Engage Engorgements: Chloé and Clanne NSFW

(Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage, up to the end of Chapter 5.) Chloé and Clanne fall to nameless Elusian soldiers, a stark reminder that war has consequences. Like not being able to fit into your chest guard anymore.

Author's note: This is the start of a small series of mini-stories I'll be doing (thanks to Ssubby's corrupting influence!) about my Engage Normal/Classic/All Deaths Final playthrough. In this playthrough, there's no rewinding except to save Alear, who I have chosen the femme form for and named Reya - jokingly, Dragon Reya, since there are so many adjective/noun Reyas out there - and no reloading except if I can't rewind enough to save Alear.

This means that as I learn how to play the game people are going to die. And those deaths are going to be heartwrenching but also? Kind of hot.

Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to the end of Chapter 5.

(This includes the cast as it stands in my playthrough as of the deaths described here.)

This story (and this series as a whole) will contain nonconsensual, fatal F/F and F/M soft oral vore. It does not contain male preds because most people I know that I would be sharing this with aren't into them, and personally, I still find female preds more consistently compelling anyway.

Let's get this death party started!

The beautifully-crafted sword Libération gleamed in the light of the midday sun where it streamed through the castle windows. Divine Dragon Alear lowered it down, pointing it toward the Elusian army and their leader, Nelucce. "We have not so much as suffered a single casualty in all our battles together. We are strong in our friendship and destined to win! Leave this castle at once, or we will be forced to stop you with violence!"

There was a long, tense silence in the Firene Castle hall, long enough that Alear thought there was a chance they'd retreat. Then Nelucce burst out laughing, and his underlings followed suit with uneasy laughter. "Heh! I was almost scared for a second. You actually said you were going to win through the power of friendship! What are you, twelve?"

Alear's face went as brilliantly red as half of her hair, and she took a step back, flustered. "Well... what do you have?"

"I have over twice as many soldiers as you, not counting the reserves Lady Zephia has so generously granted me in case you prove difficult." Nelucce's cocky grin was a disgusting mockery of joy beneath his pencil-thin mustache. "Face it, 'Divine One,' the only thing that's going to be difficult about this battle is choosing which of my subordinates to reward with your struggling form in her gut."

The female Elusian soldiers snickered, shifting in their armor. A few of them even licked their lips threateningly.

Alear swallowed back the cold fear accumulating in her throat. Why did I think sleeping for a thousand years qualified me to do this? Why did everyone else think that?

"Well, I think it's lovely," Chloé said, clapping the Divine Dragon on the shoulder. She beamed down at her new leader from astride her pegasus. "We will be fairy-tale heroes, united in our belief that friendship is the most powerful form of strength! And we will triumph over all comers!"

Alear brandished her sword, rushing toward the enemy. "That's right! Friendship is most powerful form of strength! Now, let's put your strength of numbers to the test! Forward, everyone!"


But as the battle wore on, numbers was turning out to be a pretty good strength, actually.

A clumsy attempt at a pincer attack had resulted in being surrounded in two places instead. The group was on their back foot, desperately fighting off attacks from both sides.

"Your willingness... h... heck..." Alear gasped. She sheathed her sword and bent double, chest heaving to catch her breath. "Your willingness to saaa.. hahh... sacrifice lives so care... carelessly like this is why your... your victory will be hollow!"

"Really?" Nelucce seemed unbothered. "Well, at least we agree I'm going to win. And after I do, I think you and your friends will be the perfect thing to fill a few of my troops' hollows."

"Céline!" Alear called. "The ring! There must be something you can do! Stop him now, or we're all going to fall here!"

"The ring..." Céline admired the Ring of the Caring Princess. Its brilliant red gemstone practically begged her to protect her friends... "Let's turn the tide, Celica! Emblem, Engage!"

"Fool," Nelucce taunted, an obnoxious smirk on his face making his mustache look even more creepy beside it. "What are you going to do from there? You'll be torn apart before you even-"

Céline had not been listening. Guided by Celica's wordless instructions, she'd vanished into a hole in the floor... and launched out into the air above Nelucce.

Nelucce gave a high-pitched scream of shock, not having expected the luminescent-pink woman to be so close to him. "This is the power of the Emblems?!"

Céline clapped her hands together, and when she parted them, a mighty tome had formed between them. It fell open to precisely the right page, its magic winding its way around her voice. "I do not wish to fight, but if I must, then I shall give everything to protect those I love! Ragnarok!"

A massive explosion launched Nelucce into a nearby column. He slumped to the ground, dazed. "Ow..." Hefting himself back to his feet, he readied his axe again. "I hope you're ready to pay for that one, Princess."

"Er..." Céline's eyes went the size of dinner plates. "Aren't you... supposed to be... you know, dead? Or at least gravely wounded?"

Nelucce let the fragments of a dark red stone dribble out of his fist onto the castle's polished floor. "Little present Lady Zephia gave me so I wouldn't just be some snack for you," he said, backing Céline up against the wall of her own castle by menacing her with his axe. "Oh, I get it. You thought you were going to save your castle by doing that, didn't you? Heh. Instead you got yourself up close with me..." Way too close. He was so close she could taste the gross yam-and-egg dish he'd eaten for breakfast on his breath. She shuddered in disgust. "And now... None of your friends are here to save you... So I'll have plenty of time to capture you and reward my high performers with dessert after the fight..."

"H... Help? Help someone? Someone helps me?" Céline squeaked, not tearing her eyes away from the person trapping her. There was no way out. Solid columns blocked her path to freedom - and her friends' path to rescue her.

A beautiful white horse flashed through the air, and Nelucce's carefully coiffed hair fell apart to either side. "No matter what gains evil might grant in the moment, good always triumphs in the end!" Chloé announced, twirling her lance like a baton and pointing it at Nelucce. "Surrender, villain, and I'll consider letting you live!"

"S-Surrender?" Nelucce asked, trembling. "Gosh... There's just one thing I have to say to that..." He straightened, yelling, "Fire!"

One second Chloé was in the air, the next she was on the ground, her leg trapped beneath her own pegasus's heavy weight. A set of arrows embedded in its flank made it clear why it was down. "Archers?" Chloé asked, dazed and confused from her sudden fall. "Where were archers?"

"Here," someone called, offering a hand down to Chloé. Gratefully, Chloé took that hand, looking up into the eyes of...

... an Elusian archer, proud and smug. An archer who shoved Chloé's hand into her mouth without hesitation or remorse.

Chloé squealed in dismay and struggled to get free, but with her fallen pegasus on top of her, there was nowhere for her to go but down the archer's throat. The battlefield came to a halt for a moment as everyone stared, listened to the sounds of greedy gulps sending the fairy-tale-obsessed would-be heroine down the archer's throat. To the throaty guuuuUUUULLCH that sounded the end of a promising young lance-wielding pegasus rider.

"I guess... not all fairy tales have happy endings," Chloé whimpered, squirming inside the archer's tight gut. Her chest guard was making it even harder to move than usual.

The archer patted her belly, forcing out another buuuUUUUUUUUUURP. "Oh, I don't know, I'm quite happy. Here. 'And the stupid flower girl melted away into a pair of beautiful breasts and bounced happily ever after~'"

Chloé's body was giving out. This really was the end of her story, wasn't it? She couldn't get her muscles to respond anymore... and... the acids were rising over her face, and her skin felt-

The archer tensed her taut abs, crushing the Firenese woman as easily as one might crack an egg. "There she goes~"

Jealousy and nerves fought on Céline's face. How many times had she fantasized about Chloé's taste, about how her diet of rare and bizarre dishes would end up contributing to her own taste? And now the opportunity had been seized from her by some archer she'd never met. And she was at risk of being next...

"Mmm. Sounding like a very full victory to me," Nelucce taunted. "Come at me, Divine Dragon. Best finish the job soon, or your beloved Princess will be nothing but pudge, just like her beloved pegasus rider."

"Don't let him get to you, Divine One!" Vander cautioned. "He's trying to get you riled up so you'll make a-"

"FORWARD!" Alear lunged out of cover and toward the enemy with her sword raised. "I'll kill as many of you as it takes! How many of you can there be?!"

"Now!" Nelucce called out. Soldiers in Elusian colors poured out of the stairs from the lower part of the castle.

"... tactical error," Vander finished, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Alfred pounded a fist into his palm. "Oh! That's where the rest of the soldiers were! They were in the basement! No wonder we didn't see them when we were approaching the castle."

"Not helpful right now, Prince Alfred!" Alear was engaged in a pitched battle with a sword-wielding Elusian soldier, their swords clashing against each other. "Ngghh... I am the Divine Dragon! The sword I carry has probably been passed down through generations of Divine Dragons before me or something like that! By this blade, I will make you pay for your cruelty!"

"This blade?" a partisan-wielding fighter called, rushing forward and jabbing his polearm into Alear's gut.

The Divine Dragon's holy solar plexus had been struck, and she crumpled over herself, gasping for breath. As she did, the fighter's weapon pulled back, caught hold of Libération, and tossed it to the ground. It skittered away, well out of reach.

"Ff... fuck," Alear moaned, looking up at her dueling opponent - who now had a confident grin on her face. "A-Any chance you'll let me pick it up before... uh... It's more fun if it's a fair fight, r-right?"

"No," her dueling opponent answered sweetly, grabbing the Divine Dragon by the lapels. "I don't believe in fair fights."

Her maw split open perilously wide, and in a mere second, Alear's vision was swallowed up in darkness. The visceral swallowing she'd heard earlier now roared around her, the battlefield completely drowned out by the sounds of her predator's body.

She strained her ears for anything. Even Framme chiding her for using foul language would be nice. But it was as if all her prior concerns had simply melted away. All she was now was food. And she would be melting away soon, too.

Just a few days after waking, after vowing revenge for Queen Lumera, after setting out on what was to be a grand journey to gather the twelve Emblem Rings... and she was already some nobody's lunch. No one would even remember the name of the soldier who ate the Divine Dragon and ensured the Fell Dragon's planned domination of the world would go unresisted.

But then, she was never cut out for battle. Maybe it was better this way...

"I'm sorry, everyone..." Alear mumbled as her vision swam with the ache of the hostile, churning stomach muscles. Her body was falling apart so quickly under this strain... "I failed you..."

"You cannot fall here," Marth cried from inside her head. "You must get up!"

"Get up how? I can't just turn back time..." Alear murmured to nobody.

A red and blue light shone from within the stomach, casting it in an eerie purple glow - and time stopped.

The motions of the stomach halted. The sloshing of the acid halted.

Alear gently touched the stone that was casting the light. "The rock that girl dropped earlier... You want to help me, don't you?"

As her hand touched it, she could see it - the moment she made the disastrous decision to rush in. If she could return to that exact moment--

"He's trying to get you riled up so you'll make a tactical error," Vander cautioned sternly. "Be careful, now."

"Right. Yeah, rushing in was not a good idea, whew," Alear muttered. She drew herself up, addressing Clanne. "Clanne, take out that man with the spear with your magic. Before he can rip my sword out of my hands!"

"You got it!" Clanne called, rushing forward, book at the ready. "Fire!" The tome's magic swelled in Clanne's hand, a burst of flame knocking the spear-wielding man to the ground.

And then the sword-wielding woman closed the gap between herself and Clanne, a flying knee hitting him in the chest.

Clanne collapsed to his knees, breath not coming no matter how he called for it.

The Elusian soldier hoisted Clanne up. "Out of the way, boy. My appetite is for the Divine Dragon."

Clanne hesitantly, uneasily got to his feet, readying his tome and taking up a combat stance, gasping out his defiance. "No. No! I would let you eat me before I ever let you lay a finger on her!"

"Sounds good." The Elusian soldier grabbed the young steward by the throat, lifting him off the ground. "So I eat you, then I eat her. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me."

It took the injured Clanne way too long to process what she'd said, and in that time he was already halfway down the soldier's throat, his legs frantically kicking in the air. His tome tumbled to the ground beside her, landing face-down on its open pages.

"Give her hell in there, Clanne!" Framme yelled from beside Alear. "I taught him hand to hand combat, you know. If you ever want to learn or spar or do anything with me, you just have to ask, Divine One!"

"It doesn't seem to have helped," Alear noted, watching Clanne's legs continue to slide down the woman's throat despite his frantic, aimless, weak kicks.

Framme took up her own ready stance. "That's all right! We'll get him out! Hat-CHA, one-two punch to the gut to force him back out!"

The Elusian woman drummed her fingertips on her stomach, feeling something rising. "Mm... hoooooooourp... not as satisfying as you, Divine One, but quite the tasty appetizer. Thanks for the meal~ beeeEEEEEAAALCH"

On this last belch, a pair of shoes bounced out of her lips, tumbling along to come to rest in front of Framme.

"Huh. Oops," Framme said, dropping her stance and picking up her brother's shoe. "You think it's maybe too late for him?"

"Oh yeah. Her stomach is brutal," Alear said gravely. "Even I barely lasted a few minutes in there."

And sure enough, the struggling outline of the steward in the woman's gut was starting to slow, to become more indistinct.

"She was awake, I was supposed to be useful finally," Clanne pleaded. He gave another weak punch to the stomach that held him. If only he'd studied... any other combat art... Without his tome, he really is nothing but a snack in here...

"Oh, you are useful," the Elusian woman teased, backing away from the heart of the battle to give herself some space to finish her digestion. "I had to skip breakfast today. And it's so hard to fight on an empty stomach..."

"Nngh..." Clanne was beyond words, his mind shutting down from the intensity of the acids inside her.

"Atta boy. Should have stayed home with your books, nerd." The Elusian woman pressed down on her stomach, feeling the occupant within starting to give way from even the lightest pressure. "Don't worry, though, you won't be alone for long~"

There were no casualties up to Chapter 5.

In Chapter 5:
💀 Clanne and Chloé died to anonymous Elusian soldiers in their desperate effort to protect Celine's life (she was nearby at 1 HP and cornered by the boss, and our main hope of killing him in time to avoid being wiped out).
Reya died to anonymous Elusian soldiers in another timeline. She rushed in without thinking and was overrun and killed by reinforcements.

The Elusian swordswoman held her hair tie between her lips, gathering up her long brown hair in her hands to tie it back into her battle ponytail. "I can't believe we had to call a retreat when we had so many units left. That Nelucce guy... He really knows how to blow an advantage. Elusia's probably better off now he's dead."

"Ugh, whatever. He should have called in the reinforcements earlier if he wanted to live," her archer friend and tentmate said, tossing her chest guard over her head and strapping it on at the sides.

"Lady Zephia's going to be pissed when she finds out." The swordswoman lifted her face guard, gently placing it over her face with one hand and holding it there. She presented the back of her head to her friend. "Here, tie me up?"

The archer was a bit distracted with her own issues, though - her breasts felt like they were being crushed to death. She released the strap, fiddling with the adjustable end. "Owwww... What the hell... Did this thing get smaller?"

"Maybe your tits got bigger," the swordswoman suggested. She lowered the faceguard, placing it back on the counter and taking up her neck shawl instead. "I heard you got one of the Firenese girls."

The archer tries on the chest guard again now that she's extended the straps as far as they'll go. "Aggh... That really hurts... Mmf, yes, the blue-haired one. She was so flavorful... And I was satisfied for the rest of the night, too." She tosses the chest guard back into the pile with the rest of her gear. "Of course, that was before she ended up making my tits too huge to fit in my armor..."

"Damn. I'm jealous," the swordswoman said, watching out of the corner of her eye as she tied the shawl on around her neck. "I got one, too - was kinda hoping for the Divine Dragon, but I couldn't reach her, I grabbed her little steward instead. He was a scrawny little nerd, though, barely made back the calories it took to swallow him. No ill-fitting chestpieces for me. He didn't give me anything but a stomachache."

Her companion reached over, smacking her unarmored ass. The swordswoman yelped in surprise, her back arching. "I wouldn't say you got nothing from him. Definitely a good bit more sass in that ass," the archer teased. "Hey. You coming to the company armorer with me? I need a new chestplate, there's no way in hell I'm fitting into this one."

"An escort, or an ass-cort?" the swordswoman joked, bumping hips with the archer. "... Sorry, that was really bad. Yeah, I'll go with you. Not like we have marching orders today, anyway. Still waiting for Lady Zephia to remember we're here..."

"She doesn't care. She's off doing her own thing with the rings," the archer grumbled. "But if that's true, that means we're off duty today... And my armor doesn't fit anyway... So we really don't have any reason to get dressed, or even leave the tent..."

"... You want to spend some time together in our tent, explore each other's new assets?" the swordswoman finished, not a little hopefully.

The archer leaned in, a lewd smile on her face, and took the swordswoman's hand up to her chest. "Now you're speaking my language. The fruits of victory are so much sweeter with a friend."

"And a girl has needs," the swordswoman agreed, grinning and returning the favor with their opposite hands on her own backside. "Can't go this whole war without a treat here and there~"

The archer laughed, coming in close for a kiss. "Mm, I can only hope for feasts as good as that in every battle..."