Recap 08: Returning from ValiNSFW

The group gets home and debriefs from their agonizing journey through the storm.

OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 8, Lancer Session 8.5, (solo between Ice and me), and Lancer Session 8.75 (solo between Rose and Kait) and the start and continuation of the story of Minka's aunt. As Minka was not present for the events of the last two of these, they're summarized out-of-character.


Long time no write.

I'll never complain about this ship again. Never ever. I thought Artemis was going to eat us all, but she let us get away with 60%, and wow... She even said she'd tell Athena hi from me! Like, wow!

Oh my Roko, I was so tired. It didn't even all hit me until I got into my room and fell asleep, and I mean fell asleep. Like, I'm surprised I even woke up, that's how hard I fell asleep.

It's been a few days, and I've been spending a lot of time playing VR games with Evi. We had a little heart to heart in the mech bay the other day (and a combat in VR that I lost and... whew) and it made me feel a lot better. She's a military girl, yeah, but she still feels like my big sister... just, one who went off to military school.

Apparently at her school there were girls that would just eat random students, and the faculty just let this happen.

Not that I'm jealous or anything.

And everyone teased me about... showers, and...

Phew. Okay. Ayaka said we might be able to afford to upgrade the ship or hire an extra person or two with the money we brought in. So I'm looking forward to that!

Rosa said we'd be able to get new licenses, too, which I'm super hyped about! I applied for a Dusk Wing license. Work my way up to getting that frame. But I guess you never know. The other two already got approved, and they already printed their mechs. That's why I helped Evi with hers, 'cause... y'know.

Um, I haven't been able to hang out with Talya. She disappeared the night we got back and she's been too busy for me ever since. Which kinda sucks, 'cause... I wanted to ask her about this email I got. From a woman (Alei Riekert?) who says she's my aunt and she's been looking for me a while. Like, I should be skeptical, right? Especially since she works for New Dawn.

But wow, having family who are still around... I don't know.

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During her outing with Danni, Talya digested Fionna - the girl from New Dawn that she had eaten inside her hardsuit - inside a silent room. Silent rooms are areas that are signal-shielded to prevent any kind of signal from entering or leaving. It's like a normal lounge, but girls who digest inside don't come back, as their cloning data never reaches a reformation chamber.

Danni flirted with Talya using emojis, which Talya didn't know how to use. She and Talya discussed Talya's new side mission: to assassinate the queen alongside Talya's new main mission to protect the princess. Danni used text messages to discuss the silent room to prevent Talya's prey from learning what her fate was to be until it was too late.

Inside the silent room, Talya drank a citric-acid-smelling digestive aid to help Fionna's digestion along, then sat with Danni and discussed the concept of vacation.

Elsewhere, Anna, the other New Dawn girl, was trying to reach Fionna, with the latter using the controls on her suit as a way to communicate back. They knew she had been eaten by Talya and became suspicious that Talya had access to a silent room. Danyka (Minka's aunt's assistant) said she would get Ms. Reva Kron, the family attorney Alei Riekert had hired to help get Minka into her guardianship, to discuss how this would impact their case.

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