Tiny WishesNSFW

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Mimi learns about the tradition of making a wish on a tiny with Celica, Celie, Reina, and Sami's help. Celica's help is... a little less voluntary.

Author's note: More shenanigans with the party in FFXIV... featuring my Mimi, and co-starring Rose's Sami, Hime's Reina, Kait's Celie, and Celica. I couldn't help taking it to a weird place when I heard the Game Grumps commenting on how weird wishbones are in the most recent episode of SMBU Deluxe (extra worlds episode 1). Plus I'm in the mood for dangles after fighting the Kraken in Hullbreaker Isle...

Metal clicked and clanked against metal as Reina reassembled her revolver on the worktable. She gave the barrel a light spin, then lifted the gun, feeling the weight of it in her hand.

Behind her, Celie lounged on the couch with one leg crossed over the other and paged idly through a book of Eorzean history, one leg kicking lazily in the air. She was periodically distracted, however, by the proceedings on the floor behind Reina.

"Just try one. Just... ONE." Sami dangled the three-ilm-tall Hyur woman in front of Mimi's face by her leg. "If you eat one, then I'll have the rest if you still don't want them."

"I'm sorry for what I said about you being chubby," the Hyur woman squeaked. "L-Let me go! I don't want to be eaten by either of you!"

Mimi put on her deepest, scolding-est frown. "No! Look at her, she's terrified! And she's too big. I'll choke on her."

"Big? BIG?! What are you trying to say about me?!" the Hyur woman shouted. "If anyone's too big here, it's you, you tubby cat! I'd be happy to go down your throat if it meant I got the chance to choke you, you bi-"

The tiny girl's rant cut off suddenly when Sami tossed her in her mouth and swallowed, a small bulge wriggling down her throat before vanishing from view. "... That one was just bad. Ignore her."

"And the other ones are going to be better?" Mimi's brow furrowed. "I don't think any of them want to be eaten. You did kidnap them all. I'll stick to my honeybun, thanks." She picked up the half-eaten honeybun beside her, taking a bite. Her eyes, though, never left Sami's stomach, where the woman had surely landed by now...

Sami loosened the ties on the sack and reached inside, plucking out a miniature Au Ra woman who fell limp in her hand as soon as she hit the air. "How about this one? She's short and stuff! ... And... she fainted..." Sami poked at the tiny woman, trying to wake her up.

"You could make a wish, non?" Celie set her book aside and leaned forward toward the cats.

"A wish?" Mimi looked up at Celie. "Why would I make a wish?"

"You mean you don't know about wishing on a tiny?" Sami said, stuffing the still-limp Au Ra woman back into the sack and drawing out an Elezen who was significantly more lively. "Here. Lemme show you." Sami held the kicking and shouting shrunken girl by her arm, dangling her in front of Mimi's lips. "Put your lips over her ankles."

Mimi frowned. "... Are you just going to force-feed her to me?" Still, protests and all, she squeezed her lips around the tiny's ankles, the pink, pillowy flesh rapidly stopping the kicking.

"Now we're both gonna try to wiggle in closer and closer so that we can be the one to take her... but if you let go, I'm gonna slurp her up, so you can't let go! Oh, and it doesn't count if you don't swallow her right after!" Sami clamped her lips over the tiny woman's head, muffling her panicked shouts.

This seemed like a weird way to grant wishes, but Mimi wasn't going to back down from it if it was a tradition that even Celie knew about... Even if she was still not used to being nose to nose with other girls, however many times Sami did it to her...

As the two Miqo'te got closer and closer, more and more of the tiny girl disappeared, and Mimi's face got redder and redder... until, fractions of an ilm from the touching of their lips, Mimi parted her lips for a brief moment, and the girl's legs vanished into Sami's mouth in an instant.

Sami sat back, folding her arms and swallowing. "Coward!"

"Wh... Why does that make me a coward?" Mimi groped for her honeybun, hastily biting into it as if to wash the taste of the tiny from her mouth. Or, perhaps, to make up for having lost her.

"If you aren't willing to touch lips, that makes you a coward," Sami said with an air of authority.

Celie cleared her throat from the couch. "That... is not the tradition I had read about... Where did you learn that?"

Sami rubbed her ear. "My sister. She taught me a lot of stuff."

Mimi looked up. "Huh? What tradition were you thinking of, Celie?"

"I would not dream of questioning your older sister..." Celie reached into the bag, picking up another Hyur woman and curling her pinky around the woman's arm. "Here. Take her other arm with your pinky, like this. Oui?"

"This version looks boring!" Sami lay forward and rested her cheek on her hand, contentedly kicking her legs as she felt her new snack do the same.

Mimi rose up onto her knees, holding the tiny woman's arm still with one hand for long enough to curl the pinky of her other hand around it. "Like this?"

"Mmm!" Celie leaned forward. "Now. On the count of trois, we pull. Un... Deux..."

Mimi's grip tightened. "Wait, what?"

The tiny gave squeaks of protest which quickly turned to whimpers as the two began pulling... but the contest didn't last for long, as Mimi flopped back onto her butt hard, her hands going out to support her for balance.

Beneath her, a half-ilm-tall Celica yelped and ran as Mimi's titanic rear plummeted toward her. She'd been at one of the houses Sami had been... shopping at, and ended up being included among the victims... But she'd managed to slip away, and before Sami could recognize her. Sami would just eat her first, if she recognized her, and only Mimi would even bother trying to rescue the other tinies... But now that she was out and everyone was here, all she had to do was get Mimi's attention, and arrange for these girls to be freed! ... And herself to be turned back to her normal size!

... But, as Mimi's meteoric butt crash-landed around her and trapped her in its cloth-covered plush curves, Mimi didn't even consider that there might be someone underneath her.

"Ow..." Mimi mumbled, lifting her butt (mercifully, for Celica) to rub it. Mimi didn't notice one bit when the tiny Celica scampered out and away to try another tactic.

Mimi was rather distracted by Reina, the Lalafell girl having come over with a card to wave in Mimi's face. "I saw this future for you. The Ewer, in the reverse position. You lost because you didn't focus. Also, your technique needed work. Both of you. Only gripping with your pinkies?"

Celie dropped her prize in her mouth and swallowed. "Is that not how the game is played? And, of course... you must eat her immediately after winning, or your wish will fail to come true..." She ran her hand along her throat as the squirming Hyur girl made her way down.

Reina put the card away. "No, that's not how the game is played. You play to win! Grab with both hands if you can fit them and yank! And then shove her in your mouth!"

"That sounds more fun," Sami said, perking up.

"I didn't know you'd played this before..." Mimi said, feeling a bit sheepish.

"Huh? I haven't. I stayed at a friend's for the holidays," Reina said, fiddling with her deck. "She and another friend of ours kept playing."

Celie perked up. "I believe I read about the telling of fortune through cards... You are meant to do a full spread, non?"

Reina leveled a gun at Celie's face. "You want me to do a spread for you?"

Celie jerked back, ducking slightly and covering her head with her arms. "I-If you like... please put that down..."

Reina slapped the deck into the gun's loader, pulling the trigger three times. Two cards shot out, hitting Celie's raised forearms. The third got stuck in the gun. Reina's eyebrows went down. "Argh, this thing keeps jamming..."

"I think that is enough tinies for me, thanks," Mimi said, picking up her honeybun and lifting it to her lips.

Atop it, Celica wobbled, her eyes going as wide as saucers as she realized what had happened. This was not going according to plan. She was thinking of just jumping from the bun to Mimi's lap rather than try to scale it from the underside, but now she'd lost her balance and fallen into the sticky honey just as it was lifted to Mimi's open mouth... Mimi seemed not to have noticed Celica, paying far more attention to Reina reading off the meanings of the cards she'd shot at Celie.

"Of course it's the Spire that jammed. The Spire is a junk card. It means doom or something." Reina stuck a screwdriver into her card-gun, prying it apart to take a look at its mechanism.

"Or... Or something...?" Celie fought to maintain a calm air, hovering over the Lalafell machinist's shoulder. "Ah... Could you expand on that...? Please??"

Mimi's lips closed for a moment to smile at this, but then they opened again, leaving Celica with no choice but to enter Mimi's mouth and be tossed around inside with the bite of bun... until, casually, she swallowed her mouthful, Celica and bun and all...

"I am so proud of you," Sami said, patting Mimi on the shoulder.

"... What? Why?" Mimi glanced at the bun, then back at Sami, then back at the bun. "Um, I was eating this before, too..."

"You'll feel it soon," Sami said encouragingly.

Mimi's brow furrowed. "Sami, what did you do to my dessert?"

"I didn't do a thing!" Sami beamed at Mimi. "It was all you!"

"That doesn't make me feel any better!" Mimi grumbled. "That bite tasted a little funny, I admit..."

Celica splashed around in Mimi's stomach, trying to drag herself onto the little island of chewed-up bun. At this size, she couldn't do much to get Mimi's attention from in here, so... It was going to be hoping that her giant friend belched her up, lest she have to take the long route out...