she tries to catch Melissa's eyes. "Hey Melly."

"What happened today, Melissa?" Reya asks, tucking her phone away now that Melissa has arrived. "I mean... if you wanna talk about it..."

Melissa sighs, using her knife and fork to cut out a small bite for herself. "Today has just been one mistake after another. I believe the purpose of this club is to be more social, so I suppose I will share." She pauses, serving herself a bite and then drinking a sip of lemonade before continuing. "Today at approximately 7:32 a.m. I caught and devoured a freshman that had been staring down at her phone in my usual hunting grounds. Six minutes later, she escaped my stomach and crawled away screaming her head off, which left me with a sore gut and a terrible headache. Later, at about 2:45 p.m. I slipped on a patch of ice which caused me to drop a bottle of kiwi strawberry Snapple that I had just purchased from the vending machine. The glass shattered, therefore wasting my funds and making me two seconds late for chemistry class after I spent the time cleaning up the mess. Then, at 4:34 p.m, Stephanie informed me that my application for the position to plan for the winter semester dance was rejected." She frowns, staring off into space as if she's trying to work through something in her head. "I don't understand what I did wrong. I've been getting exactly eight hours of sleep each night, I should be at the top of my game."

"Oh no!" Reya cries, leaving out the obvious questions - like what do you mean six minutes, how did you lose control that fast? and how did you know it was two seconds, and more importantly, why do you care? She reaches across the table, patting Melissa's shoulder lightly. "That must be so heartbreaking, Melissa... I've never seen you get rejected from anything. What does Stephanie know about planning dances that you don't?! You're the best at planning anything - anything and everything. I don't think you did do anything wrong. She's just a jerk."

"Maybe she was having a bad day too, and rejecting you is how she felt better about it," Britney suggests, licking the apple juice off her fingertips from the last slice of apple. "Maybe she was best friends with that freshman, or... maybe she just rolled out of bed and hit every branch on the bitch tree on the way down this morning. We know how good a planner you are, you plan all the best events for us."

Reya claps her hands delightedly. "Oooh, yeah! We can plan a pre-dance event! Like, maybe we can have shy or awkward students come to us to do dance lessons and get tips for how to invite people! You can be in charge of that, and Stephanie's dance will suck ass compared to your pre-dance!"

Phoebe smiles widely and nods in agreement. "That's a pretty unique idea, I like it! We could help people come out of their shells!" Her tail tip pats Melissa on the shoulder, showing her support in wake of the disappointing news.

Melissa shakes her head. "Negative. We're an unofficial club. The school rules dictate that only official clubs are allowed to hold big events like that on campus. Therefore, our plan would only succeed if we made this an unofficial event, which would be bad for our reputation. Besides..." She frowns, weakly stabbing her fork into her potato. "I doubt that anyone would want to go to the 'losers club' for advice on how to ask someone out to a dance. I trust Stephanie's judgment, clearly, there is someone else better suited for the job."

"We... Well, technically we're not the losers club, we're the recovering losers club. That's totally different! And we're super close to being an official club!" Reya says, pointing at the flyer again. "Did you see the flyers Sophia made for us? Aren't they pretty? I guarantee, once people start seeing our flyers, your phone is going to be ringing all day long with people who want to join. Guarantee!"

The cardboard nut tray crumples between Britney's hands as she finishes her snack. "Besides, I'm here, so the club isn't all losers. And even if it was, I mean... wouldn't you feel more comfortable learning to dance or ask someone out if nobody else around you knew how to do it? If everyone else was just as bad at it as you are?"

Reya nods encouragingly, ignoring Britney's first comment. "Yeah, exactly! Isn't that why we started this club? For losers, by losers, of losers. We won't judge you for being clumsy because we have wet apple marks all over our chests too. I bet a bunch of people would join if they knew they could go to something like that."

Britney checks Reya's chest, then her own, and hastily pats her chest down with a napkin.

"I suppose," Melissa replies, although she's clearly still unenthused. Just then, her phone vibrates. She fishes the device out of her pocket and glances at a new message on her screen. "It appears we have an application to join." She reads out the message in a monotone voice. "Vixie, bear girl, a sophomore. I eat at least eight girls every month but I'm trying to cut back on the meals and stick to a diet. I don't have many friends right now, because I ate them all, LOL. I would love to join your club, XOXOXO. Btw, I can meet asap. Where you at?"

"She sounds perfect!" Britney squeals, drawing her fists up to her chin and shaking with excitement. "I don't need to be a math major like some club members to know that five out of six means we're almost there! Tell her we're, like, riiiight in the middle of the cafeteria. Can't miss us. Phoebs, you're facing the entrance, do you like, see her at all?"

"We're going to get six members in no time, and then we'll be an official club, and then we can host official events and it'll be great!" Reya adds, just as excited. "And you'll be the one who started it all, Mel! You'll show Steph what's up with planning!"

Melissa starts texting Vixie back, sharing their location with the new potential club member. "Okay, I've informed her that we're having a meet-up right now. I predict that she will be here within the hour."

"I wonder what she's like," Phoebe ponders aloud, a bit wary and nervous. Looking around the room, she can see about four demi-bears in the large room all scattered amongst the crowd. Three, actually - Phoebe realizes that one of them was actually a raccoon girl. "I hope she hasn't eaten any lamias..."

"We'll find out soon enough." Melissa says, staring down at her phone. "She says she can see us right now."

"Oh!! There!!" After looking around along with Phoebe, wondering which of these bear girls it could be, Reya points over Phoebe's shoulder. "Look, Phoebe, out the window!"

There is indeed a tall demi-bear girl standing in the cafeteria window, peering right in at them and waving. Her breath clouds in the frosty winter air, and she heads for the door, pulling it open. From up close, it's even clearer that she's not kidding about her dining habits. Her luxuriously thick and soft thighs, her massive, curvy hips that carry the bulk of those eight girls a month... the paunch making her shirt bulge out and the massive chest that her soft fuzzy forest-green sweater barely contains. It's a lot to take in. She is all kinds of chubby and all kinds of attractive.

Vixie approaches the table, a sheepish grin on her face. "Sorry. Couldn't resist the scare, but then none of you saw me, and it was probably a dumb joke anyway. Um, starting over. Hey. I'm Vixie." She gives a shy little wave, beaming, before pulling up a chair to sit with the others. "Who're all of you? I think I've seen the little lamia somewhere, but I... don't remember where, or what your name is... Were you in one of the stage plays or something?"

The question is met with relative silence. The lamia doesn't seem to be answering. Everyone looks at Phoebe, who appears to just be staring at Vixie with her mouth hanging slightly agape.

Grrk... gr... gr..grrwoool~

An echoing grumble ripples along the entire length of Phoebe's serpentine tail. That seems to snap her out of whatever trance she's locked in. "Ah! I'm... I'm Phoebe! Yes, I'm in the drama club! I eat plays! I mean, I do plays!" she blurts out, shaking her head in order to regain focus. She seems out of it for some reason... "Someone else introduce themselves!" She anxiously looks to the others for support.

"Cool, cool." Vixie nods, a barely repressed grin on her face. "I'm glad no one here is too much cooler than me with my failed jokes and stuff. Nice to meet you, Phoebe. I have a friend in the drama club, so I go to everything to support her. Well, used to go. And had. I mean... You heard what I said in my text right?" She laughs loudly.

Across the table, Britney is busy sniggering at Phoebe's reaction behind her hand, so Reya takes it on herself to answer Phoebe's call. "My name's Reya. I'm a junior, but I only just transferred here this year. Thanks for coming, Vixie, we sooo need new members right now. You have to decide which side of our club you're on, the loves math side or the hates math side."

"Phoebe, are you gonna need me to be your gym buddy, too?" Britney finally gets out, cackling, before getting elbowed sharply in the ribs by Reya. "Oh! Sorry. In... Injoke. I'm Britney. I'm a freshman, and like... definitely the hates math side. And what do you mean, you and Melissa come back here crying every week about some hard math problem!"

"Maybe it's more of an abusive relationship..." Reya muses to herself.

"I don't mind math that much, but I'm definitely glad I don't have to take the really tough stuff," Vixie admits, immediately at ease with this group of dorks. She gestures to Melissa. "Since you're the one who looked at your phone before everyone started looking for me, and you're the only one who hasn't given your name yet, I guess you're Melissa?"

Melissa adjusts her glasses. "Your deductive reasoning is correct. I am Melissa, also known as the one who takes all the hard math classes. I'm a sophomore. Currently, I only eat freshmen and sophomores who wander the east hallway to the cafeteria on Mondays and Fridays from approximately 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. So as long as you do not meet those criteria, we should get along swimmingly." There is a brief pause before she adds, "That was a joke, by the way. I would not eat you even if I did find you in my hunting grounds because we are friends. Even if we were not friends, your body's weight suggests that my success rate would be low, as you are clearly a skilled predator. Ergo, I would not try to eat you."

Vixie needs Melissa's explanation to fully process that this is a joke, but once she does, she does laugh, albeit not as loudly as before. "Oh, she's a funny one. Yeah, I think I'm going to fit in here!"

Phoebe blushes, shooting Britney a glare and then patting the seat next to her. "W-why don't you take a seat, Vixie? Unless you needed to get some food first. Actually, we can do that for you. Reya, go fetch Vixie something to snack on please." She gives Reya an insistent look.

"What? Why me?" Reya grumbles. She gets out of her chair, stretching. "People are starting to line up for early dinner... But I'll do it for you, Phoebe, because I love you thiiiis much." She spreads her arms wide... and then wraps them around her middle, rubs both her hands over her stomach, and slaps it hard. "Teasing. What does everyone want? Except Melissa, I don't want to throw your eating schedule off."

"Oooh, are we getting dinner now? Whatever their seafood dish for today is," Vixie says, one hand raised. She settles into the seat beside Phoebe, accepting the lamia's gracious offer of a closer seat. "I'm a pescetarian outside of... you know. My friends."

Phoebe watches Vixie sit her plump butt right next to her. It takes a great deal of self-control to not just coil her up right then and there.

Britney starts laughing privately at something in her own head. "What about..." She pauses a moment, then hastily adds, "Ah, never mind. I'll have some seafood too. Phoebe, you want something too? Keep the cravings at bay, maybe?"

"I'll take the pizza. Like, the entire pizza. The one with veggies... or maybe all meat. Um, just get me whatever looks good." Phoebe instructs Reya, appreciative that Britney is at least trying to help her resist eating their new club member. She wonders if Melissa has caught on yet. The hungry lamia laments internally, feeling her insides squeeze in on their own emptiness. Why did she have to look so tasty? It's always the chubby ones that drive me crazy...!

Once Vixie is settled in beside her, Phoebe can easily see Vixie's body with every move she makes. Like the way she slaps her knee at Phoebe's order and her chubby thighs ripple, clearly gone soft with luscious, mouthwateringly tender fat. Or the way she laughs and not just her stomach, not just her chest, but all of her jiggles temptingly.

"Wow! Those cravings must be pretty intense right now," Vixie says, grinning cluelessly. "Tell me, what gives you the worst cravings? For me, it's harpies. Mmf. I mean I'm not picky, I'll eat anyone, but... harpies are just. Irresistible to me. Take a gorgeous girl, I'll be interested, but not ravenous. Put feathers on her, now that's someone I'm going to ruin my diet for no matter how hard I try."

"So, how has the diet been?" Melissa starts, making her attempt at being social. "In your text, you mentioned being on a diet, and just now you mentioned being a pescetarian. What is that like?"

Vixie turns back to Melissa. "Ah, the diet's going pretty good... at least when it comes to regular food. When I was growing up, I used to eat fatty meat and cheese and stuff alll the time. The kind of thing that tastes sinfully amazing, but is terrible for your waistline. I was able to quit that stuff, but... it's the other stuff I can't stop. And not having my chicken bacon ranch sandwiches has only made it that much worse when my gorgeous friends are around and I'm hungry..."

All this talk about food makes Phoebe's stomach seem all the more empty. The hungry lamia licks her lips, picturing the massive flock of harpies that must have gone into sculpting Vixie's thick thighs. Whenever Vixie is looking away, Phoebe seizes the opportunity to stare at her, drooling at the prospect of a big.... juicy... tender... squirmy meal that's so achingly close to her.

"I... do have cravings..." Phoebe replies, absentmindedly attempting to continue the conversation. "I get so hungry... Harpies are nice..." Her long serpentine tail slowly begins curling around Vixie's legs, an action that is perhaps not as subtle as she's aiming for. Phoebe doesn't want to get rid of their first new club member - but at the same time, she is almost certain that she needs Vixie in her stomach right now. It's where she belongs, cooped up and squeezes in her acrid bowels, her voluptuous body filling her tail with a symphony of wet gurgles...

"Like, have you seen some of your drama clubmates?" Vixie asks, her own stomach grooouuuuulling beside Phoebe as she thinks about the savory meals at the drama club. "My God, they're amazing. Absolutely flawless specimens. I have to imagine you have noticed, though. And probably helped yourself. You wouldn't let yourself miss out on something as good as that, would you?" She laughs loudly, patting Phoebe on the back. "You're cute when you're hungry, I like you. I haven't known a lot of lamiae, although my mother always said that they're good friends so long as you both have the same goal. Otherwise... they strike while your back is turned, and eat while their venom locks your body up... But you're not venomous, are you?"

Phoebe's tail, meanwhile, curls further up Vixie's legs. She leans in closer. "I'm not a venomoussssss type. I come from a long line of constrictors," the lamia explains with a soft hiss in her voice. "I certainly hope you'll spare a few of the drama club members from your gluttony. It's hard to perform plays and musicals when you're short on actors."

"Awww, your accent is cute!" Vixie giggles, patting Phoebe on the shoulder. She's barely aware of the fact that her thick, juicy legs are now nearly entirely encased within a constricting prison of Phoebe, even as she jiggles her leg idly. "I thought that something was familiar about you. You made such a wonderful villainess up onstage in... er... was it Dream Within A Nightmare? A pity you were taken out in the first act, though - I would have loved to see you in action with some more of those harpies." She flutters her eyelashes at Phoebe flirtatiously, totally misreading Phoebe's intense hunger and closeness as a crush - and one she's more than happy to encourage, as she finds the older lamia to be extremely adorable.

Britney checks her phone, showing a post to Melissa. She's too absorbed in this to notice what Phoebe is up to. "Hey Mels, looks like you're not the only one getting rejected today. Seems like Steph turned a lot of people down, one of my other friends included."

Melissa nods, adjusting her glasses. "I see. I wonder who Stephanie has in mind. Perhaps it's a good thing I wasn't chosen for the position." She had her own plans for what the winter dance would be like, calculating the exact number of tables they'd need, as well as the budget costs for the decorations. She never got around to planning the music playlist, but she supposes that now it's not something she needs to worry about.

Britney shrugs, going back to scrolling through her Instagulp feed. "I'm glad Phoebs is hitting it off so well with the new girl. She's always so shy in these meetings!"

"Yes... she is..." Melissa replies, shooting Phoebe a suspicious glance. Melissa is not so much shy as she is awkward and untrusting of strangers. Even to her though, it's clear there's something off about Phoebe. She doesn't particularly mind though. "Um, Britney, do you think there will be alcoholic beverages at the winter dance?" She asks, changing the subject. "I have never had alcohol before, should I be worried about that?"

Britney looks up from her phone at this point, looking Melissa in the eye. "No, it'll be fine. You'll have us with you. Just... don't go home with anyone while you're drunk? Or go in the back to kiss anyone while you're drunk. ... Actually, I don't even know, do you have romantic or sexual feelings about anyone?"

Melissa is a little taken aback by the question. There's quite a lot to unpack there.

Phoebe grins a little, spurred to tighten her hold around Vixie when her predatory actions go unnoticed. "Oh, you're making me blush with those compliments. But I've been acting in plays since I was just a child. It's second nature to me at thisssss point." Her heart skips in her chest, seeing a twitch in Vixie's legs. For a moment, she thinks she's been found out, but she maintains eye contact. "I admit, playing the role of the bad girls is quite thrilling. I've even perfected an evil laugh. But my role in the upcoming play is going to more... well, prey-like, I suppose?"

Vixie laughs, leaning on the table for support. "It's been a long time, but you were the main villain in one of the plays my freshman year, right? You were..."

She pauses, looking down at her legs, now encased in Phoebe's tail. She tries to move them, but the enormous tail refuses to move. "Wh..." Her eyebrows lower. "What are you doing?"

Realizing she's been caught, Phoebe makes a split-second decision.

"Sshhhh~" She seductively hushes her prey, leaning in closer. She gingerly cups Vixie's face in her hands, then locks herself in a firm kiss with her. Phoebe can taste her now, further solidifying her drive to devour and claim her as her own. Vixie's scent is...intoxicating. The aroma is like toasted hazelnuts, with a hint of sour plums.

"Aw, c'mon, Phoebs, we needed that one!" Britney exclaims, though she makes no move to get out of her chair and do anything to stop it - in fact, before long she's gone back to reading her phone. "Eh, better you like, get it out of your system now..."

"Mmmmf~" Phoebe murrs into their kiss as she rises, heightening herself and curling more of her tail around Vixie. With a clear height advantage on her side now, the anticipation is killing her. She cares not that her friends have taken notice now, she will gladly show them how a real predator does it. Tighter and tighter she tails twists and curls, creeping up the body of her soon-to-be meal...

Vixie wants to fight Phoebe off, but... she doesn't want to... break this kiss... She's not had anyone in her life last long enough to show her affection and attention like this in a long while, and even as her higher functions scream at her to get away from Phoebe, that it's a honey trap that she is falling for, she can't seem to stop herself falling for it. Maybe it's shock, maybe it's desperation, maybe she's having trouble correcting her initial underestimation of Phoebe, but whatever the case, her body just... isn't treating this situation as seriously as it should be... Fear and excitement blending into a potent cocktail...

The demi-bear strains to get a word out. "Mm... nn... nn...?" The tail wrapping around her is making its way further and further up her body, and the less she resists now, the harder it's going to be to get out of this situation. Her arms are sluggish in lifting to push Phoebe's hips away - or is she just holding them? - and her hands grip on tightly but make no moves to push away, doing a poor job of resisting the sinuous predator. The weak movements of her lips fail to formulate any words of protest, just letting her own soft, eager lips knead against Phoebe's ravenous ones. You idiot! You're just going down her throat without a fight at this rate! I thought she wasn't venomous...

Phoebe's kiss is shorter than it feels for the entangled predators. As brief as it is, Phoebe feels a closeness to Vixie, and now they can be even closer~

Her maw opens wide, and Vixie only has a second to scream and protest before her head is sheathed into the long, undulating gullet of the ravenous snake. Phoebe's body dives downward, quickly overtaking her meal.

Vixie finds herself treated to a much deeper kiss than she'd bargained for. Everyone knows that lamiae hold a biological advantage when it comes to being a predator. Phoebe capitalizes on these gifts, using her tail to lock her meal in place as her lips slowly glide along Vixie's curves. The lamia moans aloud as she savors them, fist tackling the mountainous breasts stretching Vixie's sweater. The fuzzy texture of the sweater is less than ideal for a meal such as this, but Phoebe is able to fix that up quickly. She suckles and chews, nibbling at the sweater as she gulps. She can feel it slipping up into her drooling maw, all while her thick tail keeps Vixie restrained. Soon enough, Vixie's sweat is literally sucked off of her body and swallowed down in a heavy gulp. A subtle bulge travels down Phoebe's body, traveling straight to her tailgut. Vixie is partially naked now, all wrapped up and ready for Phoebe to enjoy~

While Vixie may have been distracted by the kiss at first, once Phoebe opens her mouth wide - wider than anyone Vixie's ever met, and she's met a fair few predators - even her lower brain is suddenly aware of the predicament she finds herself in. Unfortunately, it's too late for her to change course now - she has never once heard of a live meal escaping from a lamia after being swallowed. The only thing she can hope for is that one of Phoebe's friends will try to dissuade her from her hunger - she can't see the reaction of the other cafeteria goers, but having been one of those 'other cafeteria goers' herself, she knows that unless there's someone she knows in the crowd - and maybe not even then - no one's going to get up to do anything about a girl screaming about being eaten. Because who cares? It happens all the time on campus.

Not that she's not fighting it with everything she's got. She is a demi-bear, after all, not exactly known for their passivity and weakness. She throws her considerable weight into trying to push Phoebe away this time, but it's considerably difficult to resist a lamia who has your head halfway down her throat. And all it takes is one mistake - taking a moment to try to push herself up and out of Phoebe's tail - for her body to become completely and totally trapped. With her hands stuck at her sides, there's no longer anything she can do at all except writhe deliciously. Those coils press in around her on every side, squeezing in on her soft flesh and squishing her like an overstuffed doll as Phoebe takes her time un- undressing her?? The sweater she prized so much is being slowly torn apart and swallowed...

Her hazelnut shampoo mocks her now, as her wet hair clings around her face and it becomes all she can smell now. She feels like such a fool, letting her guard down around the lamia. She was treating them all as friends, but this lamia... Phoebe has even shown her how good she is at playing the villain, why wouldn't she do it for real?!

Vixie whimpers with dread as she feels the soft slap of Phoebe's lips clamping down under her bust. On the one hand, it helps to cover up more of her stripped-naked upper body, protecting her from the cool air in the cafeteria and from the prying eyes of any students who might be bored enough to look up from their meals to watch Phoebe's. But on the other hand, it means her greatest natural defense - her massive chest - has already been breached, and so easily, too. Phoebe is way too good at this!

Phoebe's throat ripples, dragging Vixie deep into her body. The plump woman is an absolute mouthful of flavor. Though her struggles are certainly immense, which is alarming even for a strong lamia, they cause her to hasten. She will not be losing out on a meal for being careless. The snake uses her tail to feed Vixie farther in. Now her lips have completely moved past the chest and are advancing past Vixie's elbows, she wishes she could speak right now, telling her it's going to be okay. Vixie is going to be nothing but food now, and should lovingly embrace that fact. Okay, maybe being food is a cause for concern, but simply accepting that will make the experience so much more pleasant~ Phoebe's hands grope Vixie's doughy paunch. She giggles as she gropes the adorable rolls of fat on her tummy, enamored that her meal is such a glutton like herself. And with her elbows now trapped, her hands are even less capable of doing anything to fight back, anything beyond simply curling and uncurling her fists. It's like this was meant to be.

While all this is going on, Melissa simply watches, observing Phoebe with a calculating stare. By now she's noticed a pattern in her lamia friend's behavior. She certainly lacks self-control, and Melissa notes that in order to stay safe in the future, she ought to watch her weight. All around the cafeteria, female students satisfy themselves with conversation and food. As Vixie suspects, there aren't many who give them a second glance. The true irony of the situation is that anyone who would have come to Vixie's rescue is currently padding out her ass...

Small yelps interrupt her whimpering when she feels Phoebe's hands on her stomach. Phoebe's hands are warm, and her stomach is and always has been sensitive - it feels so strange to be touched like this when she's being swallowed alive. Those... are Phoebe's hands, aren't they? She can't bear the thought of being an attraction that others are joining in on, and she squirms uncomfortably in Phoebe's coils, exhibitionist fears and fantasies colliding to confuse her body even further. She's never been in such a heightened state, and while her body throbs with arousal so intense she can feel it in every nerve, every blood vessel, her mind still has trouble telling the two apart. Is this the arousal of fear, the acrid, intense zing of terror that's got her revved up like this? Or... Or is there a part of her that is desperate enough to see being swallowed as the extension of a deep, deep kiss, being coiled up as a kind of hug that will give her comfort all the way to the moment Phoebe absorbs what's left of her? A sweeter flavor...

She thrashes as best she can in the lamia's coils. Not coincidentally, it rubs Phoebe's soft, satiny scales all over her body as she does so. Her body is starting to feel weak already - the heavier she gets, the more throwing her weight around tires her out, and she's very tired. Some part of her is all too eager to accept this fate, but... but she doesn't want to just be a meal...

Across the table, Britney texts the group chat a photo of Phoebe and the topless Vixie, triggering a flurry of responses from Reya.

The Empty Bellies

You, Melissa, Reya, Phoebe





It's been like, half an hour.



Five minutes, half an hour, who cares?

I hope you're all proud of yourselves

Who's even going to eat the food now???

She was just trying to get rid of me so she could eat her!


There'll be other club members and stuff!

Another strong gulp resonates in Phoebe's throat, pulsing along the constricting muscles that restrain the portions of Vixie that she's already swallowed. Finally, her tail loosens a bit, but that is far from being good news for the hapless demi-bear. Phoebe, sensing her prey is succumbing to exhaustion, maneuvers her up and over herself with her jaws still firmly holding on. Now gravity is assisting in Vixie's demise. Melissa watches as Phoebe shivers with delight, gulping down the lower half of the squirming bear girl. Those thick, meaty legs that had tempted her are finally sliding down her gullet~

Phoebe's belly naturally distends as Vixie is plopped down into the humid depths of her first stomach, which is really just the beginning of one very long and extensive digestive tract that runs along the length of her tail. Vixie is forcibly stuffed inside there, welcomed by a slew of deep gurgles that indicate that her digestion has already begun. Eventually, Vixie's creamy legs vanish from sight. Her thighs now have tender marks all along them from where Phoebe had playfully nibbled and chewed. The lamia closes her eyes and tilts her head back, pushing Vixie's feet down her gullet, where they soon slip into the depths of her stomach.

"Hsssssss~" Phoebe blushes, cradling her enlarged stomach in both hands. She hisses as she sinks back into her seat, the look of utter bliss clear as day on her face. "I'm ssssssorry... you were just ssssso...bwooouuuUURP... delicious~"

"A... aah..." Vixie whines quietly inside Phoebe's stomach, made weak and overwhelmed by Phoebe's attentions. Even before any of the stomach fluids have touched her, her entire body feels... tingly in a way that she's never felt before, like she's somehow been touched too much. Her thighs have borne the worst of it - Phoebe's nibbling teeth felt humiliating and delightful and terrifying all at once, and Vixie is just... reeling from the experience. In all her time at this school, all her time on the hunt, she's never had anyone grab for her before, let alone succeed. It's definitely not as fun to be on this side of it... "Is... Is this some kind of weird initiation?! I just wanted to join your club!"

"Nah, nope, sorry. Phoebe's just a glutton," Britney says, leaning forward to take a photo of Vixie's outline in Phoebe's huge first stomach and send it to the group chat for archival purposes. "Think about it this way: You'll be part of our club for however long it takes her to digest you though! And like, I love her but she takes her sweet time with her meals, right Phoebs?"

"Nn... No way... She can't seriously be planning to digest me already, can she?" Vixie hasn't even grasped the enormity of her situation yet - her mind had never so much as visited the concept of being digested at this school before, so confident was she in her alpha predator status. "We- we just met!"

Phoebe shifts uncomfortably in her seat, emitting a flustered hiss as Vixie protests her current predicament. She has a point. Phoebe feels a pang of guilt for betraying Vixie's trust... all because of a craving she had. It's her fault but... she can't back down now. This feeling of satisfaction is too great.

"I'm... sorry. I just got so hungry. I... you're mine now... I need you to be mine! Uuurrp!" Phoebe blushes and covers her mouth as she belches. As delightfully intimate as it is to have Vixie in her upper belly, if she keeps complaining like this there's going to be a problem. It would be best to...move her along...

"I'm going to move you into my tailgut so... just stay still for me." With that, Phoebe places her hands on top of her belly and pushes down. At the same time, her stomach muscles undulate and squeeze. A fleshy tunnel below Vixie opens up, accepting her into a deeper portion of Phoebe's serpentine body. The bulge in the lamia's belly gurgles as it smoothly slides down, moving into her scaly tail. It's a terrible, slimy, uncomfortable process... for Vixie that is. For Phoebe, it actually feels quite nice~ The lump that indicates Vixie's plump body is moved under the table, coming to a stop at the portion of Phoebe's tail that's closest to Britney's feet.

"Perhaps this is for the best." Melissa reasons. "I estimate a seventy percent chance that she would have eaten one of us in the future. I also estimate a thirty percent chance that it would have been Reya."

Vixie squirms weakly in Phoebe's upper stomach, her chubby body invaded from all sides by fluids and tight, squishy stomach walls. "I... I'm yours now? You really... need me..." She can't deny that the concept appeals to the romantic in her, and Phoebe has been so gentle all the way down- wait, what is she saying?! Phoebe ate her, and she's talking about digesting her! This isn't romantic at all! Her mind is still so dazed by what's happened that she can barely even think straight. And the pressure and heat of Phoebe's warm, tight stomach are not helping her think any more clearly. "Th... Then I... Gh!"

Phoebe interrupts her with her firm push, and Vixie's head stops pushing against squishy but nonetheless impenetrable flesh, and slides down into the long, narrow tailgut. Her body begins to stretch out, which is a relief in some ways, but a curse in others - she has no choice but to mirror Phoebe's position now, and the pressure on every inch of soft chub on her body has gotten much greater, her arms and legs no longer providing protection against the stomach (however scant) for her soft and vulnerable chest and belly. It's already happening, I'm already becoming part of her - and I haven't even been digested yet! "L... Let me... N... Nnn-!"

Whatever she was going to ask (it certainly wasn't important...) is cut off as she's sent further and further down, until she's right under the table...

Britney stretches her legs out, using Vixie's curves as a footrest while she checks her messages. "Yeah, you're probably right. Obviously she wouldn't go for you or me, since we're a lot more dangerous. That's what you're saying, right?"

"Are you two- Are you two talking shit about me over here?" Reya asks, absolutely flabbergasted, coming over in a hurry with an overstuffed tray of food. "After I went and got you food and everything! And missed the whole show! Phoebe, here, I got you your pizza. If you still want to eat it."

"Ah, t-thank you." Phoebe nods sheepishly, staring down at the pizza in front of her. If the lines hadn't been so long then perhaps this pizza would have taken Vixie's place. What would be an appetizing saucer of goodness in most scenarios now appears quite bland in Phoebe's eyes. This meager and greasy pizza pie has no chance to measure up to the delightfully squirmy meal she'd just eaten. Still, it would be rude to refuse the food after all the effort Reya put into getting it, so takes up a slice. She certainly still has room for it in her lengthy stomach.

"Ahhh... mmm..." Phoebe scarfs down the first slice rather quickly, softly humming as she chews. The taste of cheese, meat, and sauce threaten to completely mask the pleasant aftertaste that Vixie had so kindly left behind. It almost seems cruel to let that happen. "Mmmm... sorry Reya..." Phoebe says between bites. "Something just came over me, I don't know..." She swallows the last of her slice and goes for another one. Her hands carefully grab the toast crust, and she folds the entire pizza in on itself, rolling it into a makeshift calzone. "I just get so..." The stress-eating lamia lifts the rolled-up hunk of pizza up to her maw as it stretches open, her jaw unhinging in order to expand her throat nice and wide. Everyone gets a clear view of the pink flesh of her gullet before she voraciously finishes her second course with one massive gulp, shoving her food down like it's nothing.


"... hungry...uuuURp~" Her throat undulates, smoothly sliding the unchewed mass of dough, sauce, cheese, and meat into the depths of her digestive tract. The moving lump travels right through her first stomach and plops straight into her tailgut. Phoebe licks her fingers clean, bashfully avoiding the eye contact of all three of her friends.

Reya nearly drops her own dinner as she stares openly at Phoebe's open mouth and the pizza disappearing into it. She follows suit and swallows hard when Phoebe does, though not for the same reasons. "Uh... wow. You... you sure do, huh? I think you're my favorite classmate..."

"Nice. It's good to have a balanced dinner." Britney nods approvingly. "A pizza is basically a salad."

Vixie can hear - very vaguely - the sound of Phoebe's voice over the sound of Phoebe's body's inner workings. So it's not entirely surprising to her when she becomes a post-swallow pizza topping. But the sensation of Phoebe's food pressing up against her body inside Phoebe's digestive tract just drives her situation home even harder. She thrashes, shouting with all her (dwindling) breath for Phoebe to let her out, for the other three to help get her out...

... but with her body trapped inside Phoebe's tail, she can't really go anywhere, and no one can really hear her. She accomplishes nothing except getting herself even more covered in pizza grease, and the most reaction she gets out of anybody is Britney, who glances down for a second before lifting her gaze back to Phoebe. "Hey, I think your dinner's disagreeing with you. You want to go get your tail rubbed after we're all done here? I love feeling your scales on my hands..."

"Um, so, Melissa, maybe this club member didn't work out, but we'll find others," Reya says, not taking her eyes off Phoebe. "And even if we don't, I think we have a pretty good group now..."

Melissa shrugs. "There is a high chance that we'll get more candidates soon, but remember that if we want to hold official events we need to have at least six members."

Phoebe can sense Vixie moving around in her tailgut, squeezed by the possessive organ as it softly gurgles. "I would certainly enjoy a tail massage, that would be greatly appreciated," she coos, a smile returning to her face. The lamia relaxes now, realizing that she's not in any trouble. The memory of the last time she ate someone she wasn't supposed to had definitely been making her a bit anxious.

As for poor Vixie, she is a long way from safety, not having to crawl all the way up Phoebe's tail, through her first stomach again, then up her throat in order to escape. Warm acids leak into the fleshy tunnel she now finds herself in, widdling away at the fabric of her clothes and soaking into her skin.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know." Reya waves Melissa off distractedly. She's mostly focused on watching Phoebe's movements, looking at her snake tail... Melissa's insistence barely registers on her list of important things. While it is true that catgirls tend to be a little bit... wary, when it comes to snakes and snake-like things, Reya has sublimated that fear into a fascination. And Phoebe has always been interesting to her, but seeing her eat in person like this is a special treat, and she's going to savor it every time she gets it. "We'll find more people Phoebe doesn't want to eat... Cause if she does want to eat them, I think we should let her."

Vixie is trying to resist the rolling squeezing motions of Phoebe's stomach walls with all her might. At this point, escaping isn't even the point. She feels like she's being dragged forward into oblivion (even if she's barely going anywhere at all) and she's just desperately trying to hold herself in place. If she goes any deeper... she really will be Phoebe's. Forever.

Will that be so bad? her tired body asks her. I don't really want to fight anymore...

Her mind panics and tells her to keep fighting, but the warm embrace of the lamia's stomach is making her resistance grow weaker and weaker by the second. Fading, fading... Melting away, just like Vixie herself soon will...

Britney picks at her food thoughtfully. "Y'know, I totally underestimated you, just because I never saw you giving any of the rest of us hungry eyes. I guess you've got more club loyalty than the rest of us do."

Phoebe chuckles nervously, unable to really deny it. "Well I... I can't really help it. I like big meals. Scrawny little morsels barely make a dent in my tail, but when I eat big, I can really feel them squirming around in there. Plus, I've always enjoyed the soft tenderness of a fat bosom sliding down my throat..." The snake girl blushes, feeling as if she's overshared a bit.

Below the table, her tail shifts again, slithering and sliding around, only partially slowed down by the heft meal inside. The large lump that contains Vixie is brought up into Phoebe's lap, where she immediately begins applying gentle rubs across its scaly surface. "Shhh~ Hush now, cutie. You won't be coming out of there anytime soon. Just be a good dinner and digest nice and smoothly. I'm... delighted to have met you... and even more delighted to have eaten you. I hope this is acceptable, but as someone who's clearly lower on the food chain, you don't have much of a choice."

"Who are you calling a scrawny little morsel?" Reya boasts, overconfidence oozing from her every pore. "You're telling me that you wouldn't eat any of the members of this club? Not even moi?"

Britney sips at her drink, giggling. "Reya, with how you're eating lately, I don't even know why you're in this club. ... Well, now I know you have a type, I'll be paying a lot more attention to it when we go out together." Realizing something, she scratches her cheek. "... Er, but you know, not on official club business, after all. Snacking and socializing are separate, that's the goal. Right Mel?"

Vixie weakly twitches against Phoebe's insides, her muscles quickly giving up on her - especially with Phoebe's soft touch rubbing over her weary body. "L... Lower on the food chain...? Y... You seemed so happy to meet me, I thought..." As her mind starts to grow dizzier from exhaustion and the fumes of Phoebe's innards, her thoughts wander. "Ah... It's nice to be wanted... one way or another... rather than just... avoided..." She gives one more tremendous push, the last shreds of her will to hold on exerting themselves, and then... she surrenders to the slick insides, her resistance spent.

"Aww, a happy ending for both of you," Reya purrs, checking her phone again. "Looks like I'm gonna have to go in a bit, so unless anyone else has any more official business, I think this meeting is over and you two can go do your tail rubs and stuff."

"Right." Mel nods at her fellow club member. "I believe this meeting was productive, despite a few hiccups. I should be going as well, but I will see you all later, assuming none of you perish inside a stomach from now until then." She calmly concludes. "I will also notify you if any new club member candidates contact me." With that, she finishes off her food, then gets up from the table and walks away with her usual perfect posture.

Phoebe senses Mel leave, but she's mostly focused on making her prey feel comfortable. "That's it... just like that... ease those muscles, love. Ooh, you feel so nice in there~" She whispers, hands gliding across the lump in her tail. The bulge containing Vixie is losing its shape ever so slowly, going from a vague outline of a chubby woman to a soft oval that gurgles soundly. For now, though, Vixie is very much still alive, forced to endure the sloshing bite of Phoebe's warm tub of stomach fluids. The weight pressing down on her is noticeably more gentle now, still quite constricting, but she at least has a bit of wiggle room to get comfy.

The gentle lamia snaps back to her surroundings for a moment, turning to Reya as she appears to be leaving. "Ah, yes. Do take care, Reya. I'll um... just be here... making Vixie an honorary part of the club..." She mutters awkwardly. Her attention shifts to Britney, who has been patiently waiting for her turn to rub that serpentine tail. "D-don't be shy, Britney. You can come over and sit next to me. I promise I won't bite."

"Sounds good, Mel, I'll see you later!" Reya says, grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. "Don't have too much fun, you two!"

Vixie whimpers, no longer able to move. "Nnnh... An honorary part of the... club...?"

Britney slides over to sit beside Phoebe, peering down at the bulge in her tail. She runs her hands slowly along Phoebe's tail, just enjoying the smooth sensations of Phoebe's scales. An idea suddenly occurs to her, and she snickers into her hand, muttering to herself. "More like an honored part of your chub, from the sound of it." She leans in, pressing her ear to Phoebe's tail thoughtfully to listen to the gurgles and growls of the snake stomach. "... She's still in there, all right. I thought for sure she'd still be fighting more. I guess lamia tails are a little harder to escape than human stomachs, huh? From how tight it was around her a moment ago..."

She balls her hands into two fists, which she works into Phoebe's lower body - a tail massage, just like she said. Her classes haven't officially covered this, but it's something she views as essential for her to learn in her line of work all the same. And she's had plenty of practice with the help of Phoebe's appealing snake body being just in arm's reach. Her fingertips squeeze down on the tail, and she notices the sensation of Vixie's contours against them. She doesn't comment on it, though; it's not abnormal for her to feel the shape of Phoebe's prey... at least for a while. "I've been learning the basics about the different bodies of humans and different demihumans this semester, you know? But the professors don't tell us the good stuff. Like how good your stomach can handle a fight."

Phoebe's spine tingles warmly as Britney puts her hands to work. Her forked tongue sticks out a little between her pleased smile. "Ooohh... that'sssssss it. Right there~" The lamia coos, her posture sinking into lazy relaxation. Britney's hands press and knead at the distended tailgut, stimulating health digestion by working those inner muscles and glands. Vixie is practically bathing in acids by now. Lamia stomachs don't fill up and saturate as fast as smaller human stomachs do, but Vixie's window to escape has already passed...

"Thanksssss for the massage," Phoebe says appreciatively. The gluttonous snake curls in closer to Vixie. "... and thank you for the big meal."

"A... aahh... I'm glad... you're sat... isfied..." Vixie is on her back now, not trying to escape, just trying to last a little bit longer - to prevent the acids from covering her face. She makes small sounds here and there as Britney works her magic on Phoebe's stomach, whimpering when Britney's rubbing aggravates the sting of the acid, squeaking when Britney touches her in places that would, under most circumstances, be considered lewdly forward.

But these are not most circumstances, and she understands why Britney would ignore that. After all, it's not like she'd given much consideration to where she was touching her food once she'd eaten it...

Britney hums into the contented silence as she works - there's clearly something on her mind, but she's reluctant to say it at first. "Soooo... Phoebs, what would you say if I said I was thinking about, y'know... trying to reach out to my ex again? Not that I'm going to! I'm just thinking about it!"

Vixie feels her cheeks burning. Not just from the acid, either - this probably isn't a conversation Britney would be having around her if she thought she was anything more than done for...

"Oh, you mean... Valerie?" Phoebe replies, turning her attention back to her feline friend. It takes her a moment to recall the name of the bunny girl that Britney had once dated. She'd never seen them when they were a couple, but through past conversations she picked up the gist of what went down between them and how they eventually broke up.

"Yeah, that's her," Britney says with a sigh of relief - relief that she doesn't have to explain their story to Phoebe, because it's embarrassing enough talking about this as it is.

"I would say you should follow your heart!" she answers encouragingly. "I bet she still really likes you. Plus, I think you've been making really good progress keeping your predator life separate from your social life! Although personally, if my romantic partner wanted to eat me, I'd totally understand. I'd be flattered even!" The lamia's quirky enthusiasm runs wild for a moment, before she catches herself and dials it back. "Um, but I know some people don't feel that way. Valerie is a bunny girl, afterall." She knows she doesn't have to explain any further. Demi-rabbits are widely regarded as the easiest and the tastiest prey around, and many of her lamia friends can attest to that. She can imagine that must be tough.

Phoebe's admission makes her heart soar, but it's quickly tempered with the additional information. "You think there are other people like that out there? Some of my other friends keep saying I should just like, find someone who doesn't mind dating someone who might digest her, but like... where am I gonna find someone like that? And like... Valerie was so sweet, I really liked her. And if she's still around, she's pretty good at avoiding predators, so she doesn't even have to worry..."

She leans forward, unconsciously pressing her hands into Phoebe's tail as she does. "If you think I should do it, I'm going to do it! It has to be, like, fate or something. I bet she feels the same way!"

And then as she settles back into her chair... realizes that she hasn't felt any movements from Vixie. "Um, did I just... Er, sorry..."

Vixie gives a tiny twitch, the best she can manage in her helpless position. Her mind is so far gone that she's taking Phoebe's words as her own thoughts. I'd be flattered... I'd be flattered... I'd be...

Her weakened body finally stops moving entirely, and she gives herself over to Phoebe.

"Oh..." Phoebe replies, eyes widening with a blush as she realizes her meal is has expired. She smiles warmly and pats the lump in her tail, fingers bristling across her smooth scales. "It's not a problem Britney. Just remember to be a bit more gentle next time. Prey are such fragile little things~" The affectionate lamia leans in and plants a loving kiss on her tail. She can clearly hear the active churning gurgles inside, a sure sign that Vixie is well on her way to becoming a part of her. Ready to seal the demi-bear's fate, Phoebe flexes her tail once, squeezing and clenching her muscles to properly mush her meal into a less solid shape.


Phoebe expells a steamy belch, lightly stifling it with her palm. She breathes a contented sigh, tasting the faint remnants of her meal's flavor. "Pardon me." she whispers, pausing for but a moment to relish in the feeling. She slides off the bench, slithering back into an upright posture as she gingerly gathers her things. "Well... um... I guess I'll be off then. Good luck with Valerie. I'm rooting for you!" Phoebe says with a cute wave of her hand.

"I'll do my best, but you know that restraint is so hard for me," Britney agrees, a casual laugh keeping the mood light. She watches as Phoebe helps Vixie along her path into her digestive tract, then settles back in to finish off her own meal. "I'll clean up here once I'm done eating, then, and I'll let you know what happens if I meet up with her again!"

She waves farewell to Phoebe, humming to herself and opening the club's private Little Black Belly Book link. Tapping on Phoebe's face, she adds in an entry. Today's date. Name: Vixie. Species: Demi-bear. Location: Dining hall. Fought: hard but weakly. Lasted: only an hour or so before being squished. Was nice and curvy and will help add nicely to Phoebe's curves. Fate: Fatally digested.

Saving the entry, she switches next to her contacts and scrolls all the way to the bottom. 😦💔😦 Valerie 😦💔😦 waits patiently, even after all these long months... She sighs longingly, staring into the bunny girl's eyes...

Her finger hovers over the "Call" button, then over the "Text" button, and back.

... No... Not yet. She pockets her phone with a wince and gathers up the trash and trays on the table, carrying them to the drop-off near the dining hall exit. She'll find the right way to approach Valerie...

Glunk... slsh... glrrrp... grwuuuurb....

Phoebe slithers her way through the halls of campus, only partially slowed down by the meal stewing away in her tail. Her zig-zag movements naturally slosh up her gurgling prey into an unrecognizable soup. She's used to being given a wide berth when moving around in crowded areas, but it's especially the case whenever she happens to have a noticeable lump in her tail. She really doesn't mean to scare anyone, but sometimes it can't be helped. Phoebe doesn't even pred that often, and yet here, among the easily frightened, she might as well be a top-tier hunter.

"We're almost home Vixie, you're doing so well, dear," Phoebe mutters under her breath as she nears her dorm. The only response she gets is a faint gwrrrrrp and a slosh. The cold of the outdoors is terribly tough to deal with for the satiated lamia, so she ups her pace a bit on her way to where her warm bed awaits. The liquid slurry in Phoebe's digestive system is guided along deeper into her guts, gradually absorbed for the load of calories and nutrients that will fuel her serpentine body...

When Phoebe finally flops down into her bed for the night, she's dressed in some marshmallow-white pajamas. She curls up beneath the blankets, but as always, the end of her tail is poking out and resting on the floor. These human establishments simply don't have big enough beds for snake folk. The compensate, Phoebe had the heater going, filling the whole room with warm air. She murrs softly as she hugs the bulge in her tailgut, which by now has diminished by half its original size. "Goodnight, my sweet, chubby morsel~ Urrph~" she whispers softly, finally shutting her eyes for some well-earned rest...

As the next day comes around, everyone in the Empty Bellies Club awakens to their own individual morning routines. Phoebe, whose belly is far from empty at the moment, stretches out her arms and tail, groggily smiling to herself. She can almost immediately tell that her breasts have grown in size overnight. Just by the way they feel on her chest, it's apparent that some of the fat on Vixie has rubbed off on her. Phoebe smirks, patting her now pudgier tummy with a satisfying hiss. "Goodnessssssss, Vixie! You're looking fabulous today~"

The early-rising lamia rolls out of bed, swaying her slightly thicker hips and tail as she moves toward the bathroom. Her tail end feels a little bloated at the moment, a sure sign that her body is ready to expel the useless parts of Vixie that she must depart with. She maneuvers her large body into the bathroom and positions her tail hole above the toilet. Her bowels squeeze out long, fetid turds that plop and splash into the porcelain bowl one after the other. Grimy bits of bone caked in filth muddy the waters below. "Aw, I'm sorry Vixie. This is just part of the process. It'll all be over soon enough..." She groans slightly as larger remains are pushed on out. Each time the toilet fills up too much, Phoebe uses her tail tip to flush it. After three flushes in total, the lamia finishes doing her business, shitting out one final turd that contains Vixie's somewhat sad-looking skull. "Aw... don't look at me like that," Phoebe says, feeling a slight pang of guilt as she looks down at Vixie's remains. "You were too tasty for your own good. Besides, what's done is done. Between you and me... I could actually hear your final words. I'm flattered too, darling." The lamia pauses, and then flushes one last time, draining away Vixie's remains into the sewers. "Heh, at least now we'll be together forever~" She proudly proclaims, switching on the shower. It's beginning to look like a lovely day already!

Meanwhile, across campus, Melissa is eating a bowl of cereal when her phone vibrates with a new message. She quickly picks up the device and unlocks the screen to see what it says...