Caring for the VulnerableNSFW

Anyi tends to the ill reader.

Author's note: I wrote this short, sweet little thing with Anyi for a friend who is feeling sick and has a particular vulnerability to gentle vore while sick or tired.

Anyi's hands feel somehow soothing as she presses her hand to your forehead. Maybe it's just the temperature difference, or maybe it's the magic she's casting. Or maybe it's just comforting to be directly attended to.

The traveling priestess puts her hands on her hips, quirking her mouth to the side. "It's not magical or poisonous in origin, but still, I don't have the skill to treat it. Not really. There's nothing I can do but ease your symptoms, at least a little bit." She caresses your cheek with the backs of her fingers, and you can feel the light massage of her rounded fingernails against your skin. Her gaze is thoughtful, not meeting your eyes but looking over your body to scan it further. "I can help you relax so your body can do its own thing faster and better. I can protect that little flame of the divine in you, so that the storm you're in won't blow it out..."

She smiles, finally, looking you in the eyes. "Would you like that?" You have no reason to decline, so you nod.

"Close your eyes, then, and relax. Focus on the sensation of your breathing, and any time your illness any other sensation distracts you, just go back to your breath," she murmurs, humming a soothing song. You try your best to do so, focusing yourself in your breath.

And there are a lot of distracting sensations. But gradually, you feel soft warmth encapsulate you from head to toe... and at last, the lights in the room dim. Your breathing falls into rhythm with Anyi's, which is slow and steady and louder than you would expect.

"It's helping," you murmur, and Anyi replies from all around you, "Good... Keep at it..."

You open your eyes, realizing that you've been tricked and swallowed whole. But unlike other stomachs you've been in, it's not painful. That soothing feeling from her touch is all around you now. There's a soft glow that illuminates the stomach, which is velvety and soft instead of squishy and goopy. No acids are pouring in, or any fluids at all for that matter.

Still... you did not agree to this. And how can you be sure it'll stay this way? "Hey..."

She giggles around you. You feel yourself being rocked back and forth. "Sorry... You're my last patient of the day, and you just looked so sweet and tasty and vulnerable... It really will help, though. Please don't be afraid. I won't claim you unless you want me to."

"I don't," you say quickly. "I'm not food."

"You don't right now, no," Anyi says simply, then changes the subject. "But... if ever your weariness gets to the point where you'd rather just let me take care of you for good... you just let me know. I'm going to be cleaning up for the night, so you may feel me moving around, but I'll make sure not to make any sudden moves with you. And then when all the cleaning is done, the two of us can rest together. Would you like that?"

You see no reason to protest it. It is nice in here... and the light is pleasantly dim, and when you close your eyes and just indulge in the sensations, it's comfortable and warm, just being held like this...

You drift off to sleep...