Hiya! >:3 I'm Reya/Mari, and this is where I post my writing!

This is the fetish version of this site. What's posted here is mostly lewd stuff - and weird lewd stuff at that - so if you're under 18, or you can't handle what you might find here, you should return to the SFW version of this page. And you definitely shouldn’t send me messages. You should get older. It just takes time.

Much of what I write is same-size F/F soft vore, often with digestion. There's also some size play, some object transformation, some feet stuff, and a bunch of other types of fetish-y, dominance-y stuff.

If you have feedback (nice feedback, I hope!) or you have questions or you want to chat with me, you can send me a PM on Eka's Portal (DeliciousReya) or send me an email ([email protected]). I'm always excited to hear from you!


Okay, that's enough. Go read. That is why you're here, right?