Friends in Low PlacesNSFW

Mimi calls on Celie for backup with an exorcism. Celie seems to be a little bit more familiar with the target than Mimi was expecting.

Author's note: I wanted to do something fun with short demons after seeing this beautiful work of art. And the girl who's most likely to know anything about demons is definitely Kait's Celie, especially after her experience with the thaumaturges...

Celie adjusted the magnifiers on the bridge of her nose, leaning in over her project. The purple stone she'd been given to work with was of reasonably high quality, as she'd thought, though... looking at it now with the aid of her magnifiers, she could see the subtle flaws she'd suspected were present earlier. More's the pity. Well, the customer gets what the customer wants. She wouldn't be getting any higher of a commission for nitpicking the stone, so...

Her linkpearl hummed softly at her ear - another incoming call. The third in fifteen minutes. She had been ignoring it, but... maybe it was something important. She touched her fingers to her ear. "Allo?"

"Thank the gods you finally picked up. Celie, are you free today?" Mimi sounded anxious. "I couldn't find you, and when you didn't pick up I figured you were busy, but... I need backup. And you know this stuff."

"First things are first, non? What do you need?" Celie set the magnifiers on the worktable, turning away from her project.

"I need help getting rid of a voidsent."

A voidsent? That was interesting. Celie began packing her work away - she could take care of it another time. "Oh?"

"Yeah. A succubus. She's in the body of a Lalafell adventurer, threatening people at the Quicksand. Apparently she already ate her host's friend, and she claims she's hungry again. I don't know how to get her out without hurting her host."

That sounded like Caraana. Celie clicked her tongue, scooping up her staff. That girl did not know when to stay down... "I will be there as soon as I can. Stay out of her, oui?"

Mimi's voice was weak with relief. "Thank you, Celie..."


"Stand down, voidsent!" Mimi shouted, her sword drawn. Voidfire burns left stinging, blackened marks across her body. She hadn't had time to put on her armor, and her loose relaxation clothes were not doing nearly as good of a job. At least she'd bought time for the other patrons and Momodi to hide. "I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have to!"

Across from her, a Lalafell woman who barely came up to her thigh grinned with overly-sharp teeth. "Put that worthless stick away. You and I both know you are too afraid to use it while I'm in this body."

Mimi's eyes narrowed. "I am not afraid to use it. But I won't as long as there's some other way to stop you from hurting people!" Celie, where are you?

"Fool. You couldn't land a blow on me, and you know it." The Lalafell ran her tongue over her teeth slowly. "The only discomfort you will ever cause me is giving me a stomachache. And that will not last long..."

Mimi lost her tongue for a moment, flustered by the threat. "Y... You couldn't..."

It was all the opening the demoness needed. She lunged forward, her shoulder hitting Mimi hard in the gut and knocking Mimi's breath from her. Mimi crashed to the ground with her opponent on top of her. The demoness scrambled forward atop her, her jaws spreading open wide above Mimi's face as Mimi struggled to get her breath back.

A keen whine filled the air, making both combatants freeze. And, moments later, the demoness cried out in pain as an explosion sent her tumbling back through the air. The rush of heat and pressure made Mimi flinch, her voidfire burns resonating in kind.

Celie stepped up behind Mimi. "Perhaps I should have waited a few moments longer, ah?"

Mimi finally managed to breathe again, clambering to her feet with the help of Celie's outstretched hand. She felt weak - the burns needed treatment, and soon, before they sapped the rest of her strength. But she couldn't leave Celie to handle this alone. "N... No... Glad you got here when you did... Celie! Look!"

Celie turned her head.

The possessed Lalafell had gotten to her feet, too, a slight frown on her face. "Celie? Don't interfere. I'm busy."

"You... know each other?" Mimi asked weakly, slumping back to her knees. She was quickly realizing that she had been burned more badly than she thought, now that Celie was here and she was allowing herself to relax. She fumbled in her bag, looking for her conjurer's rod.

"Oui," Celie said, pointing her staff at the girl and casually spreading ice around her feet, freezing her in place. She lifted the tip of her staff, then, freezing the girl's hands to the wall as well. "I wonder, how many times shall we do this, Caraana?"

"Oh, don't worry," Caraana said through her host's lips. "This will be the last time."

Celie approached, the tip of her staff red-hot. She used it to tip Caraana's chin up. Caraana gritted her teeth in pain at the heat, but didn't look away. "Because you will behave, non? Go home, Caraana. Leave this girl."

Caraana spat onto Celie's robe. "No. I'm tired of you always making a mess of my plans. If we're really fri-"

"Non? You are such a troublemaker, Caraana... Then..." Celie lowered her staff's tip to Caraana's clothing, which immediately caught fire as Celie released the spell she was holding.

Neither the staff tip nor the flames seemed to leave any burn marks on the Lalafell's clothing, nor was the cloth consumed... but Caraana cried out in pain all the same, writhing against her frozen bonds.

Celie smiled. "I will put it out if you leave. Be a good girl, Caraana."

"You're... you're going to melt your ice..." Caraana gritted her teeth, squeezing her eyes shut. "And then I'll show you..."

"If you insist on being trouble, then I will have to confine you," Celie said. Tiny lightning arcs crackled around the tip of her staff, and she pushed it against Caraana's chest.

"Just try it," Caraana hissed, twitching away from the little shocks.

"Mmm." Celie set her staff aside. All at once, the rush of elements - fire, ice, lightning - stopped.

Caraana dropped to the floor, no longer held by the ice. She took a moment to gather her host's remaining strength. "Heh... You made a mis-"

Caraana trailed off as Celie's mouth yawned open wide, her comfortable dark-gray lips parted to welcome Caraana's head. Her throat squeezed down on Caraana as she was pushed inside, muffling Caraana's scream of frustration and fear.

Celie straightened, lifting the Lalafell's writhing body upside-down into the air. Her graceful throat bulged outward as Caraana's borrowed body slipped down into it.

Under a table, Mimi sat with her rod held to her burns, soothing water-aspected aether flowing through her and washing away the pain. Her attention, though, was locked on the spectacle of Celie devouring the demoness alive.

Celie's swallowing was delicate, a sort of affectionate. Mimi could not entirely chase away thoughts of being in Caraana's place... or really, being in the host's place, aware of what was happening to her but unable to stop it, completely helpless to even fight back as she was eaten alive... The awful fantasy made her shiver, and not all of it from fear.

And worse still, Celie was clearly playing with her food. Nibbling on the Lalafell's body as it wriggled, weakening the fight in her. Mimi had seen how Celie could eat when she wanted to, and this girl was barely a snack by Celie's usual meal standards. Caraana was being toyed with. And it seemed like she knew it, too. Mimi couldn't make out words from the demoness's shouts, but they had grown increasingly angry.

But Celie patiently continued swallowing, not listening to - or not caring about - her meal's protests. Laughing to herself around her snack.

Mercifully, Celie didn't drag it on forever. After one last casual stroke of the girl's soles to make her kick, Celie's teeth clicked shut around her meal's toes, and with a tremendous GULP, Celie sent her into her stomach.

From here, Mimi could hear the demoness a little better, enough to make out words here and there... but not enough to make out what exactly she was saying.

Celie seemed to have no problems hearing her prey, though. "I warned you, non?"

The demoness's response contained one very rude name for Elezen.

"That is not very polite," Celie said scoldingly. She groped around her stomach, prompting unintelligible cries of indignation from the girl inside.

Mimi scooted closer, looking to Celie for permission before pressing one furry ear to the swollen gray belly poking out from Celie's robes to hear better.

Of course, now she could hear more than just Caraana's voice clearly. From this close, she could hear Celie's stomach groaning into action, the liquids that would be Caraana's undoing burbling merrily as they spilled into the stomach. The sound was so clear that Mimi could almost see the sloshing pool of acid splashing over Caraana, the Lalafell helpless to get away from it...

Mimi blushed scarlet. Her mind was going to terrible places again.

"You like it, ah?" Celie said teasingly, pressing Mimi's head to her stomach with one hand. "You want to join her? aaaaAAUAUUUURP." She belched suddenly, a small bra splatting onto the floor just where Mimi's gaze landed. "Mmm... Cute."

"N-No!!" Mimi was absolutely sure Celie could see the red peeking through the blonde fur on her ears now.

Caraana had started thrashing in Celie's stomach - it sounded like she was not having an easy time with Celie's stomach acids. "You're going to digest her, too!" It took Mimi a moment to realize she meant her host, not Mimi. "I thought you were a good girl."

"It is good, non?" Celie said, patting her stomach. Her voice sounded pleased. "A gesture of friendship from me to her. Just ask Mimi here."

"P... Please don't..." Truthfully, Mimi could (unfortunately) vouch for how profoundly uncomfortable those acids could be if you were left in them too long. And the... effects they had on one's body... though Celie always managed to make herself seem so comfortable, and... No. Bad thoughts again.

"You may leave her any time you like." Celie's hands rubbed over her stomach. "If you stay in me, then you must want me to keep you, non?"

"You're worse than my sisters..." Caraana's voice was very weak now. And then... silence, except for the gurgling. The girl inside Celie's stomach twitched, but the energy had gone out of her kicking and squirming.

"Ah! She has left," Celie announced suddenly. "I cannot feel her."

Mimi shivered. "... You mean, the demoness is gone? So, can you let her out now?"

"Mmm... Perhaps you can help me get her out later," Celie said, her massage becoming slower and more methodical.

"Nh... It's comfortable..." A softer voice came from inside Celie's stomach, sounding sleepy.

"Wh... What?" Mimi should have been relieved, but being reminded of the stupid things she'd said while minutes from digestion just embarrassed her. "You don't mean that..."

"Oui! I am afraid it is too late for my guest to leave on her own..." Celie slowed even further, gently stroking her stomach now. "But I will take care of her until you are ready to bring her back..."

"Oh," Caraana's former host said tiredly. "Sorry... for the trouble..."

"Mm. Thank you. I will have lots of energy for today's work thanks to you," Celie cooed.

There was no further response. Mimi pulled away as if Celie's stomach had burned her - which, to be fair, her face was red enough that it might have.

"Ah... Thank you, Mimi, this was a good little adventure. You will take care of cleanup, non? I must return to the goldsmithing guild, as this commission is urgent," Celie said, petting her softened stomach. "If I still fit behind the worktable..."

Mimi ducked her head before Celie could see her expression. "Yes! Go! Get out of here before you say anything else! Shoo!"

Celie laughed, waving over her shoulder as she pushed her way out of the Quicksand and left Mimi breathless on the floor amid the upturned chairs. That Elezen girl was just too much trouble to be around...