Recap 07: New Dawn Medical NSFW

The team meets and deals with the New Dawn Medical crew who beat them into the fallen station.

OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 7.


I'm feeling kind of lost. I'm worried that I did the wrong thing.

I trust Talya, I really do... And... She probably knows what's best, right?

Sorry. Let me explain. So after I hacked our way into the airlock, when we got into the station, we split up. Artemis set up some mines to guard the front door, and the rest of us went in. Evi stayed out with the mechs.

Talya and I crept up to the door of the data center, and then she busted in and told them to tell us who they worked for. Turned out it was New Dawn Medical, the people Talya told me to look out for. I don't know much about them, I just know one of them was named Anna and they were all basically set to stay there for months.

Anyway, we kind of had a standoff. Talya had her gun out, they had their guns out, I set off a fake alarm, but... they didn't want to stop us? They basically told us we could take the data and take the bounty as long as we let them take the data for their own purposes. All they wanted was for us to leave them alone and they'd leave us alone.

Which is why I don't get it. They didn't seem like jerks. They just said they wanted to get the data to their doctors to make a cure. But still, Talya forced most of them out, and then shot at one of the girls, the captain, and nearly made her trip on one of Artemis's mines. And then - well, I didn't see it, but I heard it, and I saw the aftermath. She told me to lock the airlock door with the other girls and pressed a button on her suit and ate the captain. Survival hardsuit and all, which... well, she's gonna have a big stomachache, probably.

I mean, I guess she had a good reason for it.

I really hope so...

... I'm trying to get a signal out to the others so they know we have the data and we're safe and we can work out when and where they're going to pick us up. Artemis is sleeping in the open bunk until we get back into orbit and she can get back to her ship. Hopefully the Apex will be grateful for the help.

--- END ENTRY: 07-new-dawn-medical ---