Eternal Loyalty NSFW

(Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to the end of Chapter 17.) Seeing how mentally and physically exhausted Alear is after a grueling battle, Framme comes up with the perfect solution for everyone involved. Well, except that she won't be around to see how it turns out...

Author's note: This was the result of linearizing and editing a Fire Emblem Engage roleplay between me and RadiantRia. I adore Framme and her one-sided love affair with the Divine Dragon, and we both like vore and Princess Ivy. It's a recipe for fun!

... For us. Framme had a decidedly hard time with this one. Not that you'd know that from outside her head, because she's such a relentless sweetheart. Alear had a pretty rough time of it too, tbh. Don't worry, there will be some aftercare coming following this. Framme deserves a happy ending! And this one is aggressively bittersweet. If you're sensitive to those types of feelings, you should probably leave this story after the swallowing hits.

Anyway, Ria is a fantastic partner as well, and I'm really glad we got to do this! Her writing definitely landed some big hits on me!

This story will contain reluctant pred/enthusiastically willing prey, unrequited love drama, death discussion (including in the context of suicidally willing prey), female nudity, breast and ass fondling as part of vore, and painful digestion, as well as (of course) F/F same-size oral soft vore with weight gain.

Disposal content level:

With light disposal enabled, this story also contains references to disposal and an abridged bathroom scene.

With full disposal enabled, this story also contains bones, references to disposal and a bathroom scene with some mild scat.

With sexual content enabled, this story also contains dubcon sexual gratification as part of vore and masturbation, both involving a woman with a vulva.

With sexual content disabled, this story is significantly more emotionally excruciating than the sex-on version of the story due to Framme's innocent enthusiasm being broken by pain with little pleasure to soften the blow. And the sex-on version is no slouch, either. Be sure you're emotionally prepared and remember that it's okay to close this tab at any point if you need to.

It will also contain spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to the end of Chapter 17. So, don't read it if you're not that far and you care about spoilers. If either of those conditions doesn't apply, come on down.

Okay? Then we're off.

With the retreat of the Four Hounds and Fell Dragon's forces, smoke rose over the destroyed town of Florra Port, having been burned to the ground on the order of the Fell Princess, Veyle...or, at least, the crueler side of her personality, as had now been made clear. The battle had been grueling for the Divine Dragon's army, and morale wasn't helped by them arriving too late to actually save the town. A few of the Firenese villagers had survived, but far more had been devoured by enemy soldiers and Corrupted, more than one of the Hounds taunting them with already-softened bellies as they fought, frail cries within begging for mercy.

The Divine Dragon Alear had just finished making her rounds, speaking with her allies and the few survivors left behind - one man had watched his entire family be eaten alive, and Alear hadn't known what she could say to possibly make that better. She sat down wearily on the stone terrace surrounding a burned-out garden, hanging her head and heaving a sigh she'd been afraid to let her allies hear. She was so tired...

Framme peered around a ruined building, noticing her exhausted Divine One - the one she was meant to protect. Exhausted, depleted... defeated, even after their narrow victory. A massive swell of love built in her heart, a desire to fix it, to make it all go away. But she had nothing. Nothing but her dedication, her love, the energy and force of her cheers... she was bursting with all that. But that wasn't what the Divine One wanted. She'd fallen for the brave fallen princess of Elusia. And Framme had steamed over it, schemed over it, dreamed over it. None of it mattered.

An idea began to take hold in her mind, a small one, a hopeful one. Maybe... maybe there was a way to give the Divine One what she needed in this moment. Maybe there was a way she could secure her place in the Divine Dragon's heart... once and for all...

Her heart burned with passionate intent. She took her seat beside Alear, gently placing a hand on the Divine Dragon's leg. "Hi, Divine One." She gave a smile warm with the heat from that flame in her heart. "This was a pretty tough fight, huh? I can't believe they did something like this... But because you were here, we at least saved a few, didn't we?"

Alear jolted as Framme placed a hand on her leg, too caught up in her own thoughts to even hear her approaching - lucky for her that there were no enemies left around, or she might have been a sitting duck, she thought ruefully. "Hey, Framme," she said, trying to put on a smile for her ever-supportive steward. "Yeah, it really was a tough one. All of those Emblem Rings, used to fight against us - and Veyle..." She winced, hand tightening around the Ring of the Holy Knight, tossed to her by her maybe-friend, maybe-enemy. "I can hardly believe we all made it."

And they wouldn't have, without the Draconic Time Crystal, at that. She could still hear the screams of Alfred and Céline as Zephia swooped down on them with a mouth open wide, the prince snatched right off his horse as both were crammed into the villainess's gut, propelled through their ranks with Sigurd's power. "I guess we did save a few," she said, trying to shake away the thoughts but with pain etched in her eyes. "But if we could have been here sooner - if I'd done something different, gotten us here faster, maybe we could have saved them all." She hesitated as a thought occurs to her, gritting her teeth. "...wouldn't have helped about King Hyacinth, though. Princess Ivy... she's putting on a brave face, but I know how much it hurt her having to fight her father like that. She sounded like she was about to cry, when I talked to her after." Alear sighed. If only there was something she could do for Ivy, at a time like this.

"Veyle, huh... It's hard to know who's on our side and who's not..." Framme mused, chewing on her lip.

"I was so sure she was our enemy, that she'd betrayed us. Betrayed me, acting like she wanted to be friends," Alear muttered, squeezing her fist harder on the ring. "But now... she was so upset when she found out what she'd done, and she even threw me a ring, as they were sailing away... ugh." Her plaintive call of how their friendship meant the world to her, then Zephia's angered shout followed by Veyle's scream - being too far away to see what had happened made that worse, and Alear hoped Veyle was okay, but feared the worst for what might have become of her.

Framme winced. "War is really complicated..."

"It really is complicated," Alear agreed, sighing.

"And it's nothing like the stories Clanne and I used to read about brave heroes who could save everyone. You're sooo brave, and you're my biggest hero, but... Well, even you couldn't save everyone... and... even you can't tell who's our friend or not!"

Alear's shoulders hunched up - what might otherwise have been a sweet sentiment just made it sink in how she'd failed to do what a hero should. "..."

Unwilling to give up so easily, Framme looked up at the Divine One earnestly. "But you know who is definitely, positively, always, eternally on your side? Your faithful steward who will never leave you!"

Alear looked down to meet Framme's eyes, blinking at her proclamation of eternal loyalty, and a small, soft laugh escaped her throat. "That is one thing to be grateful for. Thank you, Framme." She reached out and ruffled Framme's blonde hair with her hand, pushing up her hat as she did so.

Framme giggled happily at the contact and straightened her hat. "Yeah! Anytime!" She leaned forward, scanning the area surreptitiously and lowering her voice conspiratorially. "You know, Divine One... I actually was thinking about a super-special just-for-you present that I wanted to give you..."

"A... present? Really?" Alear asked, eyebrows raising at Framme's sudden conspiratorial tone. Her faithful steward was many things, but subtle wasn't one of them. "It's not even my birthday or anything."

"Mmhmm! And I think at a time like this, you really need it. Because it will for sure lift your spirits and wipe away your sadness and your tiredness!"

"That- that could be nice, I guess. You really think it can do all those things you promise?" she asked, chuckling softly.

Framme nodded, her face lit up with enthusiasm. "You bet! And you can even..." Her voice caught with dismay at the thought of it - but it was only a moment, and she plowed ahead bullheadedly - like everything else she's done in her life. "You can even be the hero for Princess Ivy, if you need to! She needs a hero right now too, doesn't she?"

Alear startled at the mention of Princess Ivy. "W-what? Um- well, I guess, she could maybe use someone there for her, but... I don't know if she needs me," she said, stumbling over her words with a blush rising to her cheeks. "Do you, uh, do you have anything in mind?"

"No, I think she really does need you," Framme said earnestly, driven onward by the blush in Alear's cheeks. I don't have to take Ivy's place, she realized. I can just be the strength in my Divine One's heart when she falls in love, and then it's like I'm there with them, part of every romantic gesture and every nervous beat of her heart... "After you're finished with your present... You should... You should go and give her your love! A-And kiss her and... you know, all that other stuff!"

"If you're sure," Alear said, smiling awkwardly at Framme showing far less doubt than her. "I... maybe I can try and do something nice for her. Maybe flowers. Would she like flowers?" she asked herself. Ivy did have that whole rose motif going on, with her outfit. "Wait, huh?!" she said with a jolt, face flushing deeper red as her brain caught up with what Framme was suggesting. "Love?! I'm... I'm not sure what you're talking about," she lied, badly. The Divine Dragon might not be the best at subtlety with her own feelings, either. She couldn't help her face getting warm at the idea of kissing Ivy's beautiful face, though, let alone... 'other stuff'.

"Look, you're blushing!! You really do love her, don't you?"

"I am not!" Alear protested, despite her face's clear evidence to the contrary. "I. Well. I like her, I guess," she was able to admit, nervously twisting a few strands of multicolored hair. She was thoroughly unprepared to be confronted about her feelings like this. She had given Framme the go-ahead to cheer her on however she liked, but Alear hadn't thought that cheering would extend to her love life...

"Divine One, you should tell her that. She lost everything, you know. Her country, her father, her home... All she has left is her little sister and you. But you're worth a million times more than all that other stuff. I bet just seeing you smile at her would make her feel like she could do anything. That's what it feels like when I see you smile even if you're not smiling at me! Because you're her goddess, just like you're my Divine One! You shouldn't hide feelings like that, that's what a lot of stories say. That's why I always tell you how much I love you, Divine One." Framme delivered a dazzling smile along with this declaration of love.

Still blushing, Alear processed Framme's advice for a moment, nodding as she took it in. "O...okay. I don't know if just my smile would make her feel as good as all that, but - if it would make her feel better at all, I guess it's worth it to try." She showed Framme a warm smile of her own, thinking she owed her steward at least that much. "I guess you'd know a thing or two about not hiding feelings," Alear said with a small laugh, now feeling a twinge of sadness despite her smile. She was very fond of her sweet little steward, but... Framme just didn't make her heart skip beats in the same way Ivy did.

Framme ignored the reference to her own rejected confessions of love, plowing ahead past it lest she fall into the bittersweet memories. It was her job to be the Divine One's cheering section, and that meant not making the Divine One cheer her up in return. "War is dangerous, and you never know when you might lose her! You shouldn't have any regrets, right, Divine One? I don't want you to!" Framme insisted, undeterred by the Divine One's protests. She was going to cheer with her whole heart - not let a silly thing like Alear's clumsy feelings get between her and her eternal home.

"That's- actually, maybe that is a good way of looking at it," Alear murmured, wincing. With how close she'd come to losing more than one of her allies, and this battle being the most dangerous yet, their lives were very much at risk as they fought this war. Sure, losing Ivy after... confessing... would be awful, but wouldn't it be worse never having the chance to tell her at all? "I'm really lucky that I have you looking out for me, huh," she told Framme, smiling some more.

In the process of encouraging Alear to be honest with Princess Ivy, Framme had worked herself up enough to get to her feet. She spread her arms wide, then, presenting herself to the Divine Dragon like the sacrifices of eld - albeit to a good bit more confused blinking. "Your present is right here, Divine One. I'm all yours. I might not have sovereign blood or anything, but..."

Alear's eyes went wide as plates as she took in Framme's offer to her. "Sovereign- Framme?! You, you can't mean that, do you realize what you'd be giving up?"

"Well, I've been so jealous of the water that gets to refresh you like I can't and the food that gets to fill you up and give you strength like I can't." Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, her heart pounding with the severity of this decision. "But I can... All you have to do is take me, if you want me! You do it to our enemies, so you can do it to me too, right? I'll even go down a lot easier than them!"

Alear did a double take. Okay, maybe Framme had been thinking about this for a while. "But... Framme, you're not one of our enemies," she insisted, squirming in her seat as she looked at Framme and feeling a pressing emptiness in her stomach. She'd mostly fought Corrupted this time, not anyone tastier-looking, but- but she couldn't do that to Framme!

Could she? "What about Clanne, and Vander... they'd miss you if you were gone, you know?"

Framme considered the prospect of the other two for a moment, but she shook it off. "Clanne's just gonna be jealous you ate me and not him, you know," she said, hands on her hips.

"Uh." Alear's face flushed red for entirely different reasons now at Framme's words about her brother. "You really think he'd - I- I'm just gonna try and move past that," she said quickly, thinking it was a bad idea to dwell on who'd let her eat them when her stomach was growling at her.

Framme side-eyed the spot some ways away where Clanne was talking with some of the other members of Alear's army about the near misses they'd been through. About the way they'd just barely survived. It was Clanne who had come to her, wide-eyed, with books containing stories and images of Divine Dragons past receiving sacrifices. Who had talked at length about what the Divine Dragon's stomach must be like... even tried sticking his fingers in her mouth while she slept, just to see what it would feel like - until Vander pulled him away, anyway. But Clanne didn't love Alear anywhere near the same way Framme did. He probably wouldn't have the determination to see it through. He'd probably chicken out once Alear's mouth was open. Framme had no doubts. This was where she belonged.

Alear couldn't help following Framme's gaze to Clanne too, not paying attention to his words, just wondering, despite herself, how he might taste and fill her up. She shouldn't be thinking of such things, she knew that, but if someone actually wanted it of her... Her stomach growled again, and she shook her head quickly, looking back to Framme and reminding herself that she already had someone very willing and tasty-looking right in front of her. Who... she needed to talk out of doing it, of course.

"And Vander, well... He always said I should be ready to do anything for you, even give my life. And I think he meant die in battle, but isn't it better if I give my life to you instead? Don't we both have more fun that way, and then you don't need me to die in front of you!" Framme beamed at Alear, not a hint of concern or conflicted emotion on her face.

Alear winced as Framme struck a chord, rubbing her neck. "That does sound like Vander... but I don't want you to have to die for me at all, Framme." Even if she couldn't help admitting that it would be much less painful to let Framme pass on her own terms, compared to seeing her struck down and bleeding out or gobbled up by a soldier or undead.

"I know, you don't want to hurt me. But you're not gonna hurt me. Whatever... happens to me inside you, I can take it. It's gonna be worth it because you're gonna make me part of you. And that means I'll always be close to you, forever. Closer to you than anyone else, even Princess Ivy." There was a not-insignificant amount of satisfaction in her voice at saying this, and her grin turned just the slightest shade smug. "And I can give you all of my love and all of my energy and you can be the strongest hero ever. With me always by your side, your eternal sidekick."

Alear looked down at her belly at Framme's insistence, smiling hesitantly. "I know you've gotten pretty tough, but my stomach won't - I mean, wouldn't care about not hurting you, the way I would." She was not considering this. Definitely not. "...You really do like the idea of ending up like this, don't you?" she asked Framme wonderingly at her words. "It's not just - trying to make me feel better? You'd actually be happy with this?"

"If you ate me, I'd become part of you, Divine One," Framme insisted.

"I mean, yeah, I guess that's not wrong, but you'd still be gone, you know?-" Alear started to say.

Framme plowed ahead, not letting the Divine One finish. "And that means... that means I'd be the soft holy breasts that I used to cry into and fall asleep on. And the warm cuddly belly that I used to lay my head on while I was telling you about my day. And the heavenly thighs that I used as a pillow a lot once you woke up."

Alear could barely hold back some flustered noises as Framme went on lovingly about her chest and belly. "Wait, was that why I found you in my room so much when I slept on the Somniel?" she muttered.

"And the butt that..." This was veering into embarrassing fantasy territory, but Framme wouldn't stop. "Well, the butt that I used to think a lot about touching once I started having those kinds of thoughts, where I would think so much about how soft it would be. I- I could make all those things better so you could share them with Princess Ivy. And I would get to be part of them, so that I'd never have to be away from them."

Alear blushed a bit more hearing about her butt. It maybe shouldn't have been a surprise that Framme had those thoughts about her, but it was still embarrassing to be told... "I don't think there's anyone as devoted as you to serving me," she said softly - mostly awestruck that Framme would be so passionate about contributing to her body, but words that might mean more than she realized to the smaller girl.

This was all Framme had ever wanted. To be special to her Divine One, to be the one who cared the most about her... She wanted to throw herself into Alear's maw right then and there out of sheer excitement, but that wouldn't be very proper. And for once... she was absolutely dedicated to conducting herself like a steward. Or... Maybe just like a sacrifice. Like a meal. All those times she'd sat with the Divine One, watching her and their other dining partner talk while she jealously watched the food be lifted to those blessed lips and disappear inside, never to return... at least, not looking the way it did, that is.

She stepped forward, placing her hand on Alear's stomach and making her jump. "Hear that? It's saying 'Divine One, stop making Framme talk and just eat her already! She smells really good and I bet she'd fill me up nice! All that fighting made me hungry and I want her inside me!' Right?" She met Alear's eyes earnestly, fighting the urge to squeal about it. There were far more important things at hand. "Being part of you would be heaven. It's all I want right now. I want you to feel better, not just now but forever. And I would let your stomach do whatever it wants to me if there's even a chance I can go to heaven and make you feel better. Will you please take me to your heaven?"

Alear sat squirming at how Framme's scent was making her mouth water... "I didn't know you were so in touch with my stomach," she said weakly, licking away some drool. "I- aah. Okay, okay, Framme," she said, putting her hands on Framme's shoulders. "I'll do it. And - you'll absolutely end up in heaven for this, if I have anything to say about it."

Framme did at least allow herself a small "Yay!" when Alear finally relented. It was only a superhuman effort of self-control that stopped her from squealing so loudly she shattered all the glass left intact in Florra Town. Immediately, she turned her attention to the next matter: plating herself. "How do you want me, Divine One? I can undress for you so that you can taste my skin, or if you prefer I have some lighter clothes that will be easier to swallow and digest... Oh, and I would love to see your face as you taste me and swallow me up, but I understand if you want to eat me head first instead... I know I can be kinda loud when I'm excited, ehehe..."

Alear giggled softly at Framme's joyful cheer. The clear enthusiasm she had did make this easier. "How do I...? Oh." Alear blushed some more at the idea of having Framme naked. The Divine Dragon's heart might be drawn elsewhere, but that didn't mean she was made of stone. "Um, well..." She gave a quick look around. Their friends might not be looking at the two of them right now, but she was willing to bet that wouldn't last long if this kept up. "If you wouldn't be uncomfortable with it," she started to say, before pausing. No, this was Framme, she'd happily strip in the blink of an eye if Alear asked it of her. "It actually does sound like a nice change to have a meal without clothes and armor in the way," she admitted, cheeks pink. The Elusian soldiers she'd eaten had varying amounts of cloth and metal weighing them down. Light clothes like pegasus knights' weren't bad at all, but real armor was hell on her stomach and butt. "But, before you do that-" she said quickly, raising her hands. "Let's maybe go somewhere a little more private?"

Framme was already halfway to tossing off her bracers when Alear raised her hands to interrupt. Somewhere a little more private... It gave her such a shiver to hear. Maybe she wasn't going to be doing that with herhearing Alear's passionate confession of love, but to have private time with just the two of them, no risk of anyone barging in on them and interrupting them... Her heart sang at the thought.

Relieved she'd managed to forestall Framme before she stripped completely naked - she doubted that would leave a good impression on Princess Ivy - Alear reached out a hand for Framme to take and closed her eyes to concentrate, oblivious to what thoughts she'd put in the lovestruck girl's head. Drawing on the connection deep in her soul, she opened the astral door to the Somniel, pulling the two of them through it. The evening in burned-out Florra Town melted away around them, as they reappeared on the cobblestones of the brightly lit Somniel.

The moment they were in the Somniel, Framme obediently began to undress, barely even taking in the holy land that had become her home for so long. She was about to have a new home - one that was far more precious to her than just the Divine One's resting place.

Alear averted her gaze on instinct as Framme started to strip, before realizing after a second how silly that was. It wasn't as if she could gobble Framme up - tasty, filling little Framme - without seeing her like this. So, she looked back cautiously, blushing some more as Framme undressed.

"There. A little slice of heaven already, don't you think?" Alear asked the rapidly-stripping Framme, smiling.

Framme was at least distracted from her undressing enough to smile back. But a slice of heaven wasn't going to be enough much longer... now? Now she wanted the whole thing.

"And, uh- I can start with your feet, too, I think," Alear added, looking down at the girl's shoes. "With how much you're doing for me, I might as well let you see it happen like you want to." Though if Framme started squealing too loudly, Alear might have to gulp her down faster. She hesitated, before leaning forward with her lips parted and licking Framme's soft cheek.

Framme's flavor was earthy with a strong floral sweetness mixing into it, like the taste of carnation petals lovingly arranged on top of one of Framme's beet-based culinary masterpieces. The salty taste of of hundreds of days of diligent exercise was here too, tying her whole taste together. Her cheek was soft, pliant, yielding to Alear's tongue easily.

Alear groaned in enjoyment. "Mmf. Okay. I'm getting more on board with this."

Framme giggled. "Am I... to your liking, Divine One?" It was a question asked playfully, but there was a deep seriousness in her eyes. If Alear didn't like the way she tasted or felt... She pushed those thoughts out of her mind, working off her boots and tossing them in the pile with her bracers.

But Framme had nothing to worry about. It was all Alear could do not to swallow Framme right then and there, leaning in for that taste, licking more deeply to try and soak up her mix of lovely flavors. "Very to my liking," she said fervently without even thinking about alternative meanings, or recognizing the depths of Framme's need. Her hunger was awake, and her mind was focused on what a tasty treat she had before her. Willing and eager to be eaten. Maybe being the Divine Dragon did have some perks.

Inch by inch, Framme's bare skin was revealed, layers of protective clothing falling away until the girl stood in only her underwear - and even that was being stripped away by her eager hands.

Not stopping at her underwear... well, if Alear had wanted that, maybe she should have said something. And yet, she didn't.

Framme's body was cushioned by soft fat thanks to the more decadent diet she'd taken to at the Somniel, but the undeniable muscle underneath showed itself through her arms, legs, and belly. She hesitated with the last of her clothes in hand, a persistent thought finally reaching her lips. "Um... Can I be selfish for one more moment? Can you eat me on your bed? It's kind of... a special place to me. Cause we spent so much time together there, before you woke up... I want that to be the last place I see in the world, before I'm yours."

"Oh," Alear said at Framme's request, eyebrows raising, before smiling gently. "A request like that isn't something I'd call selfish, with what you're giving in return. Of course, Framme, we can do that." She offered the unclothed girl her hand, and clasping it in hers, walked with her across the courtyard and up the stairs to the Divine Dragon's bedroom - where Framme had waited for so long, ever devoted, ever diligent.

Alear was quiet on the way there, the realization of what she was doing sinking in now that dining wasn't imminent, but - Framme did want this, right? Right. "Here we are," she said, pushing open the door to her brightly lit bedroom. "And..." Looking down at Framme, she smiled and on a whim scooped her up in her arms, carrying her inside - over the threshold - and over to set her down on the bed. One arm supporting Framme under her knees, the other crossing over Framme’s soft belly and holding her to Alear’s chest, the Divine Dragon gently set her steward down on the large white bed.

Framme's heart leapt into her throat, and she felt tears of joy start in the corners of her eyes. This isn't a dream... I could never dream something this good happening to me... never...

“Feels a little different from when you came here before, huh?” Alear joked, nervous. At least, she didn’t think Framme had been naked when watching over her.

"Nope! It's just the same!" Framme said. She was only half truthful - there was a sense of trepidation, a sense of excitement, a sense of impatience, none of which had been nearly so strong when she was visiting the Divine One while she slept. But the feeling at her core was the same... "I'm here to be with you, so that we'll never be apart. Nothing else really matters!"

“If you’re sure,” Alear said with a hint of doubt. “Um, so if you’re ready,” Alear added after a second, not wanting to rush Framme’s last moments but unable to ignore the gnawing feeling in her stomach. "I think I'm ready to... dig in."

Alear's impatience made all Framme's mixed feelings spike. To be desperately wanted... To have the Divine Dragon need her so badly she couldn't wait, just like Framme felt in turn... Framme's stomach tied itself in blissful knots. She offered her bare feet to her soon-to-be predator in reply.

Licking her lips, Alear gently lifted Framme's ankles, drawing both of her feet into her mouth. Her tongue lapped at Framme’s small toes and she sucked on them briefly before pulling more inside, licking over her soles, arches, ankles. She hadn’t paid too much attention to her steward’s feet before, but couldn’t help moaning in enjoyment as she filled her mouth.

Framme's feet were vulnerable beneath the patient touch of Alear's tongue... all of her was, really. She had been very diligent with her skin care routine to be sure that if Alear ever wanted her, she'd be ready. She hadn't expected to be wanted this way, but it worked out. Of course, with the calluses that might have formed on her hands and feet from training continually wiped away, with her skin always kept soft and delicate, it meant that she could feel everything Alear did to her quite vividly. The strangely thrilling feeling of having her toes sucked by the Divine One... the faintly ticklish sensation of Alear's probing tongue on her soles...

As much as Alear wanted to enjoy Framme's flavor, her hunger demanded she fill her stomach, too. Alear swallowed, powerful throat slurping in Framme’s feet and partway up her calves, quite toned from all the martial arts she’d practiced and rich in both protein and flavor. She gnawed gently on both, relishing the mix of soft fat and firm muscle.

That pressure of her teeth along her calves, like a ravenous massage... Framme gasped, moans bubbling out of her. "I... I'm glad you're enjoying me... mm.... D-Divine One..."

Framme’s moans weren’t a deterrent to her as Alear indulged herself; even if Framme might be enjoying this for different reasons than Alear, that they both were enjoying it was clear and helped spur Alear on to feed. “Mmmhm,” she affirmed as strongly as possible with her mouth full, bobbing her head to emphasize how she was relishing this.

It had to end eventually, though, and Alear continued on with another gulp. This time she drew Framme in to her knees, licking over them as her throat squeezed tight on Framme's legs and feet, and then swallowed again. It really was much nicer getting her meal's proper flavor, not needing to bother with clothes.

However, as she nibbled her way up Framme's thighs, giving her a good view as Alear's mouth stretched wider and more of Framme disappeared past her lips, she quickly came face-to-face with a more awkward aspect of eating a naked girl. At least if you had feelings for someone else. Her full, stretched cheeks flushed, she gulped in Framme's thighs and reached her crotch.

Alear tried not to lick at Framme's nethers - but her tongue still brushed over the sensitive skin. Wishful thinking rose up in the steward's belly as her feet emerged from Alear's throat and dangled into the open space of Alear's gut, and little eager whimpers rose up in her throat. She tried to press her slit forward, tried to encourage Alear to indulge...

Framme’s eager whimpers did make Alear feel a yearning in her chest, and the way she pushed her slit forward wasn’t lost on the feasting dragon girl, but… no, she couldn’t. Maybe if things had been different, but not like this.

It was clear even to her meal what she had decided. Framme pushed down her disappointment. She knew better than to hope for that, when the Divine One's heart was already spoken for... Maybe... she'd be able to fantasize by herself once she was inside. Her fingers would do fine... And besides, wasn't this whole thing more intimate anyway? That would be her consolation.

And Framme was in for another consolation prize a moment later, as Alear reached up to heft Framme’s butt and guide it into her stretched, drooling mouth. She couldn’t help squeezing those soft cheeks in her hands, a soft groan of enjoyment vibrating around Framme’s hips, and more followed as she begun tasting that delicious rump. Framme's training and squats plus her indulgent diet made her butt a heavenly mix of soft and firm, with a rich blend of flavors from the marbled meat of her ass, and Alear didn't hesitate to gnaw and lick it all she liked, chewing those soft cheeks filling her mouth with a low, pleased "mmm~".

With every lick and nibble, every gulp and squeeze, the stimulation on Framme's body was building to a fever pitch. So when Alear finally put those gentle, loving, delicate hands on her bare rump, when her fingers sank into Framme's cheeks and made her squeal in delight, when Alear gnawed at it and made her shudder and moan out a loud "Aaaahhnn!", when Alear's tongue teased it... Framme was completely blissed out. Her mind went completely blank, blanker than any of Vander's meditation training had ever made it. There was only this heavenly pleasure in Alear's face, the sounds she made, the feel of their bodies touching each other... Her whole body vibrated with lustful need.

The depths of Framme's enjoyment were beyond even what Alear expected, and her lustful squeals, the way her body shook as if any little bit of stimulation could push her over the edge, sent some shocks of arousal through Alear's own body too, a warmth filling her chest and spreading out from her core.

Eventually, though, her stomach's rumbling complaints spurred her to keep going, and she swallowed up Framme's hips with another wet gulp, licking over her soft tummy as it passed over her lips. Though she did enjoy some nibbling and licks on Framme's soft skin here too, tasting her earthy, flowery flavor and with Alear's teeth tickling her back, Alear was eager enough now to be filled that she kept feeding at a steady clip, her firm, wet swallows pulling Framme inexorably towards her fate melting in the Divine One's stomach.

Framme pushed her hands down into Alear's mouth, eager to be swallowed up. To be enveloped in that perfect belly she was already beginning to see herself in. And Alear was happy to have Framme offering up her hands to swallow, licking and enjoying their taste with her tongue dancing over Framme's fingers, gulping her arms down like long, thick noodles.

Framme could see more and more of her body disappear for good into her beloved's ravenous maw, lips progressing up over her ribs. Her feet dipped into the warm pool of fluid at the bottom of the stomach, then pressed against it, sank into the flesh below her. Alear’s stomach walls were soft and squishy, wet where they pressed against Framme, but the wetness coating them and pooling under her feet left a tingling feeling where it touched her skin. Her knees were next, bending and pressing out against the walls as Alear happily indulged in Framme's delicate belly. She was finally beginning to fit inside Alear now, and she could see the outline of her own lower body starting to take shape in Alear's perfect midsection. It fascinated her, especially in her hyperstimulated state, and it came very close to distracting her from her Divine One's face.

Until Alear's lips finally reached the small swells of Framme's chest. Framme's wandering attention was quickly drawn back to Alear's face as her chest was touched.

Here she did taste a little deeper as well, though not too indulgently - her meal's soft, squishy curves were a treat for sure, but giving too much attention to those sensitive breasts as she would a lover just didn't feel quite right. Still, she gnawed and licked on them with small moans of enjoyment.

Even this little indulgence is a blessing I don't deserve, Framme thought, and she almost said it, but she was far past the ability to form words with her mouth. "hhhhaaAOHHH Di... Divine... Aaahhh!! Mmff!"

Alear tried not to think about it, focusing on the taste and texture of her sweet meal, but the noises Framme made were enough to have Alear squeezing her own thighs together, face getting hot. Maybe if things had developed just a bit differently, she would have wound up hearing Framme like this while having her in a different way.

Gulping once more, Alear's lips and teeth crested Framme's shoulders next. She was nearly done now. She'd eaten her way all the way up Framme's petite body, carefully prepared as a treat for her Divine One - and what Framme's other motivations might have been didn't cross Alear's mind, she was simply blissfully grateful for being able to feast on such a delightful meal. Gulping in Framme's shoulders with a wet shllp, she looked up to meet Framme's eyes as she licked over her neck, feeling Framme's lower body filling her needy stomach. Not wearing the determined look of when she devoured enemy combatants, the look in her eyes was warm and grateful, perhaps conveying some of what her mouth was too full to say. With a last long swallow, her lips crested over Framme's chin, engulfed her own lips, she licked at those cute cheeks she'd sampled before, and then Framme's vision was plunged into darkness, the wet pink tunnel of her mouth and throat greeting Framme on her way down.

Framme looked down, realized she didn't have much longer now, and kissed Alear's nose as she got close - provoking a blush and squirm from the Divine Dragon. This was the last time she was going to see the outside world, through the gauzy film of the Divine One's curtains that separated them from the rest of the Somniel outside. But she didn't care about any of that. She just wanted to stare at Alear's face for one more second... five more seconds... "Th... thank you... Divine One..."

Alear made a small, pleased sound muffled by Framme's throat in her mouth as her meal thanked her tenderly, smiling with her eyes even if she couldn't with her mouth.

Framme gazed down at her fate, completely entranced. Despite Merrin's many theories about her unusual internal organs, the inside of Alear's throat looked and felt not unlike a memory she couldn't place, like that of a dream. A dream about being eaten alive by Marni while the Divine One watched. But she couldn't remember waking up from such a nightmare, either... These were her last thoughts outside her beloved.

And then Alear placed a hand on top of Framme's head and gently pushed her in the last inch or two, lips closing over her soft hair before she closed her eyes and finished with one long, loud GULLLLP. Framme was swallowed up completely.

As she slid down into Alear's gut, finally curling up inside, the first thing she noticed was that it was very tight. Very, very tight around her small body, letting her experience firsthand what she and Clanne had long wondered about this divine gut. It was a dark chamber warm to the touch and with a sour tinge to the air. Sunlight from the Somniel filtered through her windows and the taut stomach wall, red-tinged from the barrier of Alear's belly but enough to illuminate it all, some.

"Ahhhh," Alear sighed, an expulsion of bliss, lying back to rest on her pillow as she rubbed her hands over her full belly, feeling the last of Framme descend to curl up inside. "I think you might be the best meal I've ever had. Urrrrrp."

Things got even tighter after Alear burped. But maybe... on second thought, maybe not as tight as she had expected. She could still move around a little, shift her position... she carefully threaded her arms down between her kneeling legs. The tingling was starting to spread all over her body. "Really? The best? That makes me soooo happy, Divine One... I want to be the best for you..."

“Well, you made me really happy too, Framme. This was so much better than needing to snatch up an enemy soldier,” Alear told her belly’s occupant with a soft laugh, rubbing her full gut. It’s not that it wasn’t satisfying dining that way, grabbing someone who meant harm to her friends and reducing them to a squirming, thrashing bulge in her belly, but she rarely had time to savor them in the middle of the battlefield, and apart from clothes and armor masking their flavors, some meals were good enough at fighting back to give her a stomachache. “I kind of regret not - BUUAAAARRRP.” She covered her mouth, blushing as her smelly belch echoed off the walls, blowing the curtains around. “Aheh. Not having meals like this ever before, now. Guess I should’ve listened to you sooner, huh.” She gave a couple soft pats to her stewing steward.

The belly squeezed tightly around Framme’s form as that belch vented some of the air, and a low gastric groan quickly followed. Tingling liquids were dripping off the walls to soak her skin and hair, the pool rising quickly around her legs and lower body, and the more that her skin was exposed to the digestive fluids, the more intense the feeling started to get.

Something small and hard pressed against Framme's leg in the bottom of the stomach – and she dug around for it, picking a small jeweled medal. An unwitting keepsake from one of her predator’s past meals. Recognizing what it meant, Framme felt her heart flutter. "All the food I've been so jealous of because it was nourishing you, Divine One... It was all in here, right? And now... now I'm your food, too..."

"I guess that it was," Alear replied, chuckling awkwardly at Framme's muffled words from within her gut. "You really are a one of a kind girl, you know that, Framme? Not everyone would be jealous of food," she pointed out gently, reclining in her bed and basking in the feeling of a full stomach. "But you are right about that. You managed to turn those jealous feelings into something really nice. A present, like you said."

"I'm not just anyone!" Framme boasted, beaming in the general direction of Alear's voice.

"You can say that again," Alear said, smiling.

Framme held up the medal, peering over it in what dim sunlight managed to make it all the way through Alear's body and into her gut. It sparkled faintly in her grip. "I got to make you really happy, and I'm going to get to nourish you too..."

Alear burped again, more softly, into her hand. "I'm lucky to have someone like you nourishing me." Even if that meant she was going to... no, Framme was fine with this, Alear shouldn't think about that. And at least it didn't sound like Framme was hurting in there.

Oblivious to her devourer's mixed feelings, Framme settled into a comfortable position, as comfortable as she could find. Her knees up around her chin, her hands down between her thighstucked between them, and her head resting back against the pillowy-soft walls, soaking her hair in the odd warm fluid there. In her intense fixation on Alear, she'd come to rather enjoy the scent of the Divine One's burps, and here that scent completely surrounded her.

Her fingers found her slit easily enough, and her body sang all over again as soon as she touched it, caressed it ever so lightly. She sucked in a breath through her teeth, anticipation flooding her. But... first... "I-Is it okay if... if I 'worship'worship you while I'm in here?" she asked, a faint guilt in her voice making her choose a euphemism - one she'd used several times to keep Clanne out of her own room while she was thinking of Alear. Is it okay to get off to fantasies of someone who doesn't love you that way and never will? She closed her eyes, focusing on the sensations. It was... slightly uncomfortable, feeling that fluid covering her skin. Actually, it was kind of starting to burn a little bit...

Unfortunately, Alear’s stomach was very much that of a predator, however reluctant its owner had been to gobble up her ally and friend. The Divine One might not have any desire to hurt Framme, but as far as her stomach was concerned, food was food, and all of it was to be processed without mercy. The acids filling the organ rose around Framme’s legs, the bubbling liquids working their way into her tender flesh, and starting to soften up her feet and ankles, stinging her butt as she sat. With the gift of so much nutritious meat, the draconic belly was starting to break it all down for absorption, whether Framme liked it or not...

"Worship me?" Alear asked with a blink, the euphemism used between the twins sailing right over her headthe bizarre request giving her pause. "Um... sure, I guess so. If you still want to do that even being my food," She reddened a bit, wondering when she'd switched over from seeing Framme as a friend to food. "Then I'm not going to stop you." Whatever would help Framme enjoy herself ought to be for the best, right? Even if she still didn't totally understand why people would worship her so.

With permission granted, Framme focused her attentions on her body, her fingers teasing her lower lips with firm touches. The pain was a little distracting, but it did make the pleasure feel all the keener.the prayers for peace that she'd learned as a girl.

The whimpering moans she was making as she pleasured herself quickly reached Alear's ears. It took a moment to realize the meaning of them, but once she did Alear blushed deeply. Was Framme touching herself in there? Was that what she had meant by worship? Wait, how many of her followers really meant this when they talked about worship?!

“It’s, it’s fine,” she told herself, taking a breath. This was probably just Framme being Framme. And if it was making Framme happy, well, she’d wanted to make Alear happy too, right? She could deal with some embarrassment if it was something Framme wanted to do. That wasn't even anything new, with how excited Framme could get about cheering or praising her.

And Framme wasn't going to let any embarrassment stop her. She fantasized about Alear's ass, about how soft and squeezable it would become with Framme's own soft body added to it. About Alear's chest, and how freely she'd bounce as Alear was going about her day... She imagined Alear fondling her own chest and in her way, giving Framme a little caress... Alear's fingertips running along her belly, prodding at pudge that used to be a steward... Almost automatically, through the pain and the pressure from outside, her fingers' motion started to speed up. Her hips, already desperate from the way Alear had teased her on the way down, moving with them...

She tried to speak over the sounds of her own self-exploration, but it was interrupted by the little gasps and moans of her building pleasure, an odd little prayer in fits and starts.As pain started to trickle into her serene prayer, in a desperate effort to refocus her energy on worshipping her beloved Divine One, she pleaded for something to focus on. Her voice was tinged with a wince. "Mmnh... D... Divine One... Tell me more about... hhhh... how I'm going to help you..."

As Alear had warned her before they'd gotten this far, her gut was more than willing to hurt Framme even if its owner was hesitant to. Framme's throat seized as she felt the burning increase around her skin. A heat unlike anything she'd ever felt... no, this was no heat. This was acid. Acid whose goal was to rip Framme into tiny pieces and give those pieces to the Divine One's body so she could be stronger.

Maybe... this was a stupid idea, Framme thought. The first fragment of doubt had entered her mind. M-Maybe... it would have been better if I'd just stayed by her side instead of throwing myself in here... She shook her head firmly, tossing the doubt away and remaining resolute. No! What's a little pain compared to my Divine One's satisfaction? Staying in here, I could become her strength!

Alear's brow furrowed at the hint of pain she could hear in Framme's voice. "Are you okay?" she asked, rubbing her stomach, unaware of the conditions within save for the low gurgling noises she could hear from inside it. A dragon's metabolism was no slouch, and something Alear hadn't thought of before, how efficiently she finished off enemies she feasted on, was translating to no less effectiveness in melting down Framme now.

"I'm... fine, Divine One," Framme said, reflexively clenching her teeth as the burning acid took her attention once again. Her head was spinning from the sour air in the Divine Dragon's belly and her body was aching, but so long as she stayed focused on her hands and theirprayers and her worshipful task, there was no way she'd let this take away from the joy of this final union between them. Yes... Surprising as it was that she was melting down so quickly - she'd imagined much longer before the stomach tried to break her down! - she just needed to focus on her distraction and everything would be fine... "Just... k-keep talking, alright? As long as I..."

"Um, yeah, okay," Alear said, a little more uncomfortable at the thought of her words helping Framme to get offuncertain at her role in facilitating prayer - not realizing the extent of how, or why, Framme needed this right now. "You're... going to make me feel so refreshed, you've already made me so full. And, um, once you're finished in there, you're going to be adding to my chest, my- butt..." She hesitated, squirming. "D-do you need me to tell you this? It's kinda awkward."

Meanwhile, the soft fat on Framme's body that Alear had so enjoyed licking and tasting was starting the first stages of melting down. Forming a bubbling film on the top of the digestive soup in her belly. The soft parts on Framme's legs and butt were getting even softer, but not in a way that boded well for Framme's survival.

Framme gasped, pain hitting in a shower of sparks as more of her pain receptors started to melt away. She closed her eyes, focusing on those images again, on Alear's voice naming the places she was going to end up - and renewed her attention to her nethersdevotion to her goddess. "I-I just n-need you to... mn... help me stay focused on you... so I don't get too caught up in... the fact that I'm gonna die in here... oohhhh! It's all worth it... if it's for you...!"

She whimpered, half out of pain and half out of desire, and the longer she stayed in here the more confusing it was which was which. She was starting to enjoy the sensation of the acid against her skin... The primal fear of being trapped in someone or something's belly, of being used as food, digested and discarded... It all seared her, and it was all starting to turn into excitement.the pain rapidly growing to the point of being hard to ignore.

"P... please, Divine One..." Framme mewled, now openly pleading. "No regrets... L-Let me know... I'm gonna be the best parts of you..."

Alear tensed in worry as she heard the pain in Framme's voice, concern intensifying. "Oh, no, Framme..." she whispered, guilt washing over her where previously she'd been simply relaxing with her filling meal. She should have known this wasn't a good idea, but Framme had been so eager to do it, and she had tasted so good... "Okay, okay, I'll keep talking," Alear assured her, casting around for the right words to say. She winced, realizing she was no longer able to tell if Framme was making aroused or pained noises, but knowing Framme thought it would be worth it brought a strained smile to her face. She was such a brave little thing, even now, facing Alear's stomach head-on and pushing through to the end. "I really didn't deserve you," she said softly, before taking a breath and saying what Framme requested.

"You're going to fill out these thighs you used to use as a pillow, you know," Alear told her in a strong voice over the gurgling sounds starting, smiling weakly. "I'd been wondering if they were getting too big, with the diet I've gotten used to, but once you're part of them I don't plan to ever work that off. A tasty, soft meal like you is going to contribute to me all over," she went on, "My breasts will get bigger... those might not make for bad pillows either, huh? For-" Alear paused on Ivy's name, not wanting to cause more pain for Framme right now. "Anyone who wants to. If people wonder why I'm, um, jiggling more than before," she added with a small blush, "I'll be sure to tell them that's all you. And my... my butt... I'm sure I'm going to have a lot more cushioning there thanks to you. Loyal to the end, making sure your Divine One can sit comfortably forever, right?" she said, with a hesitant half-laugh. "I- don't know if you'd find my tummy the best part... but you'll leave some pudge behind there too. Just like you had on yours." She sighed. "You really were a great meal."

As Alear tried to comfort Framme, her stomach continued to work at its own purposes, eating away at Framme's skin, muscle and fat anywhere that it could reach her. The shocks of pain died off in some places as her nerve endings melted down, but there were enough spots dissolving anew that it wasn't a pleasant process. Still, Framme did have her Divine One's voice to guide her through, even as the digestive soup filling Alear's gullet thickened to become more parts melted Framme, less acids and enzymes. The bubbling liquid swirled around her with glorp, glop noises, stirred up by movements of her hand and fingers.

Despite all this, with Alear's comforting voice to guide her, Framme started descending back into the blissful peace of the hyper-aroused highmeditative prayers, forgetting her situation once more. "Hhh... Divine One, you really are the kindest... Mmm...! I-I'm so happy I'll... be part of you..."

"I don't know if I'm that kind," Alear said, with another wince of guilt. Would a kind person be putting Framme through this? She could have tried to spit her up... even if she'd never actually done that before... but instead she's letting Framme be broken down like any other meal. "I'm just me. But, I'm glad that I can make you happy, Framme."

Framme's heart was pounding loudly in her ears - and Alear's, too, was starting to get louder and louder as she squirmed in the Divine Dragon's gut. A reminder that pretty soon, that heartbeat would be pumping her own lifeblood through the pudge she'd become... Even the thought of Ivy loving, touching her Divine One wasn't upsetting anymore. Because no matter what happened with Princess Ivy, she would never be apart from Alear... "I want to make you sooo gorgeous and comfy for Princess Ivy..."

Alear exhaled, Framme's words admittedly some relief, even if her mentioning Ivy made Alear feel awkward again. "Y-you will, Framme. Even more gorgeous than you already think I am," she said, laughing softly.

"Y... yeah... S-so she'll love you like I... aaaah...!" Framme reached a peakwas jerked out of her reverie by another sudden spark of pain, her body jolting about in the acid-filled stomach. Parts of her were starting to go numb - she was pretty sure she couldn't feel her lower legs anymore - but she could definitely see and hear how much of a mess she was making with the splashing stomach fluids. They were rising, weren't they?

Another uuuaaaarp burst out of Alear's mouth from the sloshing movements.

Framme's handslegs were completely under the surface of Alear's vicious, predatory stomach juices now as she sank back against Alear's stomach, panting heavily. "W... whew... I dunno if I have the energy to do that againkeep this up much longer... but thank you, Divine One..." She let herself relax, closing her eyes and concentrating hard on the breath and heartbeat of her beloved. "I know... I know that's not what you wantedI wasn't the most well behaved guest inside you, but... You're making my dreams come true..."

"No, it's okay, Framme. You did good - you were delicious, and you're going to be a part of me." Alear didn't feel any discomfort at Framme's orgasm, now, just relief that she was still able to feel pleasure.

Framme squirmed with glee as much as she could - her muscles were half digested, and her energy was starting to run out from the poor air quality and churning stomach walls. But at least she had accomplished her goal. All of her goals. She was delicious, she was satisfying, and she was going to make the Divine One's body even more beautiful and tender...

After this, Framme was silent for a few moments to catch her breath before raising a shy question. "... Divine One... how long does it usually take? Until your prey... stop moving... How much longer can I talk with you before I'm yours?"

"Ah- I'm not sure how long it takes, exactly. It's harder to keep track of time when we're fighting..." The time crystal was more important, for when her friends had plunged down the gullets of their foes. "Maybe like, half an hour? Less?" she guessed, running a hand over her gut to try and tell its progress. She didn't seem that soft yet, but definitely softer than she'd felt on the way down. "Um, sorry. That's probably not as long as you'd prefer, is it?" she asked. Gwrrgle...

The sparks of pain were coming fewer and further between now, but as she sank further into the heavy slop that she was becoming, she was well aware that Alear's estimate was probably right - perhaps even generous. The air was defintely getting thicker now, full of digestive fumes coming off Framme's own dissolving, and with Alear having unintentionally belched up much of her breathing room. Her muscles were admirably trained, but they could only hold up so long against Alear's potent acids, and still being able to move at all was a testament to her strength. The gastric soup continued to thicken into stew as Framme's submerged hands started to melt away, her legs and feet already having dissolved further from the acid pool they'd been exposed to longest.

"It's okay, Divine One," Framme murmured, her normal loud and excitable voice starting to drop to a normal volume as digestion continued. "I promise, this is what I really wanted. To be part of you. The talking to you... is just a bonus. I'll miss our talks, but... I'll have something way better."

"Framme?" Alear asked in alarm, her voice dropping off to be so much quieter than usual that Alear briefly feared she was about to expire already, before she realized Framme still seemed able to talk, just without much energy. "Well, you sure are going to be a part of me. Spread over all my best parts, the way you put it," she teased softly. "We can keep talking for... as long as you can, Framme." That does make her feel melancholy to say. The satisfied, sated feeling from her meal just throws it into greater contrast.

"Don't worry about me so much, silly," Framme said, her voice drowsy but still holding steady. "Mm... I'm going to melt away and become part of you. That's what being your meal means. And being your meal... that's what letting you eat me means. You shouldn't panic if I get quiet, because it means I did what I was supposed to do..." She yawned, her brain trying to pry as much oxygen as it can from the remaining stale air as more and more of her body came undone.

"I... guess you're probably right. Again," Alear said, finding herself unable to argue with Framme's logic. She had eaten Framme, knowing full well what that meant. She ought to be prepared for Framme to melt away. It was what happened to anything she ate... but she would miss Framme.

"I'll just try to focus on how good you're making me feel," she decided, smiling hesitantly. She could put on a brave face for Framme, here. No need to make her feel any more conflicted about what was happening to her. It was inevitable she'd be gurgled away entirely, her nutrients converted into new curves for her Divine One, the process already well underway as she melted into a nutritious soup while Alear spoke to her.

Framme smiled up at where she imagined Alear's face was, blowing a tiny kiss. "Oh! I should have made you promise to take care of Clanne for me! He's such a dummy sometimes... you have to look after him, okay?"

"Ah, you don't need to make me promise. I would've taken care of him anyway," Alear agreed, blinking at the reminder of Framme's twin. "We both know he'd be lost without one of us looking out for him," she added, nudging Framme through her belly wall with a small smile.

She hummed as Alear nudged her. "Yeah... we do... hehe~" Her giggle was quiet, not the shrieking laughter she normally had. She sounded severely exhausted now, her body slipping further and further down as there was less and less of her left below to support her... bringing her head closer and closer to the perilous surface of the Framme stew below. "Or you could let him join me, hehe~ I think he'd like that..."

And if not, well, at least they'd be together again. But Clanne was less of a concern to Framme now. All of the future was. All that mattered was this - the sloshing, gloppy soup that used to be her, the knowledge that she was tasty... and having her Divine One all to herself. For a half hour more... maybe less.

The suggestion of letting him join her made Alear squirm. It wouldn't be easy knowing she had so many tasty-looking allies, especially now that Framme had opened that gate with this experience... "M-maybe if I find a way to make this less painful," she said, chuckling weakly. Then realizing that an hour ago she'd probably have given a hard 'no'. Well. She could think on that later.

Unaware of what the Divine One was pondering, Framme chimed in with her thoughts. "I think that's good, Divine One... You're always worrying about your worshippers more than you worry about yourself."

"Well, of course I have to worry about you. You're my responsibility... To keep safe, and look out for," she said, surprised it even needed to be said. A sad smile touched her lips hearing Framme praise her even now - but it did warm her heart that her most devoted worshipper would think that of her.

Framme nodded weakly, though Alear couldn't see. "It's more proof that you're so kind, and you really are the hero I think of you as... But if you do take away some of the pain, don't forget that I wanted to be yours, no matter how hard it would be for you to have me... 'cause that's how much I love you."

"All right... okay. I won't forget, Framme," Alear said, letting out a quiet breath. "You really did make for a wonderful present, to show your love."

Not missing the opportunity for one more joke, Framme squeaked out "I'm so happy... I could melt... The Divine One liked my gift..."

A startled laugh burst from Alear's lips at the unexpected last joke, and she shook her head, bewildered. "You really are something else, Framme."

The Divine One's stomach continued to work away at its meal, meaty chyme sloshing around, perhaps as much of Framme liquid as solid at this point. Maybe more. Hard to tell how much was left...

Were the stomach's noises starting to get quieter? Or was Framme just starting to fade away, making it seem that way? The thick Framme soup was getting all the richer as more of her melted into it, body sliding down to join the rest that had dissolved...

And the softer soundscape of the stomach was helping lull Framme off to sleep. The bloops and glups and sloshes... They were getting hypnotic.

"I don't think I can stay awake a lot longer," Framme mumbled, fighting to keep her eyes open. "Divine One... Don't forget about me, okay? 'm always gonna be with you..."

"Ah... okay," Alear said, swallowing hard at Framme's words. She guessed it was about that time. "I won't forget you. Who ever could?"

Framme sighed dreamily, delirium and exhaustion starting to carry her consciousness away. Fleeting thoughts of what would be her afterlife, if she even had one, danced through her head. Would she be able to feel what Alear was doing with her? Would she be able to hear Alear talking about her? Would she even be conscious at all?

Though Alear wasn't aware of Framme's fleeting thoughts, words did come to her lips to try and ease her passing. "One day I'll see you again in heaven, Framme. Wait for me there, okay?" she whispered, hugging her belly.

Framme heard her Divine One's last comfort, but by the time it came, she was much too far gone to answer it. Her eyes finally closed, and she slid under the surface of the sloshing mess of chyme that had once been an energetic girl who would do anything to help. Soft bubbles floated up, carrying her last, unconscious breath to the surface of Alear's belly - and, as pressure built inside the tight chamber, to the outside world as well. One last jubilant cry of "yes!" from Framme, even though it wouldn't sound that way.

"bUOOOORRP!" And a moment later, it was translated into one of the burps she'd come to enjoy before her passing.

Then silence fell in the bedchamber, as Alear realized her stomach had gone still. There were no more movements, no more words, nothing identifiable as one of the 33rd Stewards of the Divine Dragon. Only her skull and a few other bones remained solid now, along with the medal that she had held when she first landed inside - watching impassively as another companion, however briefly they'd known each other, was churned away into nothing but sloshing soup by the Divine Dragon's relentless stomach.

"Bye, Framme," Alear murmured, and in a bittersweet way, she felt herself relax.

With the tension of Framme’s fate resolved, not that it was truly in question, the filling, softening meal coupled with her position in bed led to Alear realizing she was feeling drowsy. She did get that way after battles, sometimes, but she could never act on that, she needed to check in on everyone…

She didn’t need to now, though. She was alone – alone save for Framme still being with her in a way, Alear thought, smiling sadly and looking down at her belly. The defined shapes of Framme’s body had melted away, and now her gut was just a pink, squishy dome. Framme said she'd wanted to wipe away Alear's sadness and her tiredness- she'd probably like Alear taking the chance to sleep off her meal.

Letting her eyes flutter closed, Alear wondered if she should have told anyone before disappearing to the Somniel. She could... think about that later, though. For now, it was time to rest.

Over the next few hours, the thick soup that the Divine Dragon's loyal steward had melted down into worked its way through her Divine One's digestive tract, pumped from her sloshing stomach through her winding intestines, her guts full with the nutrient-rich fluid, as Alear mumbled and rolled over in her sleep. The bounty of useful calories Framme's sacrifice granted slowly filled Alear out as she slept, clothes tightening around her expanding curves, not noticed until she woke up.

No one was here to greet Alear this time. But a familiar pressure in her bowels did demand attention...But in a way, Framme was still with her. At least two ways, in fact, she thought, reaching back to squeeze her butt with a smile.

While Alear had never found out who had placed it in her bedroom, she was grateful, as she pushed herself to her feet, for the chamber pot sized for draconic appetites. She was pretty sure it appeared there long before she first ate someone, for that matter… which raised some questions either about expectations for her, or precautions based on her mother’s own diet. Maybe both.

Rubbing her swollen midsection, Alear tugged down her short skirt, despite how it tried to cling to her thick thighs, and her white panties lodged within her fattened ass. She was lucky the merchants had so many outfits available, she thought while squatting down on the porcelain seat. With how much she’d been eating lately, she’d grown out of more than one set of clothing. Groaning, she let the pressure in her gut release.

A couple pfffrt noises accompanied the smelly logs squeezing out from Alear’s pucker, coiling up in the basin as she heaved out a breath. It didn’t smell like much to her, but one time Framme had been the one to empty out the pot, she’d overheard her steward muttering it was stinky. The occasional bones weren’t as unpleasant to pass as they were for her at first, but Alear still squirmed in discomfort as they rubbed against her on the way out. At least there were only a few left behind… a disconcerting thought as it hit her this was everything left of Framme.

A little more squeezing, and as the last of the waste from her cute steward meal piled up in the bowl, before Alear grunted, startled, at the bigger blockage that was last. Yeah, this was familiar… Gritting her teeth, and reaching beneath her to spread her cheeks wider with her hands, the acid-bleached skull finally joined the rest with a loud POP. “Haaah,” Alear said, exhaling, before standing up to survey the damage.

There wasn't very much left to pass, meaning that it was an easy time compared to some of her earlier visits to this chamberpot… a disconcerting thought as it hit her this was everything left of Framme. “Haaah,” Alear said, exhaling, before standing up to survey the damage.

Framme’s skull sat on the pile of her indigestible remains, the skeletal grin a macabre mirror to her eternal cheer in life. Grimacing faintly, Alear looked at the remains of her stewardit before covering the basin, reminding herself of the other ways that Framme was left behind – and she’d already found at least two, she thought, smiling faintly as she reached back to squeeze her butt before wiping herself off.

Shrugging off her blouse and unfastening her too-tight bra, Alear quickly found other evidence that Framme would have been proud of. Her breasts bounced as she cupped them in her hands, still perky even with how much they’d grown by now. She gave one an idle squish before blushing faintly at the thought that she was squeezing Framme, too, and lowering her hand. And, as predicted, there was a layer of chub left behind on her midriff, even with her stomach and bowels emptied now. But that was all right, Alear thought, rubbing it with thumb and forefinger. She wasn’t trying to keep a perfect figure. And maybe Ivy wouldn’t mind a little pudge.

Dressing herself again in an actual dress, with a cut to make up for her lack of fitting bra, she let the blue gown swish around her thickened thighs before concentrating to depart the Somniel, returning to the burned-out Florra Town.

She had to ward off many frantic questions about where she’d gone and if she was all right, raising her hands apologetically and saying she’d explain soon, but she had something important to take care of first. Searching the town, she wandered until she found who she was looking for – a tall, elegant woman whose eyes widened as Alear approached, and who she was pretty sure she noticed staring at her chest.

“Princess Ivy?” Alear said, smiling nervously and clasping her hands together. “There’s something I’d like to talk to you about…”