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Viola and Ivory practice. Ivory practices magic. Viola practices swallowing Ivory.

Viola blows out a breath, making her lips flap from the force of it. It makes a pleassantly rude sound.

"Hey, Ivory. You don't have to do this if you don't want to. The tips you gave me are enough, you know?"

The older girl crouches, putting her hands on her knees. She's clearly thinking about something. Viola wonders if it's the same thing that's on her own mind. The incident in the potato barrel...

Finally, she stands up. "No, you should practice for real. And... I want to do this."

Viola knows that this is the same voice she uses when she's super scared and trying to hide it. But if Ivory wants to hide it...

"Okay. So... what are we gonna do?" Viola asks, rocking back and forth in place.

Ivory sucks in a breath through her nose. "I'm gonna make myself smaller first." She sets her gigantic backpack down, opening it up and pulling out a spellbook that was easily as big as her torso.

Viola sits down to watch and listen. Ivory is determined now. It's kinda like how Ivory looked when they were getting ready to go in the potato barrel in the first place... Scared. But determined. Unwilling to let her fear guide her. She reads the spell slowly, following her place with her finger. She has a separate piece of paper set aside next to her for where she's written her own name in the Speech. She'll need that, but not until halfway through, if Viola remembers right. And she has been trying to pay attention, but even when Ivory explains it magic theory is kinda boring to her... She still wants to cheer on her best friend, though. So with every halting syllable, Viola whispers a silent "You can do it, Ivory." to herself.


It's maybe twenty minutes or half an hour later that Ivory finishes her spells.

"You're really super-duper sure?" Viola asks, once again rocking back and forth in place. She's careful not to lose her balance and fall on her now tiny friend.

"Uh huh," Ivory says. "You need practice. And I... I want to do this," she insists, her fists balling at her sides.

Viola can't argue with that. "Okay. ... Let's do it."

Ivory approaches Viola slowly, climbing up onto her sneaker and then giving a hop to reach up to Viola's knee.

Viola offers her no help, but subtly shifts her hands to be underneath her friend's body just in case she falls.

Ivory doesn't fall, though. She's quite used to navigating around at this size. It's her favorite size, in fact. She pulls herself up onto Viola's thigh, crawling onto her uniform skirt and over to her uniform cardigan. She grabs hold of the pocket, lifting herself up and over and into it.

Viola watches in amazement. Ivory is so good at this...

She uses the pocket to launch her next jump, up and onto one of the shirt buttons beneath the cardigan. From there, she uses Viola's shirt buttons like a tiny ladder, carrying herself up one handhold, one foothold at a time.

For her final move, she grabs onto Viola's tie, swinging herself swiftly up onto Viola's shoulder.

"Wow, Ivy, that was super cool," Viola breathes.

Ivory is a little out of breath. Even at her tiny size, it's a lot of physicality for someone who normally spends all her time studying and using magic and being tested for it...

"Okay. Now... I want you to do it," Ivory says between pants. "Like we said."

Viola tilts her head and her shoulders, gently dumping Ivory into her ready palms. "You're sure this is okay?"

"Seriously, you don't have to keep asking... I promise it's okay," Ivory says. Viola can feel her tiny body shivering just slightly in her hands, though.

"Okay. So... Um... I have to start with your head, because it's the smallest and the easiest. And then you can't see. And you can't kick me in the face right away. Right?"

Ivory curls into a sitting position. "Yeah. But it's okay. I won't fight with you for practice, okay? Cause you gotta learn how to swallow first..."

"R... right." Viola racks her brain - why is it so hard for her to concentrate on studying?! - and raises her head again. "Um. So, I should do small swallows, right? Cause if I do a big swallow and it makes me gag, then they might get away."

"Yes, that's right," Ivory says encouragingly. "You can work up to big swallows when you're ready."

Viola nods, chewing on her lip. "Um. ... Yeah. Okay. I'm ready."

Ivory shivers, but then nods. "Yeah. Me too."

Viola brings Ivory in close to her face. At this scale, Ivory's head feels like it's barely as tall as her lips.

"Slowly," Ivory reminds her, and Viola isn't sure whether it's for her education or Ivory's comfort.

Viola nods again, her lips parting just slightly. She softly clamps them down on Ivory's shoulders, lifting the tiny girl up with the pressure from her lips alone.

Feeling Ivory moving against her lips is strange. She's not doing much - just shifting to keep her position comfortable - but this is the first time Viola has put anything that was alive anywhere near her mouth. (Malicious rumors about eating bugs in her youth are completely untrue.)

Viola supports Ivory's body with her hands, tipping her head back like Ivory mentioned. She feels Ivory's tiny hands grab on to her lip in a panic, but they relax just as swiftly.

Ivory is trusting her with her safety in so many ways. This is just a small one. But it's a meaningful one all the same.

Viola parts her lips a bit more to let Ivory slide down some. She doesn't slurp, though it's tempting when she feels Ivory's flavor hit her tongue.

It's salty and kinda tastes like Viola's favorite cheesy potatoes, only without the cheese. But there's another component to it, that kinda makes Ivory taste like cotton candy. Airy and sweet and insubstantial.

Viola's tongue feels cold suddenly. Ivory had warned her that this might happen - that IVory's runes might activate when they touched her tongue. There are just little points of cold here and there on Viola's tongue, nothing like the suckling-on-a-popsicle feeling that Ivory had told her to look out for.

Viola beckons Ivory inside with her tongue carefully. At this size, Ivory fits only as far as her chest... after that, Viola is going to have to start swallowing.

Small swallows. That's what Ivory told her. It was better for her, and better for her meal.

... Which is what Ivory was now.

Viola's head bobbed slightly, and she concentrated on just... swallowing. Like taking a pill. But, Ivory assured her, it would be different, and her body would do all the extra work.

And sure enough, it worked. Viola nearly gagged - not because she'd failed to swallow, but because she'd succeeded, and she didn't expect it...

Here she turned her attention back to Ivory. The girl had stopped shivering. Had stopped moving much at all really.

No, there she was. She moved her arms to correct her position on Viola's tongue, then went back to being still.

Really impressive... She wasn't fighting back at all...

More of that smooth, salty-sweet flavor slid across Viola's tongue with another swallow. And another. Ivory's legs slid toward her lips, delicately pressing down into them and leaving two indentations that Viola could feel.

And she wanted to see, too. She found the mirror, staring into it and watching Ivory's legs slowly slide down inside. Ivory even made a little bump in her throat where the older girl's shoulders pushed it outward.

Wow... She gave another little swallow, her eyes open this time. The other girl's legs disappeared up to her feet, which now wiggled slightly outside Viola's lips.

Two more swallows. One brought Ivory's feet into her mouth. The other sent Ivory down into her stomach for good.

"I did it," she whispered. She glanced at the clock. Had it really been another 40 minutes since Ivory had shrunk herself?! It was really hard to eat her, even at this size... But she'd also really loved every gulp of it.

"Are you okay in there?" Viola asks.

"I'll tell you in a little while," Ivory says, her voice uneasy.

I hope it is okay, because I don't know what I'll do to help her if it isn't... Viola thinks. She didn't teach me how to let someone out!

Ivory's small body was still a big lump in Viola's just as small stomach. Viola reached down to touch it, running her fingers over it gingerly as if it was a big Ivory-shaped soap bubble that might pop if she was too rough with it.

Of course, unnecessary roughness was a problem for a different reason. "A-aah! It's really sensitive... I can feel everywhere you touch..."

"Sorry," Viola murmured. "I'll stop."

"No, it's okay, it just surprised me, is all," Ivory said. She was starting to sound a lot more comfortable, a lot more confident. "So... I was going to teach you how to let people out. But if it's okay, now is a good time for you to show me off t whoever..."