Welcome to TwinflowerNSFW

Welcome to the Twinflower Resort! Where your personal assistant will see to it that all your needs are met... personally. This document will outline the amenities available during your stay.

Author's note: Based on a dream I had about transforming an attendant into clothes and expanded on with Rose!

Honored guest,

Welcome to the Twinflower TransFormative Resort! Here at the Twinflower, we're all about serving you - we'll see to every one of your needs.

Remember, at the Twinflower, your privacy, safety, and comfort come first. Our rules are for your protection. Please abide by all posted rules and regulations, and follow the orders of our staff in emergencies.

The tablet on which you are reading this document is your key to unlocking the full potential of your stay here. It offers access to food services, control of your room's lighting and arrangement, information like schedules and events, and - most importantly - full Puppet Protocol control of your personal assistant.

Your personal assistant - the person who is handing you this tablet - will personally see to every one of your needs for the duration of your stay. We hope they are to your liking - we've chosen from our selection of eager-to-please assistants based on the preferences you provided at check-in. A wide range of commands is available for just about every service you could possibly need - take a look at the Assistant Commands app for the full list. And, thanks to the Wardrobe app with our integrated Change of Clothes technology, any attire you need is at your fingertips. Your assistant is your wardrobe! And with our patented Re-Sizable devices and assistants, they can shrink to pocket size and go anywhere you go as long as you stay with us.

Our assistants are guaranteed to be harmless, and will never strike or eat you except in self-defense. But remember, please don't modify your tablet or use unauthorized Puppet software, including but not limited to: unlicensed command software; Metapuppet software like name changers, body modifiers, and memory rewriters; alternative outfit files; and non-clothing transformations. This restriction is for your safety - unlicensed Puppet software often contains malicious magicode which may cause your assistant to behave erratically or attack their master. Our preinstalled software is extensively vetted for your safety and comfort. If you're looking for software that's not available but you think should be, please contact the front desk through your tablet.

We understand that mistakes happen. In the event that your assistant is inadvertently damaged or digested, please contact the front desk through your tablet. For a nominal fee, we will provide a replacement.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at the Twinflower Resort.

~ Twinflower Guest Services ~

P.S. Have a friend or family member you'd like to see working as an assistant here? Always dreamed of getting up close and personal with the stars? Contact our recruiters! Rates are competitive. Damage/digestion insurance information available on request.