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Maritza is a dragonling, descended from the majestic and powerful dragons of antiquity, and keeping their powers - and appetite. Generations have thinned the blood, and distrust from the humans has thinned their numbers. But there's nothing like a dragonling if you want to keep someone safe.

And Karya, the youngest candidate for Silver Sage in history, needs to be kept safe. The politics don't bode well for her, but with Maritza by her side, she's going to be all right, no matter how many yummy assassins come after her.

At least, as long as Maritza can keep her tasty charge outside of her belly. And it seems Karya doesn't intend on making it easy, with her new interest in Maritza's digestive capabilities...

Protection, Part 1NSFW

Maritza takes down an assassin who's come after Karya, and then gulps her down... the assassin, that is, not Karya. Though Karya seems interested in joining her...

    Protection, Part 2NSFW

    Karya's not afraid of the dragonlings' ability to eat people, even when her bodyguard, Maritza, demonstrates it right before her eyes. In fact, she's quite curious about it.

    She might get too close of a look at it, though. When Vera, another dragonling, rips open their tent with the intent of leaving with Karya in her belly, Maritza struggles to keep her charge out of the maw of malice.

    But it's looking like Karya's fate is to melt away while Maritza watches helplessly...

      Protection - Main Cast BiosNSFW

      Short descriptions of Karya, Maritza, and Lethe to aid the reader and provide some backstory for the curious.

        Protection, Part 3NSFW

        Temptation is in the air. Karya's curiosity has gone where Maritza has long tried to keep her own away from: Just how good does she taste, really? And it's getting way too hard to avoid giving in. The way Maritza's been fantasizing... the better question might be, how long will it be before Maritza loses control and eats her?

        And then there's Lethe. It's bad enough that Maritza had to give up a tasty meal, now she's hanging around and making herself generally useful while being no less tasty. But then she leads the trio into the den of a very hungry lamia who's been trying to catch her for a while...

          Protection, Part 4NSFW

          Maritza's hunger is getting out of control. It's a really bad time, too - with Lethe still drugged on lamia venom, and Karya having possibly led their enemies straight to her lair, now would be an excellent time to have her head on straight.

          But maybe things will work out in their favor. Maybe nobody noticed their teleport. Maybe Lethe's going to be okay. Maritza isn't optimistic...

            Protection, Part 5NSFW

            With Maritza trapped in a belly, and Lethe still out of it, the only one who can save the trio is Karya, the cowardly mage... But maybe there are some things worth facing your fears for.

            As the three recover, Maritza's internal drama - and hunger - comes to a head.

              Protection, Part 6NSFW

              It's time for Karya to visit home. When an unexpected request arrives, Maritza has a difficult choice ahead.