Tricky preyNSFW

Reko and Alah have a run-in with Miah. It ends well... for Miah.

Reko's heart fluttered in her throat. This was such a make or break moment, and Alah was leaving the decision up to her.

Adventurers were tricky prey. Often new money, not used to such things as not carrying all of your money around with you as coins. That made them big catches... but they were also more aware than most, and that made them hard to catch.

The other nice thing about adventurers was that some of them were kind. Sometimes, if you stole an adventurer's purse, she would just let you go. Some would even give you more money, or take you somewhere safe and give you some food to eat.

Others, though...

Reko swallowed hard. The adventurer they would run this scam on had to be kind. Had to be oblivious. Had to be experienced.

There. In the middle of the crowd. A white-haired Miqo'te girl. She tapped Alah on the shoulder and pointed.

"She looks like someone's mom," Alah said, her ears and tail drooping. "I'll feel bad."

"Exactly why she won't get mad at us if she catches us," Reko said. Her own tail flashed eagerly with anticipation. "We'll remind her of her own kids, and she'll just have to let us go. Right?"


Her own words echoed inside her head. This was always the worst part. Not knowing how it was going to turn out... Whether she'd come away richer or have to pull off one of her daring escapes...

She licked her lips, approaching the woman carefully. Now was her chance. Any minute now, Alah was going to pull the distraction - yes, there it was, spilling her art supplies all over the floor... the motherly-looking cat (a white mage, perhaps?) stopped to make sure no one else would approach. Just perfect!

Reko reached up, slipping her hand in and out of the woman's pockets at lightspeed, careful not to touch her as she went. That's strange... She had so many pockets, and they looked heavy, but each of them seemed to be empty...

A sudden gust of wind blew the woman's skirt up, and she took a step back, pressing the skirt back down.

Over Reko.

Who the hell is this crazy commando lady?! Reko grumbled, preparing to flee...

... but the woman's legs surrounded her quite suddenly, and she froze. There was no way she was going to explain her way out of this one!

The woman crouched slightly, and as Reko's head disappeared into a tight tunnel, she realized that the woman wasn't interested in explanations...


Alah couldn't seem to catch her breath. That woman had been scarily intense. She seemed so sweet, but... Something about her energy made her seem really scary...

At least that must have meant that Reko had a good chance to go for her purse... right?

Twenty minutes passed. Then an hour.

Dread pooled in the bottom of her stomach. Reko should have come out by now. All the adventurers had gone to see their little seminar and then come back out. So where in the world was Reko?

The motherly cat was there, talking on a linkpearl.

It seemed wrong to ask their victim for help, but... They'd chosen her because she was the kindest seeming one, after all...

"Please, miss, have you seen my friend?"


Reko could hear it, of course. She could hear everything. The woman had chosen to stand at the back of the room... and had not even fully taken Reko in. No matter how Reko kicked and punched, squirmed and pushed, the woman had not reacted in the slightest. And the muscles that held Reko captive were so incredibly tight. At one point, she'd managed to secure the smallest, tiniest bit of progress, and the muscles surrounding her had clamped down with such force she was sure she'd be crushed.

By now, she was held up to her hips in this woman's womb. The woman seemed to be enjoying the sensation of her there, as she was just toying with her - moving her in and out, letting her dangle. Not like it did her a lot of good to have any parts of her free. By now, she was completely exhausted from fighting. If anyone had seen the woman's reactions, or heard her own cries for help, they showed no sign of it.

And now, even Alah was ignoring her... or was she unable to hear her? One thing was for sure, though... the woman had apparently tired of toying with her. This time, she was just going up and in - not out again. Her thighs started to disappear, wetness surrounding them too. The warmth at her upper body was starting to get intense. What did this mean?!

"Hmmm, yes... Your friend disappeared near the start of the show, you said?" Miah - that was the name of the woman, she had learned - was talking to Alah. "She can't have gotten far, then, and it's unlikely she would have left the building, right? Come, then, take my hand and we'll look around. If she's here, she'll surely turn up."

"I'm in here!" Reko tried her best to call out, but the tightness against her chest and the stifling warmth made it weak even to her own ears. Alah definitely hadn't heard...


Alah was beginning to get worried. She and the other cat had looked for nearly an hour. Which meant Reko had been gone for two.

"You seem to be getting tired," Miah said gently. "Why don't I take you up to my room and we can rest a little while, and then we can see if we can get your friend to come out."

Alah nodded gratefully, clinging to the woman's hand. She'd confessed their sins, even, in a desperate hope that the woman would somehow stop punishing Reko for her own - Reko would probably be angry if she'd heard that! - and yet the woman only smiled and assured her that they would find her yet.

Miah's room was small and cozy. But even so, there were personal touches.

Alah moved over to the picture on the desk, looking it over. "Wow... Are these your daughters?"

"Some of them, yes," Miah said. She rubbed a hand over her swollen tummy. "And one is in here..."

"Oh, that's beautiful," Alah said, beaming. "Reko and me, we said you looked like someone's mom."

"Her name was Reko, hm?" Miah chuckled. "What a cute name..."

"Haha, yeah..." Alah trailed off. "... Was?"

Miah smiled. "My mistake."

"No... no, wait..." Alah's eyebrows went down. "And since when are you pregnant? What are you-"

Miah pushed Alah onto the bed, straddling her. "Oooh! You're a very observant girl, aren't you?"


Miah's thighs squeezed tightly around Alah on either side. "What is it, Alah?"

"D-Did you... Do something... to Reko?" Alah was shaking now. Though she'd asked a question, she was nearly certain of its answer.

"Mmm. Why don't you rub my belly and find out?" Miah purred.

Alah reached out a trembling hand. At Miah's wordless encouragement, she touched. The stomach flesh was taut but smooth, and Alah could just feel... something...

"Rub," Miah instructed.

Alah rubbed.

And the something she could feel... slowly gave way. Dissolved into nothing but mush, and then... sloshed about as she rubbed, so loudly she could hear it... "R-Reko...?"

That was all Miah needed. Her thighs tightened around Alah's small body, she threw her head back and gasped...

Alah squealed as something hot and wet soaked into her clothes. "Ew! W-What is this?!"

"A... Ah.... You wanted your friend to come out.... and here she is!" Miah said, panting heavily.

"No... way..."

"Mmm... If you don't believe me, why don't you take a look yourself?"

Miah grabbed Alah, dragging the soaked catgirl kitten out from under her and lifting her up. She pulled the drenched clothes off the girl, leaving her bare.

And then...

Alah screamed. Miah's mouth rushed at her, stretching wide enough to open over her head...


Alah's tiny body had fit inside Miah's stomach with terrifying ease. She couldn't move - Miah's stomach muscles were so strong... But she could hear what was going on outside.

"Ah, hearing that those girls disappeared makes me worry for this little one's safety," Miah said around her, patting her through the stomach.

"I completely understand," another voice said, putting a hand on her through the stomach too. "Don't worry - we'll catch whoever this is and stop them well before this one grows up."

I'm not going to... Alah thought miserably. She's not going to let me out either, is she...