Yokai Research Club: Heating Up

The Yokai Research Club is forced to come to terms with something terrible.

Summer vacation is coming... and Ms. Okano is going to be out of their reach for forty days and forty nights.

How will they stop her?

"Listen up!" Tsukasa grabs an eraser, wiping off the chalkboard. "Summer vacation is only a little more than a month away, and we have to plan."

"Ahh... I don't know if I'm going to be able to do anything this summer," Manaka says, slumping down on the table. "My parents want me to come with them to England so that we can look at homes and schools there... I told them I want to stay here so that I can be with you for the summer, but... They said it's important for me to go there."

"Manaka, are you going to leave us?" Aira says nervously into the fan, which distorts her voice. Her school uniform top is one button away from showing off her entire cleavage. "I want you to stay..."

Manaka groans. "I don't know... my mothers said that if my mom gets transferred to the London branch at the end of summer, I'd have to move with them... I don't want to be the new kid again, though. I like you all. I was finally happy here."

"Oi, Ai-chan, don't hog the fan!" Mihoko says, pressing the button to make the fan oscillate. "You can just open one more button?" She reaches over to do it herself, though Manaka grabs her arm and pulls it away.

"I hate summer," Aira moans, pulling the oscillation button back up and turning the fan back to face herself. "I hate it... I wish it was cold all year... Then the end of summer would never come, and Manaka would never leave us."

"I don't think that's how that works," Manaka laughs sadly.

"Enough stalling! Ms. Okano will be out of our view for forty straight days this summer! Do you know how much evil she could accomplish without our strict supervision?" Tsukasa says, drawing a calendar on the chalkboard. She circles the dates of summer vacation. "We need to find a way to cover her for all this time. And also be on the lookout for other yokai who will come out when most people are tired from the heat."

"I have an idea," Mihoko says, raising her hand.

"We are not turning off her air conditioning so she has to sit around naked to be comfortable," Manaka says sharply.

Mihoko's hand drops. "I don't have an idea."

"That would be really evil torture," Aira moans into the fan.

"It's only 23 degrees today," Manaka says. "Are you okay, Aira? Do you feel unwell? You know, it's going to get hotter later in the summer..."

Aira's only response is to let her head drop to the table and moan loudly.

"We'll get you a tan this summer!" Mihoko says, reaching over and squeezing Aira's thigh under her uniform miniskirt playfully. "You're too pale! Beach trip! We should plan a beach trip! Because there are lots of yokai on the beach!!"

"Knock it off, pervert-chan," Aira whines. "I don't want a tan..."

"What yokai do you think are going to be on the beach?" Tsukasa asks, folding her arms. "I don't know any."

"Exactly! It's uncharted territory! They know that we're exposed there! We have to go there and do some research ourselves!" Mihoko says enthusiastically. "Beach! Beach! Beach! Beach!"

"I wouldn't mind going to the beach with my friends, especially if this is my last summer here," Manaka says thoughtfully. "Beach!"

"Fine! Beach!" Tsukasa says, throwing up her arms. "But next meeting, we have to plan!!"

Aira groans. "Noooooo..."