Recap 01: Pancake Breakfast NSFW

The FreeLancers discuss the mission to be over a breakfast of pancakes.

OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 1.


Today's breakfast was! Interesting!

We just came out of blinkspace, and Ayaka made pancakes while Rosa told us what we have to do for the day. Basically, our big mission is...!

Building a base on a deserted planet. Boo. That's not gonna get us anywhere. They have ocean based life forms under all that ice, but who cares?

Meh. Anyway, today we're going to be doing training in VR and checking our equipment before we land on... Ellida? Which I guess is the name of the planet.

Talya was real creepy. Her knife went through those pancakes like... I don't know what. Really easily. Those were the most perfect pancake cuts I've ever seen. And I think she was calling me the weak link on the team.

And, um, then Evi was eating everyone's pancakes, and she said she'd eat any members of her team that were dead weight...

And it just turned into Ayaka and Evi and everyone teasing me about being eaten. Oh, yeah. I um... The Doc says not to vent my baggage like this, but she's not here, so thbbbt. My family got eaten by pirates when I was little. They kept me to do hacking for them. Um, I think we were slavers. They were like sisters to me, though. Mean, jerky sisters who kept teasing me and laughing at me and pushing me around and giving me orders, but still sisters. I kind of miss them since they got arrested...

... Oh yeah, I was telling you this because that's why I like to think about (not do!!!) being eaten.

--- END ENTRY: 01-pancake-breakfast ---