Succubus NamedayNSFW

Tala tries to cheer up Lixia by throwing her a nameday celebration.

"Hey, wake up. I have something for you."

Lixia's response was sulking. Leave me be, all right?

Tala clicked her tongue. "All right. If you're not feeling well, we don't have to do anything. But I wanted to get you a surprise. It's your nameday!"

Succubi don't have namedays, Lixia said flatly. I never told you I had one.

"No, but I picked one for you. The stars say that you're under Azeyma's protection, and knowing numbers as I do, your nameday would have to be the 18th sun of the fifth astral moon."

What are you trying to do, Tala? Lixia asked. I feel terrible right now. I don't really feel like a girl on her nameday.

"I know that, silly. I'm trying to cheer you up. Look, what happened was sad, but... Life goes on for those of us still living."


"I'm serious. And you aren't as responsible as you seem to think. There's nothing I could have done to save her, with or without your help. Now, are you going to come see your nameday surprise or not?" Tala drew the card that now served as Lixia's resting place from a pocket of her apron, holding it over her head.

All right... my curiosity is piqued.

Tala closed her eyes, turning her fingers to face the card forward. Aether surged through her as the runes she and Katrja had scribed on the card glowed brightly, until the card itself seemed to be consumed in flame - its aether and the aether of the contained voidsent now being absorbed into Tala's body.

"What am I looking at? I'm in your kitchen?" Lixia asked with Tala's voice.

Yep. You have a nameday cake to make. My friends are coming over this afternoon to celebrate you.

"I'm... I'm having a nameday party?" For a moment, the despair that had weighted Lixia's voice all moon lifted. "And baking a nameday cake?"

That's right, Tala said, beaming. I remember you said you were curious about that tradition. So I got all the ingredients ready. I'm sorry I didn't find you a separate host to inhabit so that we could do it together, but I'm here with you anyway.

"But... I've never baked before. What if my nameday cake turns out terrible?" Lixia's voice had turned to equal parts excitement and nerves. "Won't that ruin my nameday celebration?"

Ruin? Certainly not. And besides, I bought way more icing than we would need just for a plain old cake... Tala teased. Alun and Katrja agreed to hunt with you for your nameday. Just in case. Or for an extra desserty dessert, if your cake turns out great. Which I'm sure it will. But the real celebration isn't in the cake, it's in the friends.

"So I should eat the friends, then," Lixia laughed. The tension had gone out of her voice, and out of Tala's body. "Well, you'll have to teach me... So, where do I start?"

First, pick up that bowl over there, and bring the eggs over...