Shaved ice kissesNSFW

Izi and Amah's game of Truth or Dare during the Moonfire Faire turns into smooching.

The fireworks overhead whistled and crackled, sparkling in the clear night air. The moon had yielded its stage to the explosive artwork on offer, and was nowhere to be seen.

So the only way Izi and Amah could see each other's faces was in the brilliant colored glow of the bursting fireworks.

Izi sat in the sand, licking at her rolanberry shaved ice. Her blue yukata had a few rolanberry syrup spots on it, but she didn't particularly care. Her feet sat bare in the surf, being lapped at by the waves, her sandals abandoned nearby.

"Amah, truth or dare?" Izi said around a spoonful of shaved ice.

Amah was sitting nearby, her attention more on Izi than on the fireworks. "Huh? Um... truth."

"Truth..." Izi sucked on the spoon for a minute. "How come you've been staring at my mouth all night?"

"Ghk..." Amah nearly choked on her own spoon. "How would you know that? It's dark and you've been watching the fireworks all night."

"Answer the question, Amah!" Izi said. "... And I can watch you out of the corner of my eye."

"Cause... Y'know..." Amah groped for words, running her fingers through the sand before rinsing them in the surf. "It's... that you... I..."

"Let's hear it. You said truth, I want the truth."

"I've been thinking about what your lips are like, and what it would be like to kiss you right now," Amah said hastily. "There. Are you happy?"

Izi was silent. In the background, another round of fireworks shrilled their ascent into the sky before crackling away to nothing.

Izi took the spoon out of her mouth. "... Wow."

"... Sorry," Amah said, suddenly feeling deeply embarrassed.

Another firework whistled its way up before letting off a bombard-level boom.

"I thought you were just thinking about those times I swallowed you before," Izi said, putting the spoon back into the shaved ice.

"What? No!" The spell had been broken now, and Amah lightly shoved Izi. "I think about other things sometimes, you know."

Izi laughed, righting herself. "Okay, okay. My turn."

"You're really not mad?" Amah asked timidly.

"Nah. It'd be fun," Izi said, keeping her voice light and her gaze on the fireworks. "Dare."

It would be fun.

"Dare you to kiss me," Amah said, hurrying to get the words out before she lost her nerve.

Izi finally turned her whole body toward Amah, looking vulnerable for a moment. "Dare me to kiss you?" Like she wasn't sure what she'd heard.

"Yeah," Amah said, not looking away. "Dare you to-"

She didn't get the chance to finish, as in the darkness between fireworks explosions, Izi made her move. Her tight, strong arms grabbed hold of Amah, and her lips clumsily fumbled across Amah's face before settling on Amah's lips.

The kiss was altogether too brief, experimental and uncertain. For all Izi's confidence in matters of predation, she was considerably less confident when it came to other uses of her mouth.

But it was still bliss.

Izi was breathing hard. Amah was, too. Both of them felt their hearts pounding like they'd just run a marathon.

"So... what did you think?" Izi asked, a desperation to know underneath her casual act. "Um, you know, since you were thinking about it... What did you think of my lips in reality?"

"They are very blue and taste like rolanberries," Amah said flatly, and the two girls dissolved into laughter, the electric tension broken.

When she caught her breath again, Amah continued, running a hand through her hair - as red as her own yukata, and now her face. "U-Um, well... they were even softer than I thought, and you smelled like you, and... I liked it. I wished there was more."

"More rolanberries, or more kissing?" Izi teased.

Amah laughed. "More kissing..."

Izi stayed silent as another massive shell exploded overhead.

"Can I try again?" Izi asked, her voice quiet.

"Only if you promise not to almost eat my nose this time," Amah said, her heartbeat speeding up all over again.

Izi's smile was audible in her voice, even if Amah couldn't see her face. "No promises."

This time it was slower, more careful, more tender. An experiment, but not the first; a delicate brush of nose against nose before letting their lips softly rest against each other. Amah imitated what she'd read in romance novels, slipping her fingers into Izi's hair to pull her face close. Her chest ached with bliss as Izi pulled their bodies together.

They held that pose, barely moving, just breathing, for who could know how long.

Izi's lips shifted, and the sensation of the movement against Amah's sensitive lips made her tingle from head to toe. Enthralled by this new idea, Amah tried it out herself, and was delighted to find that it worked just as well when she was doing it.

It was Izi who first tried using her tongue as part of the kiss. Amah wasn't expecting it, but she wasn't sorry for it, a fresh sensation against her lips - which, it seemed, felt everything vividly. Her brain filed it all away. She couldn't forget this moment.

This time it was far longer before they broke off the kiss.

"Wow," Amah murmured.

"Yeah," Izi whispered.

They didn't speak for the rest of the fireworks show, scooting in closer together and entwining their fingers, with Amah's head resting against Izi's shoulder.