Melting with YouNSFW

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A demonologist is cornered by an exorcist and loses her summoned succubus. As she melts away in the exorcist's cold, uncaring gut, she laments the loss of her hopes and dreams. But maybe not everything is lost.

Author's note: Listening to romantic songs in the car and thinking about how good Rose is provoked this.

"Relax. There is nothing more you can do. You are mine now, and you cannot change that. So I urge you to save your energy, for your own sake."

Somehow, hearing this in the cold, controlled voice of the exorcist who had become her executioner didn't make Brisscha feel any better. That voice, much like the stomach that now surrounded her, gave the superficial appearance of warmth while being chillingly void of true care. She knew she was just food to this stomach, no matter how warm it might feel... and no matter how much she might profess to care about her immortal soul, she would never have more significance than another heretic to digest for Lady Adelaide of the Silver Blade.

The silver blade that ran through Riserris, then sliced her in half. The succubus hadn't even finished her taunt before she was falling in two, dissolving into sparkles of light as her manifestation dissipated, the ring that had been the center of the contract bouncing and rolling away.

Riserris herself was safe, at least. All that had died was the manifestation... and the magical contract that bound her to Brisscha. Until such time as the Summoner should perish, or the Manifestation be destroyed by damage physical or metaphysical in origin, regardless of source, at which time the Summoned shall be returned to her body.

Brisscha held tight to this thought, and to the ring that was all she had left of Riserris now. The ring that was slowly losing its magical energy as the last remnants of Serra's manifestation spilled out into the stomach harmlessly.

Please... please tell me you'll be safe and happy somewhere far away from here, Brisscha thought, squeezing her eyes shut.

The thought that they'd never see each other again belatedly popped into her head. She'd been so worried about Riserris that it had taken until now to put the pieces together.

Brisscha curled her arms around herself, tears suddenly slipping out between her eyelids and dribbling down to get lost in the soup of stomach acid and dissolved fabric that was on the floor. I'll never see her smile again. Never hear her laugh again. Never see that lustful look she got in her eyes. Never feel her hands on my body, making me feel desirable. Never be held in her arms again...

A reflexive sob escaped her before she could stifle it. Her chest heaved, the dam having broken now. She slipped the ring onto her finger, rubbing it softly for some small amount of comfort, some small amount of Serra's presence. She was everything to me... and now she's gone. And I won't live long enough to summon her again. I guess that's a mercy... but it doesn't feel like it... I didn't get the chance to say goodbye...

"Settle down, heretic. You chose this fate when you consorted with the servants of evil," Lady Adelaide said, sounding bored. Her movements had stopped, at least, so it was only the subtle churning of her stomach walls that was pushing Brisscha around. "Your crocodile tears do not move me."

Please... if there's a god, be you a god of heaven or hell, good or evil, just give me one more chance... one more chance to be with her. One more minute...

No one answered. No one came.

Brisscha curled up into a tight ball, her eyes burning with the heat of her tears even against the oppressive heat of the sweltering stomach. All she could do was cry and mewl out the name of her beloved.

"Serra... Serra...!"

This was always going to happen, Brisscha thought, self-disgust rising in her throat like bile. I never had a chance... I'm an amateur messing with forces I don't understand... binding them with contracts... She looked down at the stomach acid around her. Falling in love with them, like an idiot... I'm going to die here, just another meal for this woman, and I'm going to deserve it...

"I told you to settle down, did I not?" Lady Adelaide thumped her stomach. "Silence. I have no care for your regrets after the sin you willingly entered into."

Brisscha quieted, burying her face in her sticky arms. Not even her sorrow was her own here.

Hells, she sure does love to hear herself talk a lot for someone who thinks vanity is a sin, a different voice said in her head. A familiar voice. At least she hasn't noticed me yet. What's with all the crying? Somebody die or something?

Brisscha sat up as well as she could in the fleshy bag, her crying abruptly halted. Serra... Serra...!

Certainly not me, Riserris's comforting voice said, and Brisscha felt warmth flow into her body. An invisible, internal hug. Still alive, kicking, and gorgeous, babe.

Serra... Brisscha couldn't think anything else. Her tears redoubled, now relief rather than sorrow. What are you doing here?

Riserris's teasing voice turned resolute. Leaving you alone wasn't an option.

No... No, Serra, the contract... it's over... You don't have to be here...

I know. Riserris's voice was like a delicate whisper on her ear. But I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I left you to your fate.

Concern reentered Brisscha's voice. Who summoned you, though? I didn't think anyone else knew about... us...

They don't, Riserris said, calm and cocky. I'm here on my own. Let's see how she handles the force of a real, fully summoned demoness... not just some half-ass manifestation. It's a great ass, though.
But... if we don't get out, then... Brisscha's heart leapt into her throat. She could only see the stomach and its juices in the dim light... no sign of any way out, any way to fight back...

Then I'll die. For real, this time. The succubus was completely matter-of-fact. But I'll die with you in my arms. Knowing that I did everything I could do to protect you.

Why...? Brisscha touched the ring. I... I bound you in chains. Bent you to my will. Fell- fell in love with you, and... made you deal with that... Why would you risk yourself for me?

Oh, my sweet little Brioche, Serra teased. Because I love you, too. You didn't think succubi were capable, did you? You thought I was just using you, just like you were using me. And... I was. At first.

"That worked better than I expected," Lady Adelaide mused. She reclined, her arms sliding around her stomach in a light embrace. "That's one thing I like about you, heretic. You know when you're beaten. And you know how to take orders. It's a rare trait in your kind."

Serra sneered at Lady Adelaide inside Brisscha's head. Shut up, stick-ass. We'll get to you. Brisscha felt a tingling along her cheek, like a touch. I guess we're on the clock here, aren't we? Let's just say you rubbed off on me in more ways than just the literal one. I love you, Brisscha Fiorensi. And love binds me to you tighter than any contract you or anyone else can write. So I'm not leaving you to die alone in this bitch who can't even spell the word fun, let alone ever have it. And you're not giving up on me until we've both given all we've got. Got that?

Brisscha laughed through her tears. I- I love you too, Riserris... and I'm ready to give it everything. With you.

Now that's the girl I know. The ring on Brisscha's finger suddenly turned red-hot - but it didn't hurt. No... this was bliss. Then let's start making our way out. Brisscha's muscles rippled as Serra channeled her energy into her lover's body. Knock knock!

Lady Adelaide jerked upright as she felt Brisscha's form... expand. "What witchery is this? Your demon was slain. Don't tell me you had two contracts. That's preposterous."

Serra's keen senses guided Brisscha's hand to the entrance to the throat. Brisscha marshaled her strength, rising from the muck and pushing up into the small hole that Serra had opened for her. "No second contract," Brisscha growled.

"Hi there," Serra said through Brisscha's lips as Brisscha's head burst through Adelaide's. "You know, it's rude to interrupt someone when she's talking to you. Let alone with a sword."

"No!" Lady Adelaide knelt on the floor, dry heaving, as Brisscha got to her feet in front of her. "I killed you. I sent you back to hell where you belong."

"Yeah, you did. And I thought that was pretty rude... so I came back," Serra said, her normal manifestation taking shape beside Brisscha in a flurry of sparkles. "And you ate this girl I seem to have fallen in love with, which was even ruder. So what kind of punishment should I give you now?"