Engage Engorgements: CitrinneNSFW

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(Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to chapter 8.) Citrinne and Lapis and Alcryst have a lovely time in Florra Town, but when the Corrupted attack, things go terribly wrong.

Author's note: This is the third of a small series of mini-stories I'll be doing (thanks to Ssubby's corrupting influence!) about my Engage Normal/Classic/All Deaths Final playthrough. In this playthrough, there's no rewinding except to save Alear, who I have chosen the femme form for and named Reya - jokingly, Dragon Reya, since there are so many adjective/noun Reyas out there - and no reloading except if I can't rewind enough to save Alear.

This means that as I learn how to play the game people are going to die. And those deaths are going to be heartwrenching but also? Kind of hot.

If you missed the first two chapters, you may want to go back and watch Chloé and Clanne get eaten or see Vander's princessy demise first.

Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to the end of Chapter 8.

(This includes the cast as it stands in my playthrough as of the death described here.)

This story will contain nonconsensual, fatal F/F soft oral vore.

Let's turn up the heat on this death party!

Citrinne swished her magnificent new Sage robes as she wandered through Florra Town, accompanying Lapis and Prince Alcryst from close behind. All she could think about was how honored she was.

The Divine Dragon chose me... She invested in me... Even after I almost attacked her, even though she only barely knows me, it was me she bought new tomes for and me she dressed in brand-new robes... I won't let you down, Divine One! Citrinne thought, her face beaming at private fantasies of singlehandedly obliterating an entire force of Corrupted. She'd been studying the new tomes Alear had given her with gusto, and had memorized them each cover to cover in just a few nights. There was no way she could lose today.

And what a beautiful place it was to show off her newfound strength. Being surrounded by the smell of flowers and the songs of birds... being accompanied by her beautiful crush and her sweet, dorky cousin... it was like a dream.

Well, almost.

"This is my chance to protect you," Alcryst said, clenching a fist. "Lapis, I promise you, this is the day I will save your life and make up for everything you've done for me."

"Prince Alcryst, please... all I want is to keep you safe," Lapis said with a hot blush. "As it should be. I am your retainer, not anyone special. Not compared to you."

"You are more than simply special," Prince Alcryst replied. He clasped Lapis's hand in both of his. "I would not be able to go on without you."

"Prince Alcryst..."

They were flirting with each other, something that gave Citrinne profoundly mixed feelings. She was admittedly jealous that Prince Alcryst commanded Lapis's attention so easily... and, well, she couldn't lie, she had definitely had some taboo thoughts about Prince Alcryst, too. But on the other hand, seeing her beloveds so happy made her feel happy, too, and she felt a twinge of selfishness for wanting to be part of that attention.

"Don't worry. I'll protect both of you," Citrinne announced, skipping up toward them and clapping her hands on the two's shoulders. "I'm getting a lot stronger, you know. Even the Divine One noticed. Just stay back and trust me, okay?"

Knowing they'd argue if given the chance, the young woman lifted the Elthunder tome without touching it. Its pages spilled open to one in particular, which glowed intensely. Thrusting her hand forward, she shot a beam of concentrated lightning straight into the heart of a nearby Corrupted soldier, frying it on the spot.

Citrinne closed her hand, snapping the tome shut where it hovered in the air before her. "What do you think of that, hm? Pretty impressive, no? Look how strong I've gotten!"

And this finally was enough to make the other two stop flirting with each other. Lapis smiled a radiant smile that made Citrinne's insides knot themselves together pleasantly. "You're getting so much stronger, Citrinne."

"Yes, bravo," Prince Alcryst said, clapping his hands together. "Please, Citrinne, I already owe you my life, too... If you keep amazing and astounding me like this, I'll never get the chance to repay you..."

The fawning attention from her two favorite people made Citrinne's head swell, and she grinned with reckless abandon. "Then watch this!" She dashed across the small bridge,

Lapis held out a hand. "Oh, wait! Citrinne, there's-"

"I know what I'm doing," Citrinne assured her lover (well, okay, Lapis didn't know about her feelings yet, but they were going to be lovers as soon as she impressed her with this.) "Just stay back! Elthunder!"

Another Corrupted soldier went down easily, crumpling into a heap of undead misery under the concentrated barrage of lightning energy. Citrinne gave a flourishing bow, turning for the other two to see.

"Behind you, Citrinne!" Prince Alcryst called, nocking an arrow and taking aim.

Lapis rushed toward the bridge, sword drawn. "Citrinne! Look behind you!"

"Behind me?" Citrinne teased, making a big show of turning around and swaying her hips as she did so. "You two perverts just want to see my butt in these robes, and who could blame you? I look-"

But as she finally lifted her head, she made eye contact with a Corrupted soldier - standing over her, over the one she'd just shot a moment ago. Now standing way too close inside her personal space bubble and drooling at her. Citrinne paled. "Oh, shhhh..."

The Corrupted woman's lips descended over her face, and she shrieked in dismay and horror, squirming in the undead woman's grip. Her legs thrashed as she was lifted into the air, unceremoniously shoved into the creature's hungry maw.

"I can't get a good shot, Citrinne! Your big butt is in the way! Stop kicking so much!" Prince Alcryst called across the bridge.

Lapis hesitated, sword in hand, only a short ways away from where Citrinne was being eaten alive. "I, um, what am I to do? I don't want to hurt you, Citrinne!"

"Do something!" Citrinne yelled, her delicious butt now dangling perilously in the air outside the monster's mouth. Her devourer seemed to have been into girls in a past life, based on the way she slowed to indulge in Citrinne's breasts and butt with a shockingly skilled (if slippery) tongue. "A... ah... If you don't, I'm going to get digested!"

"I'm coming, Citrinne!" the Divine One yelled from the opposite side of Florra Town. "Just- Just hang in there! I'll be there any moment!"

"The Divine One will know what to do," Lapis breathed, relieved.

Citrinne couldn't answer - her face had been mashed into the bottom of an unexpectedly hot and acidic stomach. Her legs were now being devoured inch by inch, the new robes doing nothing to protect her from that inquisitive tongue as it probed her bare skin.

The Divine One piped up again. "Almost there! Okay, about halfway there, actually!"

"Hurry up!" Citrinne squeaked as her feet disappeared into the cramped confines of the magicked stomach. "She's starting to digest me already!"

"Oh dear," Prince Alcryst mumbled. "I- I am having some very inconvenient feelings about this... And about my own cousin, no less..."

Citrinne shrieked as her robes fell apart inside the tight belly she'd been crammed into. "Now is really not the time!! I don't know how long I can hold out, I-"

"Not to worry," Lapis assured everyone. "She's going to be fine! She's so strong now!"


Lapis scratched her cheek with her free hand. "... Ah. Well..."

Alear came sprinting up a few moments later, panting and out of breath. She paused, hands on her knees, stitch in her side, trying desperately not to give Alfred reason to assign her more strength training. "Did I... Did I get here in time..."

"Get behind me, Lapis!" Prince Alcryst announced, dashing across the bridge and putting two arrows into the Corrupted creature's skull. "We'll free her now!"

But as Lapis and Alcryst searched the creature's body, it was too late. Whatever dark magic had animated the creature had removed Citrinne from this world so perfectly that there was nothing left in its stomach.

"War is so dangerous," Lapis clutched her charge's hands. "Promise me you'll stay close behind me. Promise me you'll stay safe."

"I'll never leave your side, Lapis," Prince Alcryst said, gazing deep into her eyes. "I promise you this."

"Yes, yes, you two, save it for after the fight..." Alear sighed in exasperation, looking down at the fallen Corrupted and the fallen shoe from Citrinne that lay on its side beside her. "At this rate, we're never going to build up enough of a force to oppose the Corrupted..."


Meanwhile, behind a tree in view of Florra Town...

"At last, my monsters have claimed one of the Divine Brat's miserable friends for me to enjoy," the hooded figure said smugly, rubbing her gut slowly. "You were an easy target, my little treat. Too easy. I almost thought there was some kind of cleverness or trap behind your foolhardy rush."

Citrinne moaned, no longer able to form coherent words. The sweltering gut, thick with evil magic and dangerous acids, had completely overwhelmed her senses.

"You know, your friends started flirting again the second they noticed you were gone~" the figure said, teasing her meal. "It's like they were waiting for you to get out of the way to really get it on..."

What kind of news is that? Citrinne thought, dizzy from the fumes of the belly she was quickly melting into. I can't tell if I'm happy for them, or...

But she never got the chance to figure out how she felt. Her body quickly fell apart inside the deadly stomach of the sorceress.

"They melt too easy," the hooded figure purred. "You should have stuck around a little longer, you'd be more fun to play with that way~"