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The adventures of the FreeLancers, as seen through Minka Riekert's diary.

Featuring Rose as the SM (Space Mom), Kait as Talya Karpova, Ice as Evi, and me as Minka Riekert.

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Recap 09i: Aunt Alei and New MechNSFW

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OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 9.5, a side session between me and Rose.


We're getting ready to go... and I hired Octavia again! She's going to come and help me out by making some adjustments on my mech that will help keep it in one piece.

I'm so excited! But I don't know what to wear. Should I try to impress her by dressing up? Or wait, maybe I should use a shirt that shows my stomach so that I can show her how I've been trying to practice eating more.

Or... maybe that's trying too hard. Maybe I should just dress super casual so that she thinks that I'm not thinking too hard?

But I don't want to look like a slob... Bee says I should buy some edible clothes. Do they sell those? Is that really a good idea?

Ugh, even if the Doc sees this it's not going to be in time for me to know what to wear now. I should just get this entry over with.

I think that's all I wanted to say.

Oh, right, so I said I was going to tell you about my new mech. So I applied for a Dusk Wing, but Shift - that horus girl? - she showed up and hacked my application in their system!

And she gave me this amazing new mech. I've been spending a while customizing it, but... I think she was being kind of a bully. It's a mech that works best when it's absorbed by another mech...

Oh, and I guess I'm scheduling a meeting with the Doc, Rosa, and my aunt and some lawyer. Seems like she wants to take custody of me again, despite not answering when it first came about.

I don't know. I guess I'm excited about it? Kinda. I mean, I want to have a family, I do. I just don't really want to leave. So... I don't know. Rosa said I could stay with her even if she did take custody of me, though.

Anyway, Rosa took me to bed after that cause I got really tired after hearing about that, so I forgot to write until now. Sorry!

... Who am I kidding, even the Doc doesn't read these. No one cares if I even write at all, lmao.

Back to freaking out about Octavia.

--- END ENTRY: 09i-aunt-alei-and-new-mech ---

    Recap 09: Mincake DinnerNSFW

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    OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 9.

    --- START ENTRY ---

    You'll probably read this where everything looks normal, and you have Bee to thank for that, because I'm writing this in a cramped stomach.

    And no! I didn't ask for this!

    ... I didn't say no, either, but...

    Okay, I don't know how much longer I'm going to last before Ayaka's tummy finishes me off, so I guess I'd better make it quick. This is for you, future Minka!

    We're going to a planet called Orion. It's a mining world that lost contact with Union 430 years ago, when their blink gate went down. Well, it just came back up, and their Queen Ophelia has been convinced to do a reunification ceremony with Union, and we're going to be running security for her daughter, Princess Amelia.

    It's gonna be a pretty dry affair, maybe, but Rosa's worried about it, I guess. Seems like we won't be doing much fighting, though.

    Bee's been acting funny lately. She's been singing my favorite songs - lately I'm into "I Don't Need You", a poppy revenge song about a breakup, sue me - and trying to get people to talk to her so she can improve her speech. I think she's kind of well beyond where I taught her...

    I'm actually kind of excited.

    Oh, and I have some more things to discuss with you, diary, but I'll tell you about them later. They have to do with my new mech...

    Ugh, I can barely hold the pen anymore. I guess I'm melting now...

    --- END ENTRY: 09-mincake-dinner ---

      Recap 08: Returning from ValiNSFW

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      OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 8, Lancer Session 8.5, (solo between Ice and me), and Lancer Session 8.75 (solo between Rose and Kait) and the start and continuation of the story of Minka's aunt. As Minka was not present for the events of the last two of these, they're summarized out-of-character.

      --- START ENTRY ---

      Long time no write.

      I'll never complain about this ship again. Never ever. I thought Artemis was going to eat us all, but she let us get away with 60%, and wow... She even said she'd tell Athena hi from me! Like, wow!

      Oh my Roko, I was so tired. It didn't even all hit me until I got into my room and fell asleep, and I mean fell asleep. Like, I'm surprised I even woke up, that's how hard I fell asleep.

      It's been a few days, and I've been spending a lot of time playing VR games with Evi. We had a little heart to heart in the mech bay the other day (and a combat in VR that I lost and... whew) and it made me feel a lot better. She's a military girl, yeah, but she still feels like my big sister... just, one who went off to military school.

      Apparently at her school there were girls that would just eat random students, and the faculty just let this happen.

      Not that I'm jealous or anything.

      And everyone teased me about... showers, and...

      Phew. Okay. Ayaka said we might be able to afford to upgrade the ship or hire an extra person or two with the money we brought in. So I'm looking forward to that!

      Rosa said we'd be able to get new licenses, too, which I'm super hyped about! I applied for a Dusk Wing license. Work my way up to getting that frame. But I guess you never know. The other two already got approved, and they already printed their mechs. That's why I helped Evi with hers, 'cause... y'know.

      Um, I haven't been able to hang out with Talya. She disappeared the night we got back and she's been too busy for me ever since. Which kinda sucks, 'cause... I wanted to ask her about this email I got. From a woman (Alei Riekert?) who says she's my aunt and she's been looking for me a while. Like, I should be skeptical, right? Especially since she works for New Dawn.

      But wow, having family who are still around... I don't know.

      --- END ENTRY: 08-returning-from-vali ---


      During her outing with Danni, Talya digested Fionna - the girl from New Dawn that she had eaten inside her hardsuit - inside a silent room. Silent rooms are areas that are signal-shielded to prevent any kind of signal from entering or leaving. It's like a normal lounge, but girls who digest inside don't come back, as their cloning data never reaches a reformation chamber.

      Danni flirted with Talya using emojis, which Talya didn't know how to use. She and Talya discussed Talya's new side mission: to assassinate the queen alongside Talya's new main mission to protect the princess. Danni used text messages to discuss the silent room to prevent Talya's prey from learning what her fate was to be until it was too late.

      Inside the silent room, Talya drank a citric-acid-smelling digestive aid to help Fionna's digestion along, then sat with Danni and discussed the concept of vacation.

      Elsewhere, Anna, the other New Dawn girl, was trying to reach Fionna, with the latter using the controls on her suit as a way to communicate back. They knew she had been eaten by Talya and became suspicious that Talya had access to a silent room. Danyka (Minka's aunt's assistant) said she would get Ms. Reva Kron, the family attorney Alei Riekert had hired to help get Minka into her guardianship, to discuss how this would impact their case.

      --- END ADMINISTRATIVE ADDENDUM: 08i-curing-indigestion ---

        Recap 07i: Painful gut feelingsNSFW

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        OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 7.5 - a side session between me and Kait.

        --- START ENTRY ---

        I can't believe I accidentally bashed into Talya's door while trying to listen in to her dealing with her stomach.

        I was sneaking and slipped on a pair of dog tags (I guess Artemis must have dropped them?) and crashed into the door. Talya made me go in and talk to her and rub her stomach. It was... oof. I'm still blushing just thinking about it.

        But we started talking about why she did what she did, and we ended up talking about how I need to have a more nuanced view of good and bad. I guess maybe if Talya is saying it too, Doc was on to something.

        Talya really knows how things work. She basically told me that sometimes you have to do things that don't seem right because of what happens if you don't, or because you need to make deals in order to be able to do the right thing. It's kind of like how my crew always said sometimes we gotta do some things we don't wanna do to get the things we do wanna do.

        I really don't get it, but Talya does. I'm glad I have her to lean on.

        And... to rub her stomach... I'm still in her room, actually, writing this on her bunk while she sleeps. I've been rubbing for who knows how long... I wonder if the signal I sent went out?

        Oh! Speaking of signal, the dog tags I found are encrypted. I think they contain the cloning data of their owner, though. I'm going to have to try to crack it and see if I can bring this person back! Talya thinks it's a good idea, so I think it will be okay. And maybe she'll be happy I saved her from that planet?

        --- END ENTRY: 07i-painful-gut-feelings ---

          Recap 07: New Dawn MedicalNSFW

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          OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 7.

          --- START ENTRY ---

          I'm feeling kind of lost. I'm worried that I did the wrong thing.

          I trust Talya, I really do... And... She probably knows what's best, right?

          Sorry. Let me explain. So after I hacked our way into the airlock, when we got into the station, we split up. Artemis set up some mines to guard the front door, and the rest of us went in. Evi stayed out with the mechs.

          Talya and I crept up to the door of the data center, and then she busted in and told them to tell us who they worked for. Turned out it was New Dawn Medical, the people Talya told me to look out for. I don't know much about them, I just know one of them was named Anna and they were all basically set to stay there for months.

          Anyway, we kind of had a standoff. Talya had her gun out, they had their guns out, I set off a fake alarm, but... they didn't want to stop us? They basically told us we could take the data and take the bounty as long as we let them take the data for their own purposes. All they wanted was for us to leave them alone and they'd leave us alone.

          Which is why I don't get it. They didn't seem like jerks. They just said they wanted to get the data to their doctors to make a cure. But still, Talya forced most of them out, and then shot at one of the girls, the captain, and nearly made her trip on one of Artemis's mines. And then - well, I didn't see it, but I heard it, and I saw the aftermath. She told me to lock the airlock door with the other girls and pressed a button on her suit and ate the captain. Survival hardsuit and all, which... well, she's gonna have a big stomachache, probably.

          I mean, I guess she had a good reason for it.

          I really hope so...

          ... I'm trying to get a signal out to the others so they know we have the data and we're safe and we can work out when and where they're going to pick us up. Artemis is sleeping in the open bunk until we get back into orbit and she can get back to her ship. Hopefully the Apex will be grateful for the help.

          --- END ENTRY: 07-new-dawn-medical ---

            Recap 06: Vs. Dalamadur HybridNSFW

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            OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 6, a boss battle session.

            --- START ENTRY ---

            That was unbelievable...

            I'm having Bee take dictation on a quick note while I wait for the others outside the wrecked station. So, um, we made it! Nobody got eaten or anything. Not... that I wanted us to...

            We took on the giant hybrid woman with Artemis's help. She seemed really interested in Talya - I think getting shot at so much upset her. But my turrets kept wearing her down, and Talya and Evi took turns shooting her down while Artemis charged up the Rail and kept blasting blindly into the water, and then...

            I don't think I can describe what it was like watching the Rail let loose. Hearing it, seeing it... or, rather, seeing what was left after it fired...

            The Apex is really terrifying...

            Anyway, Talya asked me to run in and grab the data and wipe out the copy on the station itself, but... someone else turned on the station and got inside about an hour and a half ago.

            Guess it's time to find out what's in there...

            --- END ENTRY: 06-vs-dalamadur-hybrid ---

              Recap 05: Teaming Up with ApexNSFW

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              OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 5.

              --- START ENTRY ---

              There's an Apex girl sitting a few feet away as I write this.

              Her tummy is apparently full of her competition which includes us (not that we're in her tummy but just that we are also her competition) and I am FREAKing out!

              She made a loud burp and I kinda zoned out, so I don't remember a whole lot, to be honest...

              Um, I should back up. Lots of the tracking indicators I'd placed on the other hunters started disappearing in a hurry. When we got closer, all that was left was the Apex girl - Artemis, apparently, the girl that Evi ate before - and even her mech was really messed up.

              Apparently a giant aquatic snake lady - a Dalamudur, apparently, something that can regenerate from wounds and keep on growing and live for centuries, or at least a human fused with one - attacked her and devoured most of the Apex crew, the girls they were fighting with, and everyone else in her way.

              She didn't want to help us at first, but after Talya shrewdly negotiated us giving away 60% of the profits to the Apex, she decided she'd charge up her Apocalypse Rail while we try not to get eaten, and we'd keep it busy and try to keep it in range of the blast.

              And before you think I'm being sarcastic, I'm not. She's an Apex girl. I would have probably ended up giving her 100% and a passkey to my room so she can stop by and eat me whenever she feels like.

              ... Um, because she's intimidating, not because... You know what, never mind. There's more important stuff to worry about right now!

              --- END ENTRY: 05-teaming-up-with-apex ---

                Recap 04: Landing on ValiNSFW

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                OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 4.

                --- START ENTRY ---

                I'm typing this from some freaking cave in the middle of Desert Lizard Hell. The electrical storm is still going outside.

                Ah, right. Let me back up.

                Um, we got into Vali's orbit. There were a ton of other ships there - a bunch of them were really badly busted and on their way back. Feel bad for them - there's no blink gate, so it takes a week by FTL drive. It's gonna be a long and embarrassing ride, huh?

                The storm wall nearly made me have a panic attack. Seriously, you read about these things and see videos of them, but to actually look at them? I'm probably going to have nightmares about that.

                Especially since once we got into the transport ship and Ayaka started steering us into the storm, they freaked and dumped us into the storm and we crashlanded in the sand. I guess it's too much to ask of a transport ship to be able to handle a fucking massive storm like that, but damn. While we were checking out the damage, some Jaggies came up on us. One of them broke the wings off the Bumble...

                I'm pissed.

                I think the impact rattled Evi's brain, because she was out and hasn't come around yet. I hope she's okay.

                Anyway, one of them was this... weird half-human, half-jaggy thing. I think Talya should be getting close to done with her investigation by now. I don't trust that doctor as far as I can throw her...

                Oh, right, I keep jumping around. Anyway, after we knocked out the hybrid, we fixed up the transport and fled an electrical storm that was coming up on us. It's turning the sand into glass outside.

                At least it gave us a chance to fix up our mechs. Talya way overdid it. Gonna have to give that girl a talking-to about not stressing your reactor like that if you don't want to be the star of a big fireworks show.

                Fortunately, the transport's got some spare parts in it. And since we're definitely not keeping it after, we don't have to be nice, right?

                ... By spare parts I mean. Parts that can be safely removed without making the ship unable to fly.

                Don't tell anyone. Especially Talya.

                Anyway, ship is fixed, Talya's mech is fixed, I even got the Bumble's wings back up and running. So once this freaking storm ends, we can go. I hope Evi is okay...

                --- END ENTRY: 04-landing-on-vali ---

                  Recap 03i: Octavia AppearsNSFW

                  ‣‣‣ 241 words ( read)

                  OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 3.5 - a side session between me and Rose.

                  --- START ENTRY ---

                  So, I don't want to take up too much space in here with boring personal stuff, but... I just. Asked a girl out? I think?

                  Octavia Her name is Octavia and she's the apprentice engineer who came to work on our ship. It turns out that I guess her teacher is a traveling engineer named Lydia who came to Alpine to capitalize on all the maniacs going on suicide missions for glory. Like us!

                  Jade-class ship Anyway, she's super fascinating. She knows a lot about ships. She said she and her teacher get around in a Jade-class. It's small and old, though, so she didn't like it. She was impressed with the Wayfarer and the printer Rosa installed and stuff.

                  Ummmm, she was interested in my cybernetic hand. I guess the pirates must have used a nonstandard model. I did kinda scare her off by telling her where I got it, though. Doc was right about me dumping trauma on people, heh...

                  But! She came with lunch still in her stomach! And that lunch was a girl! A girl who was still moving when I found her, because she bumped into me and I felt it!

                  And she started teasing me about it!

                  And somehow, she still accepted my invitation. To. Help me eat girls sometime, because she thinks I need more practice.

                  I don't know if I'll have room in my stomach with all the butterflies in there...

                  --- END ENTRY: 03i-octavia-appears ---

                    Recap 03: Station Recovery PreparationsNSFW

                    ‣‣‣ 476 words ( read)

                    OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 3.

                    --- START ENTRY ---

                    That. Was a crazy day.

                    Ummm, let me go over everyone else's day first.

                    Danni Uhhh, I guess Talya was meeting with some friend of hers - Danni? - who wanted us to give her a copy of the data in exchange for getting us something to get around on the planet safely with. And also destroy the originals so no one else could get at them. I think there's some other medical company named New Dawn Medical - the data is medical data, to treat Petrapathy, this disease that causes your cells to grow and crystallize, kind of reminds me of cancer from the history books. So like, this New Dawn company wants it for whatever reason. But they can't have it. I think they're going to use it for evil, probably. New Dawn is an evil-sounding name.

                    Vali transport (unknown class) And we also get this nice ship to get around in! So I'm excited for that. Supposedly, the storms are just less bad behind the storm wall. That makes me feel better. Groan...

                    Artemis Ummm, and then Evi... She went shopping for some storm shielding, and everywhere was sold out. Except this one place, which had an Apex girl at it. (Apex is this really scary gang of girls with raptor DNA spliced in. They have claws and tails and stuff.) And Evi got the shielding. She ate the freaking Apex girl. And not just any Apex girl. Artemis, the Artillery Master. Evi is really scary, honestly...

                    Athena And then me. I. Don't remember that clearly. Because I, the old me, didn't make it to the end of the day. Apparently... I fed myself to another Apex girl (Evi tells me it was Athena, the lead technician of Apex) while I was at the library doing research. I still got some research data and even a handle on a tracking bug that I must have done while I was at the library, but... yeah. It's like someone else was there, for me. It's trippy, being cloned...

                    But whatever the reason, I think I wanted to be saved. Both because duh, and because I sent a message to Evi asking her to come pick up my stuff and I left my diary there. Why would I have left my diary? Or stripped on my own for her? What did she say to me?

                    Well, that information turned to mush along with past me, as well as any other information I might have overheard...

                    And Shift - that's the name of the HORUS girl who contacted me before - tells me that Athena is also on the HORUS inner circle... and she loves eating girls...

                    But at least Evi got her too. She just didn't bother letting me out first.

                    ... Um, I need to stop writing for a second, I'm just thinking about that and wow.

                    Bee, don't put that part in.

                    --- END ENTRY: 03-station-recovery-preparation ---

                      Recap 03b: Station Recovery BriefingNSFW

                      ‣‣‣ 320 words ( read)

                      OOC note: This recap describes the events of the story Decryption as well as the content of Lancer Session 3, Briefing.

                      --- START ENTRY ---

                      Sorry I haven't written in a while. In my defense, nothing exciting was happening. At least nothing exciting that was any good.

                      Um, the mission went off pretty easy, actually. No real problems. Which meant that it was just boring construction work, not anything fun. I think the other girls were bored too, 'cause then Rosa told everyone they were getting licenses.

                      Shift And I almost didn't get one, but I was messing around with part design and I accidentally stole a HORUS design! The HORUS girl who hacked my cybernetics and appeared as a hologram in my room didn't seem mad, though, just curious. Apparently the girl that was supposed to be for might be looking for me now, though. Gulp!

                      I meant that in the sense of me swallowing nervously, not her swallowing me. Don't get any ideas.

                      The HORUS inner circle seems like a wonderful place with cool people. That hacker who broke into a big news site and posted her own nudes up on it, Belle? She's part of it, too. And yes, Belle posted her own nudes!! I wonder if I'll be able to get in?

                      I decided to write because we have a new job coming up. We're gonna be trying to recover some data or something. Some station crashed on a planet called Vali with hella storms. Everyone thought it was busted but I guess it did actually survive.

                      Anyway, we're going to arrive at the staging station, Alpine, in the Tyr system soon. I gotta figure out some way to help. We're racing to the data, and we have to survive the race along the way! Ayaka says she was the best pilot in the Union Navy, but I'm a little worried...

                      The prize is pretty big, though. The medical company, Horizon, is paying enough money to buy whoever gets it a new station! So we can't lose!

                      --- END ENTRY: 03b-station-recovery-briefing ---

                        Recap 02: Combat TrainingNSFW

                        ‣‣‣ 212 words ( read)

                        OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 2.

                        --- START ENTRY ---

                        I have never been so tired in my whole life.

                        Holy shit. (Doc, I'm trying not to swear as much but this situation deserves it!) I guess my brain's been working overtime cause of the VR.

                        We did a whole bunch of virtual training exercises and it was really exhausting. Even virtual bodies get tired, I guess. And then after all that, we got put in our mechs to do a fake training mission. We had to escort some payload to the destination and stuff.

                        There were a bunch of girls fighting us. The simulated Juliet Squad. We wiped the floor with them, though, haha. Bitches. Virtual bitches. Evi ate one of them, which was... um...

                        A-Anyway, they all (those of them who were still around, anyway) kinda fled after that. Not before breaking my damn honey chamber, though. I gotta redesign that, I think it's a weak point.

                        It was fun seeing the other girls in combat. Talya seemed to be having a hard time with her sniper rifle, eheh. But Evi went right for the enemy. She seems really dangerous up close, and her mech looks like it's really tough to beat. I hope I never have to be on the wrong side of her...

                        --- END ENTRY: 02-combat-training ---

                          Recap 01: Pancake BreakfastNSFW

                          ‣‣‣ 270 words ( read)

                          OOC note: This recap describes the events of Lancer Session 1.

                          --- START ENTRY ---

                          Today's breakfast was! Interesting!

                          We just came out of blinkspace, and Ayaka made pancakes while Rosa told us what we have to do for the day. Basically, our big mission is...!

                          Building a base on a deserted planet. Boo. That's not gonna get us anywhere. They have ocean based life forms under all that ice, but who cares?

                          Meh. Anyway, today we're going to be doing training in VR and checking our equipment before we land on... Ellida? Which I guess is the name of the planet.

                          Talya was real creepy. Her knife went through those pancakes like... I don't know what. Really easily. Those were the most perfect pancake cuts I've ever seen. And I think she was calling me the weak link on the team.

                          And, um, then Evi was eating everyone's pancakes, and she said she'd eat any members of her team that were dead weight...

                          And it just turned into Ayaka and Evi and everyone teasing me about being eaten. Oh, yeah. I um... The Doc says not to vent my baggage like this, but she's not here, so thbbbt. My family got eaten by pirates when I was little. They kept me to do hacking for them. Um, I think we were slavers. They were like sisters to me, though. Mean, jerky sisters who kept teasing me and laughing at me and pushing me around and giving me orders, but still sisters. I kind of miss them since they got arrested...

                          ... Oh yeah, I was telling you this because that's why I like to think about (not do!!!) being eaten.

                          --- END ENTRY: 01-pancake-breakfast ---

                            Recap 00: Character CreationNSFW

                            ‣‣‣ 625 words ( read)

                            OOC note: This recap describes the characters and setting as they were established at the start of the campaign. It doesn't correspond to any particular session, but to the general process of character creation and campaign set-up. Part of that energy was encapsulated in the letter from Minka's therapist to Rosa.

                            --- START ENTRY ---

                            Dr. Treseder told me that it was best for me to keep some kind of record of my time here on the Wayfarer, so I'm starting this project here. I don't think anyone's gonna care, least of all me, but when you get therapy homework, you gotta do it.

                            Oh, before I get started... Dr. Rylian Treseder is the name of the girl who took me in when I was sent to prison the Rehabilitation Center and has been trying to make me boring "fix" me and my "trauma". I like to call her just... The Doc. It pisses her the hell off, since she just wants me to call her Rylian. Don't you, Doc? Love you.

                            Lakota-class Ship The ship we're on is a Lakota-class cruiser called the USC Wayfarer. I just call it "the ship".

                            Rosa Hawkes Rosa Hawkes The girl in charge is named Captain Rosa... Hawkes. We don't really use last names. She asked us to just call her Rosa. She's cool. She's got pretty blue eyes and a big loving smile that feels like your mom.

                            Ayaka Hawkes Her wife's name is Ayaka, and she's the pilot. She's got cat ears and she likes messing with people. Specifically me. Um, we'll talk about why later.

                            Sarah Hawkes Sarah Hawkes They have a kid whose name is Sarah. She seems like a good kid, I guess. I don't really care about kids much, but she isn't like, loud or anything. She has her cat mom's ears. It's cute.

                            The team Rosa runs is called the FreeLancers. Except there aren't any lancers, just mech pilots. Rosa used to be a Lancer, and if you listen to her stories, they sound amazing. She's super cool! But she doesn't do any of that anymore, not since Sarah was born. She takes in losers and messed up people and stuff, like me.

                            We've just kind of been doing odd jobs so far, and not really so much in the way of fighting. But Rosa says that we're going to have a job that could go excitingly haywire soon!

                            Oh, yeah, I should talk about the three of us.

                            Evi First off is Evi. She's kind of scary. She just eats a lot and that includes people. She's friendly and nice and all, but she doesn't seem to be too up on things. I guess she's kind of in a weird spot. I guess she was cloned from this famous Lancer (I never heard of her) and there are lots of other clones like her? Her call sign is GOLEM. She seems like one of those forbidden supersoldier projects I read about in comics. She looks kinda mom-like too, but she acts more like a teenager. I guess she's technically 19.

                            Talya Karpova Ummmm, then there's Talya. Her last name is... Karpova? I think. Codename: SCALPEL. She's a doctor, but she really needs to work on her bedside manner. Just being around her creeps me out. I think she has an addiction to stimulants, too. I don't think she likes me very much, for real. She's kind of... shady... but she's good about finding stuff out, and I guess she's a good doctor, too.

                            Minka Riekert And then there's me! My name is Minka Riekert. Codename: WASP. Cause I'm small but I'll sting you. Uhhh, I build my own stuff. I did a bunch of interviews at the rehab center, and a lot of people said I'm too young to be a mech pilot, but Rosa took me on. Even though my mind is messed up. (Doc, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for being self-deprecating, but you know it's true.) With Bee's help (Bee is the name of the mech AI that I built) and the Bumble 0xB that I custom designed, I'm seriously ready for action!

                            --- END ENTRY: 00-character-creation ---