Recap 03: Station Recovery Preparations NSFW

Minka goes to the library to do research. Talya goes to a bar to discuss things with an old contact. Evi goes to buy some environmental shielding for their mechs.

OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 3.


That. Was a crazy day.

Ummm, let me go over everyone else's day first.

Danni Uhhh, I guess Talya was meeting with some friend of hers - Danni? - who wanted us to give her a copy of the data in exchange for getting us something to get around on the planet safely with. And also destroy the originals so no one else could get at them. I think there's some other medical company named New Dawn Medical - the data is medical data, to treat Petrapathy, this disease that causes your cells to grow and crystallize, kind of reminds me of cancer from the history books. So like, this New Dawn company wants it for whatever reason. But they can't have it. I think they're going to use it for evil, probably. New Dawn is an evil-sounding name.

Vali transport (unknown class) And we also get this nice ship to get around in! So I'm excited for that. Supposedly, the storms are just less bad behind the storm wall. That makes me feel better. Groan...

Artemis Ummm, and then Evi... She went shopping for some storm shielding, and everywhere was sold out. Except this one place, which had an Apex girl at it. (Apex is this really scary gang of girls with raptor DNA spliced in. They have claws and tails and stuff.) And Evi got the shielding. She ate the freaking Apex girl. And not just any Apex girl. Artemis, the Artillery Master. Evi is really scary, honestly...

Athena And then me. I. Don't remember that clearly. Because I, the old me, didn't make it to the end of the day. Apparently... I fed myself to another Apex girl (Evi tells me it was Athena, the lead technician of Apex) while I was at the library doing research. I still got some research data and even a handle on a tracking bug that I must have done while I was at the library, but... yeah. It's like someone else was there, for me. It's trippy, being cloned...

But whatever the reason, I think I wanted to be saved. Both because duh, and because I sent a message to Evi asking her to come pick up my stuff and I left my diary there. Why would I have left my diary? Or stripped on my own for her? What did she say to me?

Well, that information turned to mush along with past me, as well as any other information I might have overheard...

And Shift - that's the name of the HORUS girl who contacted me before - tells me that Athena is also on the HORUS inner circle... and she loves eating girls...

But at least Evi got her too. She just didn't bother letting me out first.

... Um, I need to stop writing for a second, I'm just thinking about that and wow.

Bee, don't put that part in.

--- END ENTRY: 03-station-recovery-preparation ---