Trust in MeNSFW

(Never finished) Delia's girlfriend Everlee tries to give poor stressed Delia some comfort before her move to New Delhi. The stomach kind of comfort. But backwards...

Author's note: This story is loosely set in the Alleycats universe created by my friend Hershey, and features some references to her characters. It's also explicitly for her, and is inspired by some conversations we've had. She's pretty great, and I'm very excited about her work! Go give her some love!

It's also technically a belated birthday gift. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Well, it was, but then I ran out of energy and concentration to do it. It came from a good place, I guess.

Delia leaned her head back against the headboard, eyes closed. For the briefest moment, with Everlee's head resting against her chest, her girlfriend's half-awake body draped over her own, she felt comfortable... safe. The swirling mass of negative feelings was gone. But it didn't last long. It was hard to keep thoughts of her upcoming move out of her head, and well...

"Did I tell you about the predator gangs I heard about?" Delia asked, her voice low and incredulous.

Everlee groaned, falling into a laugh against Delia. She prodded a fingertip into her girlfriend's chest a few times. "Yes. You did. Like ten times."

"Well, it's true!" Grumbly sounds came from somewhere deep in Delia's throat, and her fingers closed around Everlee's finger to stop the assault on her boobs. "You know it's true. A girl like me will stand out as an easy mark, and I don't know the city well enough to know what streets not to go down. Probably, next time you see me, it's going to be as a couple extra cup sizes on some Indian predator girl's mugshot."

Having heard more than enough, Everlee snort-laughed, rolling over to face Delia. "Oh my God, Delia. You are so right. I would expect nothing less from my brilliant, funny, adorable girlfriend. And may I just say, whoever that girl is, in the mugshot? She has excellent taste."

"If you think you can get me out of this funk by buttering me up, you're only mostly right."

"Oh, I'm not buttering you up to get you out of the funk, I'm buttering you up for the girl who eventually gets to have you. If you're going to go for a treat, might as well go all the way, that's what I say."

Everlee's cheeky grin lasted a few seconds at most before Delia rolled them over, pinning her against the bed. Delia was even smiling for a few seconds, though it quickly faded back into the scowl that was becoming the standard lately. Not to say that Delia was ever the outwardly cheery type. That was Everlee's job in the relationship, and she took it incredibly seriously. Even so, behind her smiles, her heart ached to see her precious Delia this way. There had to be something more she could do. Something she was missing.

The roles from earlier were swiftly reversed, with Delia laying her head on Everlee's chest. "Ugh. Just, what if I'm caught out in some rural area? The stories I've heard about what happens to tourists who aren't careful enough out there... I can just see myself saying or doing the wrong thing... Not that the cities are any safer, and I've always been bad at politics, so what if I cross the wrong person at my internship and she corners me after work?"

"Dee. Are you developing new fetishes right before my eyes? Are you... into the thought of being eaten? You pervert?"

"No. Hell no. I'm not crazy." Delia scoffed. "I mean... no offense."

Lighthearted giggles from Everlee said none taken. "Are you saying I... your girlfriend who fantasizes about your tummy and what it could do to little ol' me... am crazy?"

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?" Delia shot back.

Everlee batted her eyelashes seductively. "Nope. Too busy staring at you..." Over the sound of Delia fake-gagging and rolling her eyes, Everlee tried to continue. "Any- Anyway! You led us down the garden path here! We're talking about you. If you're not turned on by thinking about Indian girl tummies, then why do you keep fantasizing about them?"

"Shut up," Delia mumbled, "and also you're dumb." She buried her face in Everlee's generous chest. Whatever she said next was too muffled to make out, but from the context, Everlee guessed it to be "I don't know."

Everlee hummed, running her fingers through Delia's long, delicate hair. "Mm. I am pretty dumb. But even us dumbos can figure things out sometimes." She tilted her head, looking over Delia. "Liiike... Maybe you don't think you'll fit in in an area that's got more developed reformation infrastructure than we do here. Where there's more swallowing going on, it's normal and stuff."

"I hate you," came Delia's muffled voice from between Everlee's boobs.

"Because I'm right~ You're thinking about getting the stink-eye from your coworkers at the internship when you don't eat enough people!"

Delia let out a long moan into Everlee's chest. "... maybe. And don't tell me I'm going to be fine. Because you don't know that! And sometimes the world isn't like your happy dreamy imagination!"

"My poor anxious girlfriend," Everlee said between laughs. Her fingers found Delia's sides under her shirt, drawing a squeak of protest and laughter from the otherwise-sullen young woman. "Yeah? You don't know that you're not going to be fine. Sometimes the world isn't like your cynical negative outlook."

Delia finally lifted her head, grumbling. "It's called realism. Somebody has to keep their feet on the ground to hold your string while your head is in the clouds." She flipped them once again, pinning Everlee's hands over her head to stop the tickling. "And I think I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson in taking things seriously."

Being helpless underneath Delia made Everlee's pulse quicken sharply, filling her body with desire. This was the reaction she was hoping for. "But I don't wanna take things seriously."

"That's why I have to teach you before I go," Delia said, sitting up and straddling Everlee's hips.