Rousing the BeastNSFW

Nanya is bullied relentlessly by the street punks in her neighborhood for her albinism, with many of them claiming her light sensitivity and difficulty making friends combined with her unusual skin and hair colors makes her a vampire. She's not - but her body contains supernatural power all the same, and when she's threatened, it finally makes an appearance.

Author's note: This was a character I made for Ria's Pathfinder universe, and specifically because she and Nan were pushing some of our friends to try unchained summoner. When no one did... I decided to.

It turns out unchained summoner is basically a Persona-user, so of course I had to make an awakening scene for her. Apply Awakening + Will Power to your ears while reading for maximum effect.

Content warning for implied fatal F/F soft oral vore featuring underage prey, a threat made by an underage pred to an underage prey, as well as bullying.

"Hey, blood-sucker, what are you doing out before sunset?"

Nanya froze up, her heart leaping into her throat. She clutched her book bag tightly to her chest, fear covering her face under her hood. Not this again... I had thought I was so careful... I can't lose any more library books...

Adela and her two thuggish underlings surrounded Nanya already, cornering her so the only escape was into a shadowed alley with no exit.

She backed into it all the same. "I am n-not a blood sucker..."

"She's out for blood, isn't she?" One of the thugs burst into laughter. "She's getting so hungry she can't wait for sunset..."

"What a coincidence... I'm pretty hungry too," Adela said, taking a firm step toward Nanya. She was much taller than Nanya, and her muscles were far stronger. "I've been thinking about becoming a vampire hunter, you know? Hunting you, specifically~"

Nanya felt lightheaded. Adela and friends had teased her, ruined her books before, but this? This was new. And she knew that Adela could carry this threat out. She wouldn't be the first girl she'd seen disappear down Adela's throat.

Empty stomach writhing in fear, Nanya dropped her books and raised her hands, backing away until her back hit the back wall of the alley. "I'm really... not that filling... I'm skin and bones, and I'm so small..."

"Perfect, you'll be the right size for dessert then," Adela said, taking a step forward. "And as a bonus? The neighborhood will have one... less... blood-sucker. The neighborhood girls don't have to live in fear of you anymore! Be happy you're worth something, even if it's just a little sweet dessert to tide me over before dinner... That's more than you deserve, blood-sucker."

"I... I have a name," Nanya mumbled, staring at her shoes.

"What was that? I didn't quite catch that," Adela teased, theatrically running her tongue across her lips. "Speak up, I want to hear your last words - I might almost miss you once you're all melted away to nothing~"

A sudden and unexpected fury welled up in Nanya's heart. She had been tormented, she had been threatened... but she would not be erased. She refused to die here. Not here, not now, not for this. "I said! I have a name!"

"And that name is assfat," Adela joked, though she was clearly a bit shaken by the sudden shout from the otherwise quiet girl.

Nanya gritted her teeth, hyperventilating. "My name is Nanya! Remember it!"

An unearthly woman's voice resonated in her head. Well, then... are you finished with running? Will you finally stand and fight against this injustice?

"I'm not backing down from this," Nanya snarled, both answer to the voice in her head and as boast of strength to Adela. "If you want me, you're going to have to come and get me."

Aha! At long last, is it my turn to shine?

A massive surge of pain split Nanya's head like a melon. She clutched it, writhing, while Adela and her thugs watched in confusion, suddenly uncertain.

Let us make explicit the bond between our souls... You are mine, and I am yours...

Nanya's teeth ground together as something seared itself into her forehead. A small magical rune, glowing with an intense light. The bullies shielded their eyes.

Now that your spine has grown in... We won't let anyone take that from us ever again.

Chest heaving, Nanya lifted her head and threw back her hood. Her eyes glowed too, that same searing light. Adela stared, transfixed, while her underlings panicked and demanded instructions behind her.

Today is the day the coward Nanya is consumed in flame, and the day the unbreakable Nanya is born from her ashes...

"You were right, Adela," Nanya said between pants, lifting a hand to cover her face and touching her middle finger to the rune. "I am so hungry."

Adela gibbered, taking two tentative steps back.

"Come forth!" Nanya yelled, curling her fingernails in and tearing her hand across her face as if shredding it open. In a blinding rush of light, energy poured from the rune in her forehead, coalescing into a being...

Nearly twice Nanya's short size, a beautiful woman with flowing hair, a shining purple that seemed to reflect light like a prism. Her arms wrapped around Nanya's body in a soft hug. Broad, fluffy white wings extended out to either side.

She stepped in front of Nanya, adopting a loose combat stance and licking her lips slowly as she looked across the gathered bullies. When she met Adela's wide, quivering eyes, she bit her lip, a twisted grin spreading across her face.

Nanya's lips curled upward. "Let's feast, Sariel!"