The stage is set, and the players are laid out. If nothing else, this promises to be quite the interesting semester...

Author's note: This was a modification of the original post I made that started this roleplay branch, adapted for non-RPer readership.

Nexus City College.

The premier vore university in the Nexus City area. Everyone who's anyone - anyone who didn't get into St. Miluina's, that is - is there, getting the study and degrees that will take them into their futures. And learning a thing or two about predation along the way... albeit sometimes lessons that they'll never get a chance to use. Yes, vore is common and accepted here, and there are classes aplenty for those who would study it. Extracurricular activities abound, too, with plenty of sports teams and student-run clubs to choose from.

Those clubs often actively recruit, as six members are required to maintain an official presence. And those numbers often drop from the fabled and dangerous club wars, riddled with delicious casualties, that tend to crop up at this school. The number of slots available for official clubs is limited by the student council's budget, after all, and where there is scarcity, there will be competition. And where a bunch of college girls who are allowed to devour each other and digest each other alive are competing...

Recruitment is especially important to clubs.

Today, as the 2022 winter semester starts up in earnest, a new recruitment flyer hangs up on the bulletin board in the cafeteria. It's printed in black ink on pink copy paper, with a little bit of doodle-y art adorning it. The images in the top corners show a frowning human with a big belly (that also has a frowny face on it) and a smiling catgirl holding hands with a smiling rabbit girl. Down in the center, just above the club name, there's a stylized rendering of a pair of catgirls, a lamia, and a human waving at the reader.

Looking for friends but can't open your mouth without sticking someone's head - or your own foot - in it?
Want to learn how 'normies' have conversations that aren't just talking about their latest meal or snacks they want to try?
Feel like a loser but don't know what to do about it besides eat everyone who makes fun of you and consider everyone you've digested to be your permanent friend?

Come join the Empty Bellies club!
We're looking for members to become an official club, and you could be one of us!

Interested? Please text Melissa xxx-xxx-xxxx or Reya xxx-xxx-xxxx with your name, year, and any notes about yourself and your predatory experience, and we'll add you to the group text!
We're excited to meet you!

Just beside it is a tattered flyer that has been renewed through several cullings since the fall semester. It bears a similar message, accompanied by some black-and-white photos of people playing famous wargames. A marker has been used to make some hasty handwritten corrections to the flyer.

Wargaming Club

Looking for 6th additional members
Meets 6PM twice a week, Tuesdays for mini painting and Thursdays for skirmishes
Call for questions or to join

Commander Fern xxx-xxx-xxxx
Lieutenant Commander Rhetta xxx-xxx-xxxx

Games played:

Beneath this header are the logos of various wargames. Vorehammer 40 Prey is most prominent, with Vorehammer Fantasty and Heroes Ate printed smaller underneath. "Play any game if you bring a friend who plays" is listed at the bottom.

This is the story of the conflict between the so-called "Losers' Club" and the bloodthirsty Wargaming Club. A story filled with love, loss, laughter, and lunch. So work up an appetite and come read along!