Vore Roleplay Tensioner NSFW

Do your roleplays feel like they lack that special spice? Feels a little empty without the thrill of maybe being digested or having your prey get away? Never fear!

Setup instructions #

Download the room data from here:
Then go to the New Custom Room From File page on playingcards.io:
And upload the file you just downloaded. Share the room link you create with a roleplay partner, and you're off to the races!
Note that you must have a roleplay partner already (there's no ingame method for RP matchmaking; do that the way you normally do it) and you must have another means of communication (this game doesn't support ingame chatting, and you need a way to convey the link anyway). This is not a substitute for roleplay or a game that can be played with roleplay themes; it's merely a companion to existing RP.

Play instructions #

When both of you are seated and you have your scenario idea in mind, press the Draw button to draw each of you seven cards. If you don't like your hand, you may mulligan; your old hand goes into the discard pile and you may draw 7 more cards. (Buttons on either side of the table help with this.) Once you're happy with your hands, start roleplaying!

When the tension in the roleplay starts to peak and your characters are having a bit of a power struggle, perform a card conflict. To do this, each of you plays a card face-down in the center (Px Play). At the same time, reveal the cards (the Reveal! button will do this for you).

The highest card wins, and is placed in the first open Fluster slot on the player that played it. (The other card is discarded.) In-story, the character whose player lost the high-card exchange gets flustered and loses the power struggle, in whatever form it took.

Aces are high but wrap - that is, aces beat everything except a two, while twos beat an ace and nothing else.

When both players' cards have the same value, it's a card clash. In this case, both cards are discarded, and each player draws an additional card and repeats the conflict until you manage to play different cards. Suit doesn't matter.

If the draw pile runs out, shuffle the discard pile and return it as the new draw pile. Also, you two should probably hang out less.

Once one side gets three victories, that side's character has secured pred status (or simply denied it to the other character) and may swallow the other, or any other kind of vore, or just escape. (Prey characters need not actually commit vore themselves.)

After the vore takes place, you may optionally play with the reversal rules below (also on the right side of the room) to allow for a chance of escape or reversal. Gameplay is the same as the main game, just with different goal numbers.

Have fun!

Reversal instructions #

Optionally, after the vore is finished, there may be an opportunity to escape - or even turn the tables!

Depending on the number of prey victories, the number of victories needed for each side in the reversal phase changes:

Once reversal is either successful or failed, the game ends. These rules do not allow for the possibility of multiple reversals.

Handicap rules #

If you want to bias the game in favor of one player or another, try these:

Note #

This website allows card games to exist while idle for up to 15 days. So long as you continue the roleplay more often than that, your cards will remain intact!

I wanted a simple game to introduce some chance and tension into kink roleplays. Just rolling dice or drawing cards is simple and chance, but not tension; the dice/cards are completely random. The luck of the draw starts you off, but then it's up to you to strategically use your resources to come out on top. As the game goes on, you grow more and more tired. Will you strike with overwhelming force to start, or take it easy at first to bring it home with a big finish once your opponent is tired? It's all up to you! And hat tip to Ssublissive, who pointed out that reversal rules are sorely needed to give that hope of a last minute escape!!