A Big Deal NSFW

CW: sister/sister incest. Lydia and Morena share a moment after a meeting between their respective companies.

(CW: sister/sister incest)

The ticking of the clock is almost deafening. But it's all about to be worth it.

"Ms. Blackwood, is there anything else you have to contribute?"

"Certainly, I'm... not the best person to comment on this, for fear of conflicts of interest," Lydia admits, raising her head. "But I believe that if Gelas crystals are a good fit for our manufacturing process, and the generous terms they're willing to offer us are a business fit, then it's a match made in heaven, is it not?"

"We can neither confirm nor deny having staff members with celestial blood," Morena says, meeting Lydia's eyes with that cocky grin that makes Lydia's heart leap into her throat. "But all levels of leadership are excited about the prospect of Gelas crystals being a central component in Zenith design."

The conversation turns back to boring details of shipment and payment. That frees Lydia's eyes to roam Morena's body. The thin pencil skirt lovingly hugs Morena's curvy ass, matched with the equally sharp blazer that seems to just... cup her chest. Lydia can almost feel the texture of the fabric against her forehead. And down below, Morena wears the peep-toe heels that Lydia can't seem to take her eyes off, her perfectly painted toenails - a lethal shade of red - seeming to beckon directly to Lydia.

They bob upward twice. Lydia lifts her eyes to meet Morena's, her heart thundering.

Morena gives a brief wink, pursing her lips into a kiss. The little chu feels like it's as loud as a scream.

Lydia's face goes bright red, and her fingers scrunch into her own skirt. She stares down at the floor now - a spot on the floor well away from Morena's perfect legs - and wills her body to calm down. How could she be so publicly indecent--?

"Is something wrong, Ms. Blackwood?" the Gelas CEO asks, her voice gurgling from the bottom of her gooey body. "I believe we are finished here, if not."

Though everyone is obviously relieved that the meeting is over, they're all still staring questioningly in Lydia's direction.

Even Morena is staring at her, clearly pleased with her handiwork.

Lydia wants to explode from the unfairness. How is it that no matter how obviously Morena tries to rile me up, it's always me who gets in trouble over it...

The rest of the group files out of the room, and Lydia rises to follow them.

"Ah, Ms. Blackwood, a moment, if you don't mind-"

Lydia looks over and Morena's top has another button open. Please, just a moment of mercy.

"Of course not, Ms. Jassey." Lydia gets up anyway, hastily closing the door.

Then she scans the room for cameras before finally returning to a seat near Morena. "Rena... What in the world were you thinking, flirting with me like that in the middle of a meeting with everyone important from your company and mine? Are you trying to get me fired?"

"Lydie, please, do you have no confidence in your older sister?" Morena asks, reaching out and taking Lydia's hands in her own, tugging on them lightly and pulling Lydia in close. "I would never get you in trouble. Now, your bad habit of staring at me, on the other hand..."

Lydia swallows hard, her breathing shaky. Morena's hands are... strong, warm, big, effortlessly enveloping her own and making her feel like the schoolgirl with the unstoppable crush on her own high-school-age big sister all over again. Only now, they're not kids, and it's not just a crush.

And they're looking at much worse than a scolding from their mother if they're caught.

"I wasn't staring," Lydia says, looking away. "I was just... appreciating your outfit choices..."

Morena takes Lydia's chin in her hand, turning it back toward herself. "Well, Lydia... admire away."

Those beautiful blue eyes are too much... It's like she's drowning. She can't even remember what Morena is wearing.

"Y-You told me you were going to take me on a date," Lydia manages, anything to tear her attention away from Morena's face here, in the middle of an important conference room in Gelas's office, before she melts into a puddle like one of Morena's gooey coworkers. "Where are you taking me?"

"Mmmm... I don't know..." Morena releases Lydia's chin, trailing those smooth, delicate nails in tantalizing lines across her cheek instead. "You seem so skittish, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to."

It is then that Lydia realizes this has all been a trap.

"You set up this meeting... You probably even got your boss to do the deal with Zenith..."

Morena feigns offense, but her giggle gives it away. "Lydia! I don't have that kind of power. I may have put the idea in her head, but the makers of world-class familiars and world-class focusing crystals are... how did you put it? A match made in heaven?"

"Even if I believe that, and I don't, just to be clear, the fact remains that you're trying to get me to kiss you in the middle of your boss's office-!" Lydia's voice turns into a squeal on this last word.

"I would never coerce you," Morena teases. "Bu-ut, if you want to kiss me..."

"You know how much more trouble we'd be in if we got caught here compared to kissing behind Mom's back?" Lydia pouts. "Seriously, your kink is going to get us into real trouble..."

"We're not going to get caught. I have an important meeting booked here for the next hour."

"Hour!" Lydia squeals.

"Shhh," Morena says, giggling and running a finger down Lydia's lips. "Honestly, it's like you want us to get caught, you big pervert..."

Lydia opens her mouth and sucks Morena's fingertip in, nibbling on it with a sulk on her face. "Mmgg. I'm not the pervert."

Morena's posture straightens as Lydia's tongue runs over the tip of her finger. "And yet, here you are sucking on your sister's finger in the middle of her workplace..."

Lydia closes her lips around Morena's fingertip, suckling on it and flicking her eyes up to Morena's.

Morena draws in a breath through her nose, then draws her finger out of Lydia's mouth, watching as the trail of saliva dangles from her sister's pouting lips.

She slips it into her own mouth, then, closing her eyes and licking it clean.

"W-Weirdo," Lydia breathes, barely keeping her composure. "If you want me to kiss you, then just ask me to kiss you."

"Only if you want to~" Morena teases, sliding her finger out of her mouth.

Lydia scoots forward. "But you promise we're not going to get caught?"

Morena only grins devilishly. "Probably. Being with you is a risk I want to take. Don't you?"

Lydia leans up and forward toward Morena. "You are the worst big sister."

"And you love it~" Morena purrs as Lydia's lips brush against her own.

Lydia fits her lips to Morena's before her big sister can tell any more truths, before Lydia feels compelled to tell any of her own-

The tenderness of Morena's lips contrasts with her playful, hard-to-get demeanor, beckoning Lydia in closer into the warmth of her embrace. Lydia, her need laid bare by the addictive touch of her sister's skin, has gone from reluctant to desperate. She lunges forward, her hands lacing into Morena's neatly bunned hair, pushing her lips desperately into her sister's.

"You're going to ruin my hair," Morena murmurs. "Everyone will see."

"Sorry," Lydia mumbles.

"I didn't say to stop," Morena says wickedly. She tilts her head, pulling the neat bun out of her hair. "You and I making a mess of each other for everyone to see..."

Morena's encouragement only makes Lydia's need more desperate. The rational part of her brain is gone now, consumed in the reckless passion of her sister's un-sisterly love.

"This is wrong," she murmurs, but it's not a protest, and it doesn't make her slow down, it only makes her want it more.

Morena is the one who pushes Lydia back into her chair. Lydia's glasses are askew, both their hair is a mess, their neat suits are ruined, both of them are out of breath and flushed...

"We need to go," Lydia says, panting.

"Already?" Morena coos.

Lydia shakes her head. "This date's not over~ My place?"

Morena grins. "That's more like it~"