The Art of Temptation NSFW

A succubus who's new to the life starts learning about some of the weirder fetishes courtesy of her latest victim. It goes badly... or does it?

Author's note: The idea of a pred who doesn't know that people are into vore and is awkwardly trying to perform the tropes without getting them amused me.

It was just about time to feed.

Vareeya's body hummed in resonance with the sexual energy radiating off Lara. The girl had been more than happy to take Vareeya home with her after their late-night yoga class together, and the sexual tension had reached a fever pitch. Lara's tight pants were bulging outward quite lewdly, and the TV series they had supposedly been watching continued mumbling on in the background, completely ignored by either of them. Now Vareeya just had to seal the deal.

And sure, she was still a novice when it came to sexual matters, having only been hunting for a few months since completing her training (with a barely passing grade) and being sent out into the human world. She didn't have the killer body that her sisters had - she always thought of her body like a misshapen lump of clay that was never fully sculpted. Her face was plain underneath the makeup she didn't know how to use and glasses she couldn't take off - even succubi have vision problems.

But she'd learned that experience and skill and conventional sexual attractiveness were entirely optional most of the time. Most mortals she'd met just wanted someone to notice them, to pay gentle and patient attention to them, to learn the ways they liked to be touched and to confidently touch them in those ways. Do those things and they came entirely unglued. And kinks? She was beginning to learn about kinks. The last few victims she'd fed from had fantasized about being tied to their beds, and she'd been happy to oblige (after communing with her sisters to learn how to do it without killing, injuring, or scaring the prey). And she'd barely had to touch her prey to coax orgasm after delicious orgasm from them after that.

"Tell me what you like, baby," Vareeya murmured in a low, lustful tone, sliding one leg over Lara's body to straddle her. The short miniskirt she wore rode up on Lara's trim tummy as she settled in to rest on Lara's stiffness. "What turns you on?"

Lara laughed awkwardly, her cheeks burning hot as she looked up at Vareeya. "Oh... you know, the usual..."

"Mm... Let me see if I can guess," Vareeya said softly, lowering her lips to Lara's. And by guess, she of course meant cheat. One kiss and she'd see Lara's fantasies. It was one of the few special sexual powers succubi actually got - the rest was all experience and accumulated knowledge.

As their lips met, soft flesh against soft flesh, images began to enter Vareeya's head.

... Stomach. A big one. Vareeya's? Vareeya nearly recoiled at the way she was being portrayed in this fantasy, but held the kiss longer - she was hungry, it was late, and she sure as hell wasn't slinking back home to try to see if any of her neighbors were masturbating to feed. She was here, she just needed to see it through.

Yes, that's right, it was Vareeya's. She was sitting on the couch alone, with a belly far larger than any she could have actually had. Stroking it gently. "Oh, Lara, why are the cute ones always so gullible? At least you were tasty, though..."

Vareeya sat up, breaking off the kiss with a stupefied look on her face.

... What the fuck was that? How on hell and earth was she supposed to do any of that?

"Sorry, is something wrong?" Lara asked. Her concern was making her arousal droop, and Vareeya felt the pleasant hum in her body fading. Not good. Stay focused, Vareeya...

Vareeya drew her composure back together and smiled seductively. "Oh, just a little self-denial..." She leaned in to continue the kiss, and the hum (and the pressure between her legs) rose back to its former strength. Good. She closed her eyes, gently nibbling Lara's lip as the kiss continued. Now, what the hell was she looking at...

buuuoOOAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAuuuuAUUUUURP. An entirely unladylike belch ripped from Vareeya's lips as her stomach continued its digestion. The soft squelching of her stomach juices in her belly made for a pleasant rhythm. She put her bare feet up on the table, picking up the remote to continue watching alone. "Excuse me," she said daintily, dabbing her lips with Lara's discarded shirt. "I always get burpy after eating health food."

Vareeya pulled back just a little bit, keeping her lips just skimming against Lara's. Okay, feet. Vareeya had fed from a foot fetishist before. She understood that much. But this other stuff? The burping? The- the stomach noises? Were people really into that? And what was she supposed to do about it?

Time to experiment.

"Normally I don't spend this long on kissing, but... you taste good," Vareeya purred, putting one hand on either side of Lara's head to pen her in. Lara's cock jumped beneath her, and Lara's breath caught. Okay, that worked! Lean into it further? She bent into another kiss, using the opportunity to read ahead. What else could she do, she had barely tried anything and was already running out of ideas... Images flashed through her head.

... Okay, that she could definitely do.

Vareeya tilted her head, sitting up and putting on what she imagined to be a stern but seductive face. "And don't think I didn't catch you staring at my ass during yoga. Or... was it my ass? Your eyes did seem to wander a bit lower..."

"Oh, um, sorry..." Lara's arousal was flagging again. "That was a bit creepy, wasn't it?"

Wh- No! You idiot! I'm trying to do what you were daydreaming about! Stuffing her frustration down, Vareeya giggled, giving her voice a teasing lilt. "It's nice to be desired, though. Even if it is..." she walked her fingers up Lara's arm. "... by an unrepentant pervert."

Lara squirmed under her, mumbling out an "O-Oh, you mean like that..." Back. Turned on again. Saved. What was with this girl? Didn't she understand when she was being seduced into cumming a whole lot so Vareeya could eat? Would she stop having so many feelings for five minutes? Or however long it took her to orgasm?

"Oh yes, like that," Vareeya moaned. "Now then, what should I do with a pervert like this? Normally I'd just... step on her cock and wring all the filth out of her..." Throb. Getting warmer. "But now that I know how good you taste..." Breathing getting shallower. "I think I'll have you as my next meal."

Aaaaand back to zero. Lara looked like a deer in headlights, more confused than aroused. Vareeya's head drooped. "What am I doing wrong?"

"Er, sorry, it just sounds so silly to hear that kind of thing out loud," Lara volunteered. "Is that- is that something you're into? Um, like... eating... people?"

"It's something you're into, and I'm trying to turn you on!" Vareeya said, frustrated.

Less than zero. Lara's hard-on had completely vanished, and she was wriggling out from under Vareeya. "... Were you stalking me? That's creepy."

"No, no." Vareeya ran a hand down her face, trying not to cry. The truth spilled out of her before she could stop it. "I'm a succubus, and I'm new, and there's just a lot of kinks I don't get, but I saw what you liked when I kissed you and I'm trying really, really hard and I want to make you cum so I can feed on your sexual energy. I'm just, I'm really hungry and I want to eat and I've never had such a hard time before, I didn't think it would be this difficult."

A long silence.

Lara burst into laughter. "Oh. That explains why I've never heard a name like yours before."

Vareeya rubbed her arm, embarrassed. "... Yeah."

"Sorry, sorry, I'm not laughing at you, I'm just surprised. You're one of those lifestyle roleplayers, right? Like the people who get into dominance relationships in their marriages and stuff. I don't understand it myself, but I know about the concept."

What. "Um, no. I'm telling you the truth. I'm a succubus from hell, and I feed on human sexual energy."

"It's okay. I won't make you break character." Lara winked. At least I don't have to worry about my secret getting out. "But you guessed right, I am into... you know, the vore stuff. Did me getting hard when you told me I tasted good give it away?"

"Mm. That was part of what my succubus powers of intuition drew on, yes." Maybe it's better to just go along with what she thinks is real. The vore stuff... must be the whole eating people thing.

Lara looked up at her, tender and vulnerable and a little bit aroused again. Why is this working?! "To be honest... it's kind of hot that you want to turn me on to feed on me. Sorry. You just... surprised me, is all. I've never had a random one-night stand be into anything similar to what I'm into, let alone go into it without me asking. Maybe next time if you just ask what people are into, they'll tell you, and then you can play without freaking anyone out?"

This had never occurred to Vareeya, who had been trained to think of mortals like cattle to be herded and milked, not equals to be negotiated with. "I'll... try that. Thank you. Sorry. I'm new... like I said."

The silence this time was a little bit less awkward, at least. But now it was Vareeya's turn to have her ears burning. A mortal, telling her how to seduce people. Utterly humiliating. She deserved to have failed her training, probably. She looked to the TV for distraction. Anything to not have to make eye contact with Lara.

"Sorry if I killed the mood," Lara murmured. She reached up, brushing her fingers down Vareeya's cheek. "I think it's cute that you go into all your sexual encounters trying to please your partners. You're a good person."

Vareeya kept her eyes firmly trained on the TV. I am not. I'm hungry and I was trying to take advantage of you and I failed at it. There's nothing good about that. "Thanks."

Lara tilted her head. "Has anyone asked you what turns you on? Personally, I'm like you - I'm not having fun unless I know you're having fun."

"I don't... really like sex," Vareeya admitted. "It's just something I have to do to eat. I like... being full. I like seeing mortals I meet falling under my spell, being attracted to me, turning them on and watching them fall to me by their baser instincts. But I don't enjoy the... sex part, I just like the result. All that tasty energy that fills me up nice."

"An asexual succubus!" Lara said, laughing. "Now I've seen everything." At Vareeya's insulted expression, she rested a hand on Vareeya's shoulder. "It's okay, I'm just teasing. Lots of people don't like sex but still do it for one reason or another. You're actually not the first person who figured out she was ace during a night with me. Social pressure is a bitch, huh?"

"Er... Yes..." Though probably not the social pressure you're thinking of.

Lara smiled, sitting up. This date was over. "Okay. If you don't want to fuck me, you don't have to fuck me. You didn't sign a contract saying you'd fuck me when you came home with me. Honestly, I'm just feeling really lucky that I found someone else who understands anything related to the vore stuff, let alone wants to do it with me. You know? I guess it really is true that the more you roll the dice, the more your odds of finding a rare and special person."

Huh? Vareeya's head tipped to the side. "I guess so."

"So, tell me, Vareeya the asexual succubus... how do you like to 'eat your sexual energy,' then?" Lara asked. "Do you need to be giving the person oral? Does any sex act with you work? Or does it just have to be someone getting off nearby?"

"Um, th-the last one," Vareeya stuttered out. This is weird. This is really weird. Why am I talking with a mortal about my feeding habits? "Sometimes I just eat the energy from my neighbors, you know, doing it, uh, by themselves. But it's nice if I'm at least touching my meal."

Lara hummed, nodding thoughtfully to herself. "... Okay, I have an idea. It's gonna be strange, and it might take a minute to get ready, but I think we can satisfy both of us. Only if you want to, though. Do you still wanna try it?"


"How pathetic," Vareeya purred. Her body was electrified from head to toe with overwhelming sexual potential - emphasis on her toes, which were currently stroking up and down Lara's shaft. She had stripped down to the sexy sheer-silk-and-lace lingerie she had been wearing underneath her yoga clothes. "And here I thought I was punishing you by tempting you with the body of one of Hell's finest succubi and yet only letting you have my feet. But that's enough to get you hard, is it?" She lowered one foot onto Lara's twitching cock, nestling it into the arch of her foot. "Hm. And yet even I'm moved to pity. You look so desperate. Shall I deign to give you what you want?"

"P-Please," Lara pleaded, whimpering. "Haven't you teased me enough? I just want to cum, please..."

"You ask me to let you cum, even knowing what will happen if you do?" Vareeya slid her foot up to the head of Lara's hard-on. "Beg me for it."

Lara's already-shallow breathing hitched. "Pl... Please let me cum, Vareeya... I'll... I'll let you devour me body and soul if you do, just please, stop teasing me!"

"As you wish. I wasn't thinking I'd get a meal tonight... but I'm not one to turn it down when it stumbles into my mouth, either. Hm hm hm..." Vareeya squeezed Lara's cock between her soles, working it firmly, massaging Lara's balls with her heels and teasing the tip with her toes. "Cum, Lara. Cum for me, and be all mine."

And Lara came. A lot. Vareeya felt life and lust flood her body, and she drew in a shaky breath, just letting it all spill into her like the warm-sticky cum now dripping down her feet.

When Lara finally lay back, gasping for air, Vareeya lifted one foot and looked over it. Cum had splattered not just on her feet, but all up her calves as well. "Hm. You made such a mess. I'm going to have to clean myself up after I'm finished with you. But first... I'm hungry, Lara, and you're my next meal."

She crouched down next to Lara, letting her mouth hang open and her tongue loll out, breathing homemade-nacho-and-ice-cream-scented breath all over Lara's face. "Like what you see? That's where you're going... and you're not coming out. Ever~"

"No, please..." Lara whimpered, her body already desperately trying to get hard again despite having just spent itself. "Don't you like me?"

"I like the way you taste," Vareeya said, and lowered her mouth over Lara's face.

Well, pretended to, anyway. She left it off at a kiss, climbing back onto the couch and putting her still-cum-soaked feet on the table. "Down you go, into my belly..."

Lara hopped up, obligingly curling up on the couch beside her and laying her head on Vareeya's full stomach. Vareeya couldn't tell what Lara could hear, but she could feel the bubbles moving and even hear some sounds herself here and there.

"Hear that?" Vareeya gently squished Lara's head into her stomach with one hand. "That's the sound of dinner being digested. Broken down to nothing, just more fat to make me even sexier... And that dinner is you."

Lara was already near orgasm again. This might have been harder than usual, but it was really worth it! Wow!

Vareeya reached over to take matters into her own hands. "I should have expected nothing more from a pathetic meal like you, but I can clearly see you're turned on by being my food. Very well, then, since I'm such a kind woman, I'll give you a few last orgasms before you become mine..."


The sound of birds chirping woke Vareeya from her sleep. It was dawn. Lara was still laying across her lap, naked, belly covered in her own jizz, fast asleep with her head on Vareeya's thighs.

I fell asleep on her couch? Well, I was stuffed, physically AND metaphysically... must have slipped into a food coma.

Lara stirred too, mumbling. "Ohhh... shit, Vareeya, that was one hell of a night... I think my pleasure centers are completely burned out now. I'm not going to be able to enjoy anything for a week because it won't be able to compare to that."

"Heh. The only kind of night with a succubus you can have." She'd gotten praise before, but never like this. The confidence boost felt really good. Vareeya stretched, gently sliding out from under Lara.

Lara sat up, rubbing her eyes. "Are you leaving now?"

"Sadly. I have to go wash off my feet." Vareeya stuck her tongue out at Lara playfully. "Besides, you need time to rest, and I'd just be messing with you more if I stuck around."

Lara yawned, leaning over to the end table and scribbling something on a piece of paper. "Wait. Before you go, take this with you?"

"Hm?" Vareeya took the paper from Lara. "A phone number?"

"My number, silly. In case you ever want to, you know, feed on me again." Lara blushed. "I had a really good time with you, and I'd like to see you again."

Oh. She'd been warned about humans catching feelings, but it didn't bother her here. She smiled. "Um, me too."

"See you at yoga?"

Vareeya nodded, a coy grin stealing onto her face. "I better catch you staring at me again~"